Fan Made Pokemon Games! Best Pokemon Game for PC? 

Fan Made Pokemon Games

This page lists fangames that for many players are the best pokemon game for pc available.

We have listed only the completed games and games with released demos. By default, games are listed by the release date of their latest version. This list may be incomplete or out of date.

The Pokémon-playing community has proven to be one of the most industrious groups of fans this industry has ever seen. Despite the truly gargantuan amount of time demanded by the core series, there are fans who demand more — and fans who create more free pokemon games for pc. If you are asking yourself where can i play pokemon online the answer trully depends on what you are looking for, an official Pokemon Game for PC (not so many titles running) or play any Free Pokemon Game for PC including emulators and Fan made games.

Pokemon Games on Computer for Free

So since the early 2000s, fans with the knowhow, software and artistic ability to do and with that exact problem of no availability of any pokemon games for pc, they have been creating unofficial Pokémon games in the form of ROM hacks.

Dozens, if not hundreds, of these games can be found online for free, some are loaded onto actual Game Boy Advance cartridges, and bootlegged to unwitting consumers. Some are exceptional recreations of a true, full Pokémon experience.

Is playing pokemon games on computer for free one of your goals? Then check the list below so you could choose one of them and try it out. You can also check our Best Pokemon Game for PC and the Top 5 Best Pokemon game for PC Made by Fans!

Best Pokemon Game for PC

Dont forget to check our Top 5 best pokemon games for PC made by fans.

GameDescriptionFakemonLatest release
The Secret of Cinnabar MansionA narrative-focused game in the style of Pokémon Red and Blue. Explore and discover the mysteries of the ruined mansion on Cinnabar Island. You play as a scientist tasked with delivering a package. Read all the journals and uncover the mystery of why the mansion was abandoned -- but be wary of hostile trainers and wild Pokemon!No2015-09-04
The Holy Mountain: A Pokémon AdventureYou play as Kazuo, a monk living atop a remote mountain in Japan. One day, you decide to travel to the mountain's peak in order to confront the evil spirit that is responsible for the death of your sister.No2016-03-16
Steve the BibarelThe player takes on the role of Steve the Bibarel in his epic marginally heroic story that's as deep as Mount Everest and as profound as a bag of nuts. Steve fights to save his friends from an impending attack from a group of humans. Over the course of this not-so-serious adventure, Steve has to deal with a slightly annoying and condescending Narrator, a swarm of deadly Skorupi, a group of territorial Gabite, and, of course, fluffy Skitty. Will Steve prevail and save his friends, or will the humans take over and capture his friends?No2016-07-29
Samus & Pikachu: The Subspace EmissaryIt's a Pokémon-styled adventure based on the Subspace Emissary plot from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, in which Samus infiltrates the Subspace Research Facility and rescues Pikachu.No2012-01-07
Qora Qore KlasikoThe world of Dimensions are changing completely. Instead, you're taken onto Qora Region with 7 different sub-regions (Quora, Swuora, Semuora, Kenuora, Xenuora, Annuora and Keniora) and a special Xeniora. Complete the Xenuleage to access Annuora and beyond). After getting 7 gyms and beating the Team Xen though the Magnet Train, you can get access to to Johto which almost every place is heavily modified. So if you want to get advanced even more, try to beak Kristina at Lake of Rage And then explore the rather new Hoenn region which has almost every place available explorable. After completing it by capturing/defeating Kyodon, you can encounter swarm Pokémon as well as many more features. Also, you can even explore the Shinnoh region but most of places are in the underground which requires many luck to finish those strong trainers. Also, this game is heavily based on Essentials 16.2 with many sounds, many many custom Pokémon which heavily resemble many things, a lot heavily modified skin and also exclusive to that game, brighten overworld tilesets. Also shows the renaming HP to the opposing Pokémon in single battles but you cannot see the experience bar as in official games during battles meaning you must see the summary of a Pokémon to see it. Moreover, it is also more modern from other games. Version: 200, Heavily modded Pokémon Essentials V16.2 The game was packed into an installer and beware of the large file. Now we offer a zip file. Downloads are in the last section of documentation page. 2nd Public release.Qora Pokémon2017-07-29
