The next Legendary Pokemon are here! Latios and Latias will be appearing simultaneously around the world in Pokemon Go on April 2. Latios and Latias originally appeared in the Hoenn region, in the games Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire. Latias will be seen on Raid Battles in Europe and Asia, Latios will be seen in the Americas and Africa from April 2 until May 8. On May 8 both Pokemon will switch regions and will be available until June 5.

Latios and Latias

Drawn to compassionate spirits, the Eon Pokémon Latias and Latios are known for being highly intelligent, and are able to communicate telepathically with humans. They are also stealthy and extremely fast in flight. Latias is able to use its down to refract light to make itself invisible and Latios is able to overtake jet planes.

Latios and Latias are both Dragon and Psychic type. They are weak against Dragon, Dark, Ice, Ghost, Fairy and Bug types. The best counters for them are Rayquaza, Dragonite and Tyranitar.

Latios and Latias bring the total Pokemon available in Pokemon Go to 371.

This is the year of Legendary Pokemon, mark you calendars and be on the lookout for the Eon duo!

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