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Pokemon Go Community Day 1
Pokemon Go Community Day 1

A look back at the first Pokemon Go Community Day

Pokemon Go Community Day is a new mini event that will be celebrated every month and will feature a special Pokemon whom may have an exclusive move and other bonuses. The three-hour event invites trainers to visit their local parks to play and make new acquaintances and friends.

The first Pokemon Go Community Day was celebrated on January 20, 2018 and featured a Pikachu with the exclusive move Surf. The event also featured double XP and three hour lures. Pikachus could be found at any place but they were more likely to appear at parks. During event hours, you could teach the exclusive move to the Pokemon using the corresponding TM.

My experience at the first Pokemon Go Community Day

During this event I caught 79 Pikachus, and one of them was shiny. It was my first shiny Pokemon in this game! Shiny Pikachus were more likely to appear during the event.

I had a Lucky Egg, a Star Piece, and an Incience activated during the three hours to maximize XP and Stardust gain. I earned over 350,000 XP during those three hours and almost made it to Level 37. I participated in a Kyogre raid (that earned me 40,000 XP) in which there were around 200 trainers!

It was really exciting to be in a park full of people walking around looking for Pokemon and gathering up for big raids. It was a family day for me as we all took the day off to play before, during and after the event.

We met up with some raid friends and made new friends as we checked in at the local meet-up for the Silph Road Community Day badge. I am really looking forward for the next Community Day events.

Pokemon Go Community Day VintagePokeCollector
VintagePokeCollector and Brother During Pokemon Go Community Day Raid Battle

What do you think about the Pokemon Go Community Day event? Share your story in the comments below.

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