Over 15 million Research Tasks have been completed worldwide during the Safari Zone event in Dortmund this weekend in Germany. This global achievement has unlocked Articuno Day on July 7, 2018, which will feature the return of Articuno on raid battles for three hours and a chance of a shiny encounter! Also, when you spin your first Photo Disc at a Gym, you will receive five free Raid Passes! From July 2 until July 9, Trainers from around the world will benefit from the rewards unlocked during the Safari Zone event. There will be bonus catch XP for the players on the Dortmund area; bonus raid XP for the players on the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions; bonus hatch XP for the players in the America region; and one-hour lucky eggs for the players on the Asia-Pacific region. The bonus reward unlocked worldwide is Articuno Day.


This is a third chance to catch an Articuno if you don’t already have one, and five free passes is an offer you can’t miss! So, mark your calendars and go catch some Articunos!