A hint for July’s Pokemon Go Community Day?

Pokemon Go made the following post on their Twitter:

Hmm…the weather is looking particularly nice for July’s .  Remember to pack some sunblock, stay hydrated, and maybe bring some sunglasses. Stay tuned, Trainers.

“Maybe bring some sunglases” could be a hint that a special Squirtle with sunglasses could be available on July 8 for the next Pokemon Go Community Day. There was a group of Squirtles called the Squirtle Squad that made mischief on Episode 12 of the first season of the Pokemon anime.

Squirtle Squad

Squirtle Squad

A Squirtle with sunglasses would be similar to the Pikachus with hats from previous events. If Squirtle is indeed released with sunglasses, would all of them have the sunglasses or only some select ones? Would we still get a shiny Squirtle like in previous Community Days? We will have to wait to find out…

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