Are you a Pokémon trainer who loves the spooky side of things? Great news! Pokémon have just released their new line of Lavender Town Merchandise!

Lavender Town is a very small town in the original Pokémon games (Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver, Gold and Crystal). It’s main attraction is the ‘Pokémon Tower’, which was based on a Japanese graveyard. With hundreds of tombstones for past Pokémon and filled with all types of Ghost Pokémon, the village also has been named the ‘Haunted Village’.

The four main Pokémon featured in this collection are Gastly, Haunter, Cubone and Marowak. There is a larger range of products in the Lavender Town Collection available than other collections, from clothing all the way to school supplies.

The most hottest products which are already out of stock are:

Baseball Cap & Leggings.

Other items available: