Learn How to catch Moltres, the new Legendary Pokemon!

The Legendary Pokémon Moltres has been spotted in Pokémon GO! Learn how to catch it!

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Moltres, the fire-type phoenix, may not be the most coveted Legendary in Pokémon history, but the good news for Pokémon