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How to dress as Team Skull Grunt? Learn Here!

If you want to dress as Team Skull Grunt, an amazing Pokémon-related costume for Halloween or any cosplay, here’s an idea that is relatively easy to put together.

For those of you that don’t know who Team Skull Grunt are, they are a type of Pokémon Trainer introduced in Generation VII. They are members of Team Skull who are dressed in punk attire, called Skull Tanks, and wear bandannas with a skull motif. New members are responsible for purchasing their own uniforms. The Grunts keep their Pokémon in Nest Balls.

Sun Moon Team Skull Grunt

Sun Moon Team Skull Grunt

Team Skull Grunts made their debut appearance in Alola to New Adventure! when three of them, Tupp, Rapp, and Zipp, were seen harassing Kiawe and then took him on in a Pokémon battle. Kiawe accepted the challenge and Ash and Pikachu stepped in to assist Kiawe as they felt that what the three grunts were doing was unfair. Kiawe was able to defeat the three grunts by having his Turtonator use the Z-Move, Inferno Overdrive, causing them to retreat.

How to dress as Team Skull Grunt?

So know you are a big fan of the series and want to know How to dress as Team Skull Grunt? To assemble a cosplay outfit for a Team Skull Grunt from Pokémon Sun and Moon, you’ll need to acquire the following four key items:

  1. A suitable beanie / toque
  2. The right kind of tank top
  3. Some tacky bling
  4. Guzma’s trademark glasses (if you’ve got deigns on cosplaying as ya boy)

So you archieved your goals? Share your comments below and your pictures in our social medias (links at webpage navigator buttons)!

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