Pokémon: Attack on Silph Co.Return to Saffron City as a young worker bored of a desk job he's had his whole adult life. His life suddenly takes a 180 turn after the return of a certain criminal organisation. Take control of the young hero and fight your way to the top of the Silph Company.No2016-09-26
Pokémon: Adventures in Aloma???No2013-04-28
Pokémon Zeta & OmicronYou are the child of the current Pokémon League champion and must assist your mother, professors, and members of the Pokémon league in stopping Team Asgard and Team Olympus from hunting down legendary Pokémon and using them to fulfil their desire for power!Yes2014-06-15
Pokémon Wack VersionEmbark on a bizarre and wacky adventure through the Wack region. With over 1100 Pokémon in total, plenty of new megas and alternate forms, and a total of 42 types and counting, there is plenty to see and do.Yes2016-10-30
Pokémon UraniumSet in the tropical region of Tandor, you play as one of 3 heroes: Vitor, Natalie, or Pluto, and set out on an adventure to collect all 8 Gym Badges and rise to the very top of the Tandor Championship! Along the way, explore a diverse region, home to beaches, tropical rainforests, icy caverns and deep-sea chasms. Battle, collect, and raise over 150 entirely NEW species of Pokemon, including a brand new type, the Nuclear type. Discover an unconventional story, involving the mystery of catastrophic nuclear meltdowns happening throughout the region, and battle hordes of sinister, corrupted Nuclear Pokémon. This game also has Online features, including a GTS, Wonder Trade, Virtual Trainer and Player-to-Player battling and trading, so that you can connect with friends and a community of players. How will you fight to save the Tandor region?Yes2017-08-08
Pokémon UmberYou and your friend Kezia have taken a trip to the harsh Umber Island (based on the real life island of Tenerife, with the Pokémon that spawn there in Pokémon GO inspiring what you can find in the game!) with to practice your Pokémon training skills and become stronger trainers. At first, it seems like the two of you are in for a challenging but fun vacation, yet before long something dangerous and powerful threatens to destroy the entire island...No2016-08-09
Pokémon ThymeOne day, when you're just minding your own business, standing around in Jamstone Outskirts doing... nothing, basically, you hear a scream of PANIC! Following the direction the shout came from, you find a Strange Charm. Little do you know that this charm will be the centre (or like, somewhere close to it at least) of my most poorly thought out story yet! Travel through two versions of Jammest Island- past and present to stop an eccentric thief from the past and a not very interesting historian from the present from catching Celebi and causing the world as we know it to fall into chaos! Or, at least, that's what I assume would happen if Richard got it.No2016-08-10
Pokémon Survival IslandThe player, an intern working for Silph Co., is the only survivor of a deadly boat crash, and finds themselves stranded on a desert island. With only the most basic of supplies, the player and his remaining Pokémon must struggle to survive in this harsh environment. The game combines elements from Pokémon and Minecraft, and incorporates a crafting and camping system, along with various other new features. "Gone are the Pokémon Centers, shops and Gyms. Gone are the houses, villagers and friendly Professors with angry nephews. It's just you and 386 Wild Pokémon- and you're pretty sure someone out there wants you very, very dead."No2014-08-01
Pokémon SnitchEnter a pure new adventure as a secret agent. You are given a position in the most secret place, the police department. Your job is to fight the evil mafia, who is causing trouble and doing criminal things all around the region. But you won't be alone. You will together travel with your secret agent partner, Jacob, and look around the region for mafiosos and criminals. Good luck in your adventure!No2017-08-11
Pokémon Rose GoldPlaying from the perspective of Red, adventure around a new small area around Mt.Silver. Following the events of FireRed and LeafGreen several years later, Red stays up in the Tohjo region to train his beloved team. Use his long time companions to face tough foes and legendary creatures in this short journey through the Tohjo Region. Approximately 1.5 - 2 hours of gameplay.No2016-08-09
