Guide: Pokémon GO Shinies List And How To Catch All Shiny Pokémon

Not only are shiny Pokémon as elusive in Pokémon GO as ever before, but you can only find.

Not only are shiny Pokémon as elusive in Pokémon GO as ever before, but you can only find a handful of them right now, and in very specific areas of the game. So to say they’re ultra rare is something of an understatement.

Still, if you’re one of those collectors that aims to completely fill out their Pokédex, those odds aren’t going to deter you at all. We admire that. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to help you (hopefully) catch ’em all!

Below you’ll find a list of all of the shiny Pokémon in Pokémon GO, along a few tips to help give you the absolute best chance of catching them. Bookmark this guide to help you as you go along. Good luck out there.

All Shiny Pokémon In Pokémon GO

PokémonAppearanceWhere To Catch Them
Red Gyarados2.pngEvolution
Shiny Absol3.pngTier Four Raids
Shiny Aggron4.pngEvolution
Shiny Altaria5.pngEvolution
Shiny Aron6.pngWild / 2KM Eggs
Shiny Banette7.pngEvolution
Shiny Bulbasaur8.pngResearch / Wild
Shiny Dragonair9.pngEvolution
Shiny Dragonite10.pngEvolution
Shiny Dratini11.png10KM Eggs / Wild
Shiny Dusclops12.pngEvolution
Shiny Duskull13.pngWild / 5KM Eggs
Shiny Glalie14.pngEvolution
Shiny Ivysaur15.pngEvolution
Shiny Lairon16.pngEvolution
Shiny Lugia17.pngTier Five Raids
Shiny Luvdisc18.pngWild / 2KM Eggs
Shiny Magby19.png5KM Eggs
Shiny Magikarp20.pngWild / Tier One Raids / Research
Shiny Magmar21.pngEvolution
Shiny Mareep22.pngWild
Shiny Mawile23.pngTier Two Raids
Shiny Mightyena24.pngEvolution
Shiny Murkrow25.pngWild
Shiny Pichu26.png2KM Eggs
Shiny Pikachu27.pngWild / Evolution / Research
Shiny Poochyena28.pngWild / 2KM Eggs
Shiny Raichu29.pngEvolution
Shiny Sableye30.pngWild / Tier Two Raids
Shiny Shuppet31.pngWild / 5KM Eggs
Shiny Snorunt32.pngWild / Tier One Raids / 5KM Eggs
Shiny Swablu33.pngWild / Tier One Raids / 2KM Eggs
Shiny Togepi34.png2KM Eggs
Shiny Togetic35.pngEvolution
Shiny Venusaur36.pngEvolution
Shiny Wobbuffet37.pngEvolution
Shiny Wynaut38.png5KM Eggs


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