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Game Freak explains why Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are two games, which version you should play!

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon director Kazumasa Iwao of Game Freak recently spoke with GameSpot about the idea behind these latest games and why his team decided to make two versions:

“This time around there are differences in the story between the two versions that lead us to a split,” Iwao said. “But one particularly appealing aspect for us in creating two different upper versions is that we can get many more different Pokemon and characters into the story and into the game itself. If you try and force all of that into a single upper version then the relationships between characters and their interactions they have can start to get a little bit confused and a bit disjointed, whereas if we separate them into two versions we can really focus in and make sure there’s a strong core to the story. Splitting into two versions allows us to draw the most from the characters in the game, and hopefully players will enjoy that.”

Iwao and Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon producer Shigeru Ohmori also weighed in on which version of the game fans should purchase:

“One point users might want to consider is that the Pokedex in Pokemon Ultra Sun is based on the Pokedex in Pokemon Sun and the same for Ultra Moon and Moon. So if something the players are really looking for is Pokedex completion, they might find it better to go for the opposite version this time round in order to help complete their Pokedex.” – Iwao

“Equally if you’re looking for a story-based experience then those who played Pokemon Sun may want to go for Ultra Sun as there are some small details that remain consistent throughout the two that might appeal to people looking for a story-based game.” – Ohmori

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