Pokémon Raptor EX VersionThe story starts with a scene where STEVEN is teaching you about battling with a Pokémon. When you finish learning, you are asked for choosing one Pokémon from the three SINNOH starter. Then, you will have to defeat gym leaders, collect badges and so on until you met TEAM HUNTER, a team that lead by sixteen trainer which is known as CHAOS SIXTEENTH. They try to collect plates from legendary Pokémon to summon the God of the Pokémon, ARCEUS... Adventurous and interesting storyline happened when you try to stop them from summoning ARCEUS. You’ll have to face challenges, defeat enemies and save the world.No2010-02-15
Pokémon PyriteYou have been selected to join Team Rocket, however, you have lost your memories, and you must fight the evil Mask of Ice to regain them. Based loosely on the Pokémon Special Manga.Yes2016-10-09
Pokémon ParadoxPokémon Paradox tells the story of Blue, two years after the events of the original story in Pokémon Red/Blue. Professor Oak has created a time machine, and Blue must travel back to important moments in time to change the future!No2016-08-10
Pokémon PantheonPokémon Pantheon is about a grand tournament being funded by the Crotek Company, called the Crotek Grand Championship! This tournament is designed to bring the best trainers from all over the world to a special island called Sealand, where they will battle it out for the chance to be crowned as the best trainer in the world! The tournament has 5 rounds, with two battles per round for the first 3 rounds, and only one battle for each of the last two rounds, bringing a total of 8 gruelling matches for the player!No2016-08-19
Pokémon MetalA non-canon fan-made game based on the metal scene. A lot of characters in the game (specifically Gym Leaders and the Elite Four members) are based on rock & metal musicians, hence the name "Pokémon Metal". Warning: This game contains tiny amounts of swearing.No2014-08-28
Pokémon Mega AdventureTeam Prime is searching for the ultimate power of the strongest Mega Evolution. You have to stop them from doing bad things. What's Team Prime planning? Forget about it, your goal is to master the Mega Evolution and Latios, the guardian of Misty Island, suddenly appear in front of you. Latios ask you for your help and take you to the Descent Tower. Soaring the sky with Latios, you experience the most awesome thing in the world!No2017-03-24
Pokémon MarigoldAre you ready to take on Torii Island and it's three Gym Leaders? Take on the role of a thrill seeking trainer and take a trip to Torii island, where you'll find mountains of goodies, collectible TMs, and a challenging trio of Gym Leaders waiting for you. Can you become the very best and graduate Guile Sterwin's Pokémon Trainer Escort Program?No2015-09-04
Pokémon IslandThis is a game with the main mechanics, but with a different approach on Pokémon Island. There is a new concept of linearity for the franchise because almost nothing is essential to move forward, but still there are many challenges.No2015-05-25
Pokémon Gray TopazA new fangame with an interesting art style. You can choose from 15 starters and have 2 rivals to battle through your journey, one cocky and the other quiet and mysterious.No2014-11-07
Pokémon Golurk RisingTeamed up with Golett, you will come across many foes, and even a few Pokémon! Some old, some new! Partnered with your Golett and another mystery Pokémon, you'll battle your way to the top!No2015-11-15
Pokémon Fire AshEnter the world of Ash Ketchum, as you follow the loosely based journey of the Pokémon anime. Encounter all of his travelling companions and over 50 gyms as you travel through Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and the Orange Islands.No2017-11-30
Pokémon DuskA short remix of a familiar tale with a somewhat depressing twist. The average playtime does not exceed 10 minutes, so don't go into this with your usual expectations.No2015-01-07
Pokémon Crystal RainA remake of official Pokémon Crystal game from Game Boy Advanced. This game is in the process of being upgraded to v2.0.No2010-01-15
