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How To Get Shiny Pokemon Fast in Pokemon Ultra Sun Moon
How To Get Shiny Pokemon Fast in Pokemon Ultra Sun Moon

How To Get Shiny Pokemon Fast in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon!

A Shiny Pokémon, previously officially known as alternate coloration or rare coloration, and called Color Pokémon in Pokémon Stadium 2, is a specific Pokémon with different coloration to what is usual for its species. It is one of the many differences that a Pokémon can have within its species.

The term “Shiny Pokémon” was first created by fans to refer to the sparkling sound effect and animation made at the start of an encounter with one in the games. Eventually, this term fell into official usage in Generation IV, used on promotional material promoting Shiny event Pokémon. The term Shiny Pokémon was first used in-game in Pokémon Black and White in Nimbasa City.

Shining Pokemon Background

Shiny Pokémon can differ in color from their normal counterparts very little or very much. Some Pokémon, such as Glaceon or Pichu, have a Shiny coloration only a few shades darker or lighter in color. However, many Pokémon have a spectacular difference between their normal and Shiny variations; even extremely common Pokémon like Caterpie show a dramatic difference.

An evolutionary line is not necessarily guaranteed to have similar Shiny colorations even if their standard colorations are the same; both Ponyta and Rapidash have orange flames, but a Shiny Ponyta has blue flames while a Shiny Rapidash has gray flames (this is switched in Generation II).

How to Farm Shiny Pokemon?

There’s a new method for getting Shiny Pokémon in Ultra Sun and Moon and it is known as Wormhole Running. This method is easier than every before and it practically guarantees a shiny. In the Wormhole Running method, instead of getting into endless Pokémon battles and trying to farm S.O.S (like in Sun and Moon Shiny Farming) Pokemon until a rare shiny appears, you can instead use your skills in and Ultra Wormhole.

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, SOS battles were the go-to method to catch shiny Pokémon, but it’s just too tedious and time consuming. In contrast, Ultra Wormhole running is a lot more engaging, and it provides better odds to boot, not to mention that the minigame is almost like playing Subway Surfers or Temple Run.

Steps To Catch Shiny Pokémon In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Step 1: Beat Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon first.

Ultra Wormholes are available after you become Alola Champion, and are located in the Altar of the Sunne / Moone, which is located at the top of Poni Island.

Step 2: Go to either the Altar of the Sunne or Altar of the Moone, where you should find the entrance to the wormhole.

Step 3: Enter it by choosing Return to the Ultra Wormhole, and you’ll ride either Solgaleo or Lunala through it. At 3,000+ Light Years, you’ll begin increasing your chances of finding Shiny Pokémon.

NOTE: To improve Wormhole Running, you can change your controls from Motion-Controlled to D-Pad-Controlled. That gives you much, much more fine control, making it easier to reach a higher LY.

How to do it? Just Go to Heahea City, Akala Island and enter the GameFreak Offices and talk to the Aether scientist on the left. He’ll swap controls for you.

Step 4: Play through the Wormhole mode as you normally would: gather golden globes to gain speed, and try avoid crashing into blue spheres or colored wormholes. You want to get as far as possible into the warp. Once you start losing speed and start getting gently pulled into wormholes, you’ll want to look out for white wormholes with rainbow edges. That’s where you’ll have a chance of finding a shiny.

Step 5: Rinse and repeat until you get all the shining pokemon you want.

One of the biggest benefit of wormholes running is that failing is not always bad because you can encounter a legendary Pokémon instead.

Tip: Once you’ve landed on the other side of the wormhole and confirmed that it’s a Legendary Pokémon, you can save and soft reset until it becomes shiny. That’s similar to the method on how to get a shiny starter Pokémon. Also, you can KO the Legendary Pokémon you’d find in the wormholes in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and you’d still encounter them again. They’ll stop showing up only when you capture them.

So, you have caught any Shiny Pokemon in Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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