How to Sell Pokemon Cards? Learn today!

In this article I will be explaining how to sell Pokemon Cards. An important aspect for many collectors, even more now after the release of Pokemon Go.

In this article I will be explaining how to sell Pokemon Cards. With the release of Pokemon Go many players has made a comeback to collection Pokemon cards and many others has started collection and buying Pokemon products. But there are also many old school collectors that have many cards and understand perfectly how the “Pokemon Economy” works. This article is focused on those beginners an even those old school collectors that has never looked into selling cards and now are interested in know how to sell Pokemon Cards.

how to sell Pokemon Cards

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Understand the Different Formats

A rotation in the Pokémon Trading Card Game is when several sets are removed from Play! Pokémon sanctioned events, generally because they are too old and would not be compatible with newer sets or rules. Rotations almost always occur directly following the World Championships and remove four or more sets. If a set is rotated, that means a player may no longer use any card from that set in their deck (with exceptions; see below). This rule only applies to Standard format (formally referred to as Modified format) and Expanded format. In Unlimited format, players may use any card from any set in their decks.

Some cards in sets that are part of the current rotation are reprints of cards that appeared in older rotations. If a card is included as part of any set in the current rotation, any version of that card is legal for tournament play. For example, at least one version of Rare Candy has been legal in every modified format since it was printed. Thus, older versions of Rare Candy, even those from rotated sets like EX Sandstorm and Great Encounters, are still legal cards. Similarly, basic Energy cards from all sets are still allowed in tournament play.

In cases where a card is reprinted with significant text changes, the player playing the card must have a new copy of the card on hand, separate from their deck to serve as reference. For example, the effect of Energy Retrieval printed in Black & White is different from the original print in Base Set. A player would be permitted to include the Base Set print of Energy Retrieval in their deck for tournament play, but would be required to provide a copy of the Black & White print as reference.

Formats and Cards Selling Prices

When it comes to selling Pokemon cards the biggest thing we must understand is the different formats in the competitive Pokemon TCG game. This format is the reason of the costs, this because the demand of certain cards is in its highest playability and valuable point when it is part of the standard format.

Newer sets in this format are all in high demand so the card is worth the most. For example, a Tabu Lele GX card from the Guardians Rising set both the regular GX the GX full art and then the GX rainbow rare are worth anywhere between 40 and 60 dollars now, the reason is because this card is in almost every competitive deck out there in the standard format so the demand is really high and everyone wants to buy this card now.

Guardians Rising contains many playable and Expensive cards, so don’t forget to check our article, Most Expensive Guardians Rising Cards!

I most sell my Pokemon cards now? Or I most wait?

A lot of times people ask if they should sell those cards at the moment of highest price or better wait several years to see if they go up in value. Well, in my personal experience when a Pokemon set is no longer playable in the standard format, the prices of this expensive cards devaluate quite a bit. A perfect example of this devaluation is Shaymin EX Full Art, a very known card from the Roaring Skies set. That card price was so high reaching even the $70 point when it was part of the standard format, but that’s not the case because this card is in the expanded format right now.

It still being a popular card but the high demand is not there anymore so a card that was so expensive can be acquired right now you for less than $8 just because it is not in the standard format anymore.

So, the key to answer this question is that if you have newer cards and it is very valuable due to be part of standard format and competitive decks then your best bet is to sell them immediately. The same applies to trainers.

How to sell my Pokemon Cards?

Now when it comes to selling your Pokemon cards I would recommend you to sell your cards individually in places like eBay. You can also sell them on any online retailer stores even faster but remember, they’re going to offer you a lower price just because they have to resell their card so they need to gain some money of them. Another great option is to trade your card in for store credit, but remember that if you’re only looking to make money off your cards that is will not be the best option, this is better for people wanting to reinvest that money into new cards needed for playing or even completing other sets if you are a collector.

Another fast-paced option is to sell your cars in bulk, but the down side is that the price per card is going to be less but if you want to clear some space and sell them fast, making some bulk packs is your best bet.

So, all the Non-Standard cards are cheap?

The short answer is No. Especially when it comes to older cards and cards that are out of the expanded format. When they are too old really to be in demand (like first generation cards) are always going to be more popular and expensive. Another point to be aware of are graded cards. This type of collector’s items is going to be more valuable as well. Don’t forget to check the Most Expensive Pokemon Cards Ever Made!

What if I want to keep my New Expensive Cards?

If you decide to keep your cards then you must invest in things that let you store them for a long term. Put your cards in good quality binders, Top Loaders and store them in boxes. An even better idea is to find secret rare and ultra-rare graded cards. Graded cards keep their value for more time and its conditions are kept better too due to the protective layer they put on those cards. Consult the article about The Most Expensive Sun and Moon cards so you can see the most expensive ones and the cards that worth a PSA grade.

If you prefer to keep your cards just to collect them, make sure you see our article on How to collect Pokemon Cards!

Graded Pokemon Cards

Graded Pokemon Cards

Best Option for Best Profit

When it comes to a better profit overall you must think about sealed Pokemon products. That’s great investment if you’re looking to profit on Pokemon cards. Any type of sealed products specifically a booster box is a guaranteed profit if you store it for several years.

But let me be clear, it is probably the best option to gain some profit not the best option for collectors. Buying an older set booster box is never the better or cheapest option. For example when it comes to the original series of Pokemon, cards like the amazing base set Charizard can cost up to $50 but all the other cards in the original series aren’t t worth much mainly because of very high supply of those original series sets, so you best pull in that previous example is probably a $50 Charizard for a $1500 booster box.

Base Set Booster Box

Base Set Booster Box

In Conclusion

  • Sell all the newest cards as soon as possible don’t wait a few years just waiting a greater price they’re not going to increase in value.
  • Understand the Different Formats in the Pokemon TCG. Standard cards are almost always the most expensive.
  • When it comes to selling your Pokemon cards I would recommend you to sell your cards individually in places like eBay.
  • When it comes to a better profit overall you must think about sealed Pokemon products.  Buy sealed products like booster boxes especially the newer sets like Sun and Moon with this option you are probably going to be able to get about two to three hundred dollars for that box in a couple of years.
  • For future investments try to look for cards that are ultra rares or secret rares and popular Pokemon specifically starter Pokemon from the first generation.

So, what do you think? now you know how to sell Pokemon Cards? Or still have some questions? let me know in the comments below!

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