Pokémon CementriaA game where you can explore the Cento region, and the some ruins in the region Menthus. You get your starter when distracting a team forest grunt and his Pikachu for battle, letting the region's professor, who was captured, escape. You go through, catching legendary pokemon, fight gym leaders and the champion, foiling team forest's evil plans, and even see Professor Oak and Professor Birch! But beware of the legendary Moltres that lives in the stratosphere ready to burn down all vegetation on earth with a single fireblast. Also, the old champion of Cento has come back stronger, he's beaten all champions, including the one from Cento, with his new mega evolution, can you beat him, in the final battle, if you can barely defeat your rival.Some2017-05-13
Pokémon AlchemistIt's a more traditional Pokémon story. The player, on an adventure, is swept into an evil teams plot to take over the region by resurrecting an ancient Pokémon, gathering things from throughout the region. Along with the International Police, and some Gym Leaders, you try to stop their plot all over the Kamla regionNo2016-09-15
Pokémon - Adventure in TentinWelcome to the Tentin region, a region with a rich history. Adventure around the Tentin region with your rival Ren, and the ecstatic Professor Owen... right? There's one evil looming... The Pokémon Poachers...No2017-11-07
Pokemon JeffJeffs are disappearing! About two weeks ago, people noticed that people around were vanishing, and it has now been discovered that all these people are named Jeff! Various people have claimed to have seen shady men carrying Jeffs off, but were too afraid to do anything about it. That is, until you, the player, get a call from your mother saying that your father, Jeff, has also fallen victim to the shady men of kidnapping qualities. Dumbsparce in ball- ah, sorry, Dunsparce in ball, you head out to save your father from the shady men. Why are these shady men kidnapping Jeffs? Who are these shady men, and what do they hope to accomplish? Find out all this in the game, an adventure awaits filled with bad jokes and... more bad jokes. The game is essentially just a big, bad joke. Whoops.No2015-09-06
Paradox of CreationThis is not a Pokémon game. What you have here is a fantasy RPG but with the type system and the four-attack system that Pokémon is known for. In the world of Sherranth, which has been decimated by something. Your inn has somehow escaped disaster. Your six tenants from all walks of life are there with you as well. You're running out of food, and out of wood to burn for the fires. The trees in the area have all been forested, and beyond the safety of the inn, it is not safe. You must convince the tenants of your inn to strike out into the unknown to find not only wood and food, but also some information about just what has happened to this world.Yes2016-02-06
Operation Strike BackFall in line! You maggots want to be a part of Team Rocket? Well, it's not going to be easy! Not only are we facing the law, but others against the law as well! We've failed two times too many, our time is now! Today, we strike back! Take on the role of your enemies and move up the ranks in Team Rocket! Will you be able to reach the Leader rank and launch Operation Strike Back or will your plans be foiled?No2016-08-08
Earthbound: Capsule QuestThe game is short, 3 towns, 5 different areas to catch monsters. The final boss is a Lv. 50 pink Starman. You go around the island interacting with people and unlocking little challenges. Try catch the monsters and see if you can beat your rival and a strange scientists perfect battle simulation robot! There should be about 2 to 4 hours of gameplay. You could possibly beat it in one or two sittings.No2015-08-09
GameDescriptionFakemonLatest release
Pokémon Full Moon VersionYou start your adventure in a cave in the Everia Region. The back-story and why you live there will be explained in the story itself. You can not choose your starter, but every starter will be catchable in the wild or available by a special event. The goal is still the same: become a Pokémon Master and prevent Team Lightning from taking over the Everia Region. This game is suitable for 14+ year old players. Please, read the 'README!' text file for more information.No2017-09-23
Pokémon JourneyPokemon Journey is a remake of the johto/Kanto region with a big fat twist. Every pokemon has been modify, and the max level is now 4. This is done so that you will quickly reach max level, and so you will never outlevel the game, additionally, since every pokemon have had their stats and moveset changed, every pokemon is now viable for your team. Another important thing to note is that you choose where you want to start your adventure, no linear, take my hand please game. Right now, it is actually in V0.3.2 wich mean only Tryad island and Johto from New Bark Town to Azalea Town (second gym) is finished. The plot will be based of the one of the gold and silver game, with a few modifications.No2017-11-30
