Niantic are really pushing forward in their efforts with augmented reality. Allowing the virtual world of Pokemon Go to co exist within the real world is a dream I’m sure most trainers have had at some point. One of my favourite features in the game is AR+  being a professional photographer photography is obviously a big passion for me. 

I find it fascinating to watch Pokemon interacting in real life surroundings. 

I’d love to see more AR photos within the community so I’m here to share some of my tips when it comes to AR photography. 

Be aware of your surroundings 

The surrounding of your photo is what really makes or breaks the picture. While the Pokemon is the main feature the background adds the context to the story. 

For a believable image you’re going to want to make sure that the Pokemon being photographed fits into the location – you’re not going to want to photograph Charmander stood in a lake. 

Now I know we don’t have control over what spawns where. My tip for that is to get creative with your angles and how close you are. Don’t be afraid to go for expert handler and get up close and personal with the Pokemon! 

Size your Pokemon 

With AR plus the on screen props ask you to slowly look around a flat surface with the camera. This allows the game to ensure that the Pokemon is firmly placed on the ground and not floating against objects. It also gives some context as to where the Pokemon is in regard to sizing. 

Being too far away from where you intend to put your Pokemon will result in it appearing far bigger than realistic. This can give a comical effect to your photography and if that’s what you’re after then great! If you’re looking for something with a more real time feel be aware of your space. 

Have Patience 

With AR plus you’re able to watch the Pokemon somewhat interact with the environment. Amongst jumping each Pokemon has its own little quirks that can look rather good if captured at the right time. Have patience with your model and it’ll respond well to the camera. 


With a lot of AR pictures you offen see the Pokemon from the same angles. The beauty of AR plus is that you’re able to do a full 360 of the Pokemon you’re photographing! Play with your angles to show the Pokemon in a slightly different way. Get down to its level to achieve a greater looking engagement with it. 

My advice would be to gain expert handler and go slow if you are going to experiment with your angles though as the Pokemon are capable of running. 


remember it’s a game and games are made to be enjoyed. Have fun with taking the AR photos and get as creative as you like. There are no rules when it comes to creating art so let your self expression shine. 

Post production

Editing your AR pictures will often give them an extra something and becoming more eye catching but post production is not essential. 

My advice for post production is find an editing app you like and can get on with. Everyone’s different when it comes to editing. I will however say that blanket filters don’t match all pictures. While they can be a good starting point they’re not going to match every shot you take. Edit each picture for it’s Individual needs. 

We would love to see your AR photos. Email me with your favourite shots at be sure to include your name and a link to your social media’s for a chance to feature in a blog post next month. 

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Have fun and happy snapping!