The latest update to Pokemon Go is slowly rolling out, bringing with it some general quality changes as well as some rather exciting new features. I’ve found the date found in the code, so lets go over it!

I won’t bore you with all the back end things that won’t be noticeable to general gameplay, but with that said Here is what’s been found in the code!

Camera saving for Android

Changes have been introduced to the way the Pokemon GO app interfaces with the camera on Android devices. A new ‘AndroidCameraAppService' has been introduced to help manage permissions and storage. Great news for all my fellow AR photographers!

Pokedex Model Animations Restored

3D models have been added back into the Pokedex! Trainers will now be able to see animations and the pokemon’s cry when tapped.

Shiny Pokemon Icon During Encounter

Alongside the Weather boost and Berry icon, a new ‘shiny icon’ will now appear above a shiny Pokemon’s name. This will come in very useful for them Pokemon that don’t have much of a pallet change between regular and shiny.

Shiny Pokemon Icon During Encounter

The new notification system brought many helpful features – including the ability to link straight to a relevant screen – but one major downside was the inability to dismiss them! Now, notifications can be swiped away!

Un-Favorite Pokemon in the Trading Screen

Probably my favourite new update. There is nothing worse than scrolling through your friends list, finding the person you want to trade with, finding the Pokemon you want to trade only to find it’s still favourited! well great news trainers! you will now be able to unfavourite Pokemon from the trade screen.

EX raid pass sharing

Although not yet live everything is now in place for EX raid pass sharing, Hinting that we will still have the EX raid system now Mewtwo will be joining regular raids. From what we can tell Trainers will have to meet certain criteria for EX raid shares.

  • You can only share an EX Raid pass with one person (ERROR_EX_RAID_PASS_ALREADY_SHARED)

  • Friends cannot have been invited to the same Raid already (ERROR_FRIEND_ALREADY_INVITED_TO_SAME_RAID)

  • A minimum Friendship level is required (ERROR_TOO_LOW_FRIENDSHIP_LEVEL)

  • The Raid cannot have already started! (ERROR_EX_RAID_ALREADY_STARTED)


Visual Effects Assets Added for Meteor Mash

A new ‘comet’ graphic asset has been added, presumably for use in the move! Will we see a Beldum community day?

A Brand New Move Appears: Power-Up Punch!

An entirely new move has just had its effects files show up in this latest APK: Power-Up Punch!

This move is learned by a very few species via leveling up (though it can be TM’d by many more). In fact, only two families can learn it in Gen 7 (Crabrawler and Buzzwole) and only one Pokemon can learn it in Gen IV …. Lucario!

Are we seeing the first hints of the upcoming Gen IV Pokemon’s new moveset?