Pokémon Love and EternityYou are a Red-like Pokémon Trainer in this new region called Originem. Your Rival, May from the Hoenn region has come here to Originem to discover new Pokémon that isn't in Hoenn. Your Professor: Rowan from the Sinnoh region also came here to Originem to discover new Pokémon that isn't in Sinnoh. You then realize that Originem has a Pokémon League of its own, and so you challenge the 8 gym leaders of Originem that are based on characters outside of Pokémon. Once you defeated the 1st gym leader, now you have to defeat a new evil organization, Team Infinite, their plan is to erase the entire Pokémon Universe by the Devine-Beasts of Love and Eternity (basically they're living beings from another universe), and its your job to stop them. Current Version: 1.4.1. Made with Pokémon Essentials v16.2Yes2017-10-11
Pokémon Infinite FusionThis is a game based on the Pokémon fusion generator.The game re-introduces the DNA Splicers from Black and White 2... Except this time around, you can actually use it on ANY Pokémon! Use them to combine any two Pokémon together into a completely new Pokémon, putting the total number of individual Pokémon available in the game to 22 801 in this recreation of the original Kanto games using 5th gen graphics.Yes2017-09-22
Pokémon Ultra EvolutionYou begin your journey at the Starod region in Vine Town when Professor Oak asks you to come to his lab to pick your starter Pokémon! After that you run into your rival called Daniel and he challenges you to a battle, once you beat him he runs off to begin his Pokémon journey, and so do you.No2017-09-02
Pokémon InsurgenceFull of stuff like original Mega Evolutions, secret bases, Delta Pokémon, built in challenge modes and armor for your Pokémon. Features a dark story with many different cults in a region called Torren.Yes2017-08-13
Pokémon SageAn ambitious fangame that is currently in the making. It is being worked on by a wide variety of people all across 4chan's /vp/ board. It contains 229 Fakemon.Yes2017-08-05
Pokémon HollowIn Pokémon Hollow you play as a new member of the Black Syndicate, a group dedicated to do what's right. But what is right and what is wrong? During your missions you get to deal with so called "Hollows", ancient Ghost Pokémon with special abilities. But don't expect anything to be easy.No2017-07-19
Pokémon ChroniclesSupposedly a remake of several older games with features from the newer ones. It features four regions (Kanto, Orange Islands, Johto and Hoenn) with 721 Pokémon in total.No2017-01-25
Pokémon ApexPokémon Apex is a more serious and narrative-driven take on the classic formula. You play a teen from Nascene City whose day-to-day drudgery is interrupted by the discovery of a world where beings called "Pokémon" live, and a dark cult forces the protagonist into action. The fate of both worlds hangs in the balance! Challenging gameplay, intricate dungeons and puzzles, and a strong story from start to finish. Currently in open Alpha with over 8 hours of playable content.No2017-01-17
Pokémon Dark RiftMysterious rifts have been spotted all around the Ombrix region, which are releasing Dark Energy that infects Pokémon. The Pokémon SC (Secure and Contain) organization is attempting to cure this infection, but with little success. They created Ultregas (Ultra Pokémon) to understand the infection process, but they have all escaped and are now leading the infected Pokémon like armies attacking villages and towns. You join forces with Ficus, the Dark Energy professor, to obtain more Dark Energy. Along the way, you make choices that impact the story and the outcome of the game. The fate of Arceus and the entire multiverse depends on your actions. (OFFICIAL DEMO is out! If you have the game currently, you MUST RESTART your game.)Yes2016-12-19
Pokémon Titanium VersionA journey awaits in this wonderful little game. It's got some wacky starters, and a stellar start! ALL 5 gens in this game! In need of testers!No2016-12-18
Pokémon RebornReborn goes where no Pokémon RPG has gone. Take on a cast of leaders with teams based on a high-level competitive environment. Experience a never-before-seen layer of strategy with the new Field Effects. Play through the richest world and story the Pokémon series has seen to date. It's going to take more than just a Pokémon Master to tackle this challenge. Are you ready?No2016-12-14
Pokémon DraconianYou're the child of a great trainer and many people expect you to be better than your own father as a Pokémon trainer. Go and explore this new region and meet the people of this land.Beware because a criminal organization will be out to capture and enslave Pokémon, and they're forcing these Pokémon to change. Defeat them and gain all eight badges to win the Pokémon league.No2016-11-25
Qora Qore MatinéeYou're in a region far away from Unova and you're encased in a lot of tall grass. And no one was able to pass this situation. Now play again as Renko or Maribel and explore Matinée region to save the trapped Pokémon. Current Demo goes from Matinée Town to Route 5003. Version: 1.0Qora Pokémon2016-10-27
GameDescriptionFakemonLatest release
Pokémon Star EditionA world where everything seems normal... with nobody knowing about Team Explosion, ready to take over the world by going opening a portal to 1986 and taking over early. Welcome to the Mavolean Region.Yes2016-07-27
Pokémon RejuvenationAn ambitious project based on the fangame Pokémon Reborn. It is an extremely challenging, somewhat open-world game in which strategy is most important. Even the first Gym Leader presents a challenge. The game currently features 7 Gyms and an immersive storyline, and although it is far from done, already has a decent amount of content available.No2016-07-25
Pokémon XenusPokémon Xenus is set in the brand new Cinniva region with a new plot that expands on the lore of the main series games. Battle Team Chromosome and build up your reputation. For better, or worse.Yes2016-07-23
Pokémon Lightning YellowRemake of Pokemon yellow with updated graphics/contentNo2016-04-24
Pokémon Infernal Red & Natural GreenReturn to the place where it all began in Gen 5/6 remakes of Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen! Revisit the Kanto region with new places, remastered music, unlockable trophies, new characters and so much more! Includes some custom Mega Evolutions.No2016-04-20
Pokémon SpectrumPokémon SPECTRUM is a Pokémon fan game made developed RPG Maker. Taking place in the Australian inspired Kroma region, the current demo features over 80 new Pokémon and 2 Gyms.Yes2016-03-14
Dora, Travelling with the PokémonA new Pokémon games that remakes Pokémon Platinum. Nobody was heard after the death of Lucas, Dawn and Rowan. Now only a pair of children was left. Now play as Red/Leaf and re-explore Shinnoh with Sannse as a Pokémon Professor. Has 7 gyms, 722 Pokémon and 2 Minigames. (is not what it says it is) Current Version: 4.8, Demo C, Essentials 16.1Yes2016-01-31
Pokemon SlateShort Playable Trailer: You play as Kyle/Sarah Ross (Replace Kyle with the desired first name). Three years ago you reached the top and became the Zoae Region's Pokémon League Champion. With that title doesn't just come fame, but also fortune. Your hometown of Tabula Grove has gone from sleepy suburb to growing tourist attraction and Zoae's economy is booming all because of you. But your adventure is far from over! And one nagging question remains: Was it all worth it?No2015-12-22
Pokémon: Uncensored EditionAn original fangame with all sorts of nasty (and funny) elements thrown in. Features somewhat dark humor in certain parts, especially as you go along with the story. Also features two new regions and a completely new story.Yes2015-12-01
Pokémon Solar Light & Lunar DarkStart your journey in a whole new region called Rikoto with 368 new self-made Pokémon! Battle against Team Solar and Team Lunar to prevent them from taking over the region.Yes2015-10-29
Pokémon Archaic LegacyExplore the Akiria Region and unearth its long lost secrets. Storyline changes slightly based on your choices. Includes trainer customization and some rebalanced mons. Detailed story line and just-right-difficulty, it's not easy without being extremely challenging. Also there are some custom megas.Yes2015-10-11
Pokémon Ethereal GatesExplore the beautiful Leneka Region with over 200 brand new Pokémon--discover a brand new experience with new music, all custom tiles, an immersive story, and more!Yes2015-10-05
Pokémon WisteriaTaking place 20 years after the events of X/Y, Pokémon Wisteria is focused on a more modern world where two kids enter a worldwide tournament named Wisteria Tournament. Explore the Tomen region in a GBC style, with 660+ Pokémon to catch and train!No2015-10-03
Pokémon: Legends of the ArenaA more traditional RPG experience, Legends of the Arena eschews gyms and the Elite 4 to give a more story-rich experience. Enter the International Pokémon Championships with your brother and encounter a sinister cult and a set of fellow contestants, who will stop at nothing to win. Current demo lasts around 12-14 hours.No2015-08-14
Pokémon Godra VersionThe first Pokémon RPG heavily driven by character choices. Features include a brand new alignment system, new jobs, homes, and multiple endings all based on the player's decisions. Also includes all 718 Pokémon, 28 Mega Evolutions, plus a few surprises.Yes2015-06-28
Touhoumon: Faith & Prayer VersionTouhoumon F&P Version is an attempt to bring the Touhoumon scene to RPG Maker XP. It introduces an original plot, alongside the ability to travel to a few regions.Touhoumon2015-06-09
Pokémon Crimson & NavyIn another reality among the multiverse, the region of Paric is going to receive the arriving of the fictitious creatures known as Pokémon. Two friends and a mysterious bully take three little Pokémon to start their own adventure as Pokémon Trainers, and to stop the plans of a Government Agency that treat the creatures as subjects for experiments. (Based on the Generation II main games)No2015-04-07
Pokémon AzurineA traditional style Pokémon game in which you have to defeat all the Gym Leaders and challenge the League. You must also stop Team Azure from harming the Pokémon of the region.No2014-05-11
Pokémon +A collection of stories from various regions which at the very end intersect with each other.No2014-04-04
Pokémon: PC Panic!In the Kanto region, all Pokémon Professors gather to talk about a terrible event: Bill, the creator of the Pokémon Storage System, has been kidnapped, and PCs all over the region are malfunctioning, trapping Pokémon in them. They decide to send a strong trainer to find him... But who? Nobody has heard of Red, or Ethan, for months. The only option left is a pair of children that moved to Pallet Town recently, Yellow and Green. Play as Yellow and re-explore Kanto, challenge Gyms, meet new friends and fight the evil Team X.No2014-02-18
Pokémon Obsidian VersionYou are the son of an archaeologist. You, your father, and your family friend go on an adventure across the new Evoran region.Yes2014-01-31
Pokémon MagickYou find yourself the grandson of Lance, the previous champion of Kanto's Elite Four. With your rival being, the grandson of Bruno! Team Rocket has joined forces with all of the other evil teams to form an organization known as the Dark Brotherhood. 50 Years have passed since Red became Champion, and no one can find him now. Something creepy is going on, and Kanto is in ruins. Can you make it through the Sephira region, find Red, and stop the Dark Brotherhood from taking over the entire Pokémon League and turning all Pokémon in the world into Shadow Pokémon?Yes2013-06-05
Pokémon Nova LunaSolve the mystery behind the disappearance of the Lurna Region's champion on an epic journey. Download link available via the links. Please read the description/thread before downloading.No2013-04-07
Pokémon Mint???Yes2012-05-20
Pokémon XENOTIME???Yes2012-05-20
Fakemon CelestiteA twisting Pokémon game set in a dream world with new Pokémon mechanics and completely new settings!Yes2012-04-03
Pokémon Sun & Moon VersionsStatues of two dragons reside in the eastern part of Helta, and it is said that the two watch over the land and keep people safe. It is said that when the two Pokémon collide, the world will become unstable and in need of hero to save it. In a small town called Sentar, Chris and Meleny are now old enough to set out on their own Pokémon quest. Little do they know, they are destined to save the world from two Pokémon bent on total chaos. Meanwhile, two teams have emerged on the scene: one called Team Thunder, and opposing them, Team Shadow. Can anyone stop their evil plans?No2012-01-07
Pokémon NightmareSet after the events of Pokémon XD and Colosseum, Nightmare closes the chapter in Orthan by revealing the organization behind all evil minds before.Yes2011-12-25
Pokémon Helio Version???Yes2011-01-01
Pokémon: Mithril Version??????2010-09-17
Pokémon: Manga Red??????2010-09-01
Pokémon Indigo League???No2010-01-21
POKéMON: Mewtwo Strikes Back (MSB)???No2009-11-12
POKEMON Hall Of Fame Version??????2009-01-18
Pokémon: Metallic Silver???Yes2008-12-06
Pokémon Scarlet Version???Yes2008-07-22
Pokémon Gale • The Geor Adventure!???Yes2007-09-10
Pokemon Kindness VersionFull of innocent stuff like My Little Pony, Rainbow Brite, and American Girl dolls. Made mostly for the purpose of making fun battle videos only, but you can still download anyway.Yes???
GameDescriptionFakemonLatest release
Pokémon InfinityA fangame in PT-BR with references of Pokemon Ascention 2, with pokedex in PT-BR until the generation 7, with a new history, friends, and characters, and also the new region UNION! made by JwBASH with great determination in his dream to create his own story come true. --New Patch for the Original Version with bugs related to Boruni City Event. (Only Patch not in the full form!)--No2017-12-11
Pokémon ApoRed EditionGerman. Als junger Pokémon-Trainer, reist du Stadt zu Stadt, Route zu Route und besiegst alle Trainer die dir im Weg stehen, für ein einziges Ziel: Pokémon Meister zu werden. Auf deiner Reise triffst du auf einigen Personen, manche die du bereits aus dem Internet kennst. Mit einigen von denen wirst du dich verbünden, manche wirst du bekämpfen. Die Region, die Apo Region oder eher gesagt die Apo Inseln, wurden vor einigen Jahren von ApoRed mit seinem ganzen Youtube Money gekauft. Er, und seine Mitstreiter, residieren auf diesen Insel und haben kein Bedürfnis nach Youtube mehr. Sie verdienen ihr ganzes Geld durch Waffenhandel, Waffenschmugglerei, Korruption und anderen illegalen Methoden. Du, der Held, bekämpfst ApoRed und seine miese Regierung indem du seine Kommandern, die Arenaleitern ausschaltest, und dich bis zur Pokémon Liga durchkämpfst, um am Ende den Diktator ein Ende zu geben.No (only 2)2017-05-19
Pokémon Bueires AdventuresSpanish. El juego transcurre en la Región Bueires, la cual está formada por islas y una misteriosa tierra extra. ¿Salvarás a los Pokémon en este juego?Yes2017-03-02
Pokémon SoulPortuguese only.No2016-10-09
Pokémon Ascension 2Portuguese only.No2016-06-30
Pokémon Black FutureGerman Only: In a world full of corruption, tyranny and suppression of an idea is the strongest enemy of the government.No2016-04-23
Pokémon AscensionGame based on two rival teams: Team Omega and Alpha Team. Make sure to install the latest patch, as completing the game without it is impossible. Please do not use daycare because it causes an error that makes it impossible to complete the game. Portuguese only.No2015-02-16
Pokémon HeroesA game based on the story of eight different and remarkable characters of the Pokémon franchise that we all know and love. This game is in Japanese.No2014-10-31
Pokémon Shadow OriginsA creepypasta-style Pokémon game based on the origin of Shadow Pokémon. This game is in Spanish.No2014-10-05
Pokémon XD Lords of Shadow 2Portuguese only é a continuação de como surgiu o DarkLugia já visto no primeiro game.No2014-09-07
Pokemon Bismit Gelb(German) A Remake of Pokémon Yellow with a new story.No2014-06-22
Pokémon Conqueror of DomainsPortuguese only.Yes2013-10-23
Pokemon Hyrule SecretsPortuguese onlyNo2013-07-23
Gwengardia Chronicles: Dreams Into the WindSpanish fangame???2013-06-26
Pokémon XD Lords of ShadowA game this based in Shadow Lugia and other epic events. Portuguese only.No2013-01-30
Pokémon UniversalPortuguese only.No2012-08-01
Pokémon Aventura MisteriosaJuego ambientado en derrotar al Team Rocket. Se desarrolla en la región PINO.No2012-07-13
Pokémon BithyniaSpanish only.???2011-12-31
Pokémon War MythologyPortuguese only.No2011-09-07

So, have you played any of them? Which one is best pokemon game for pc for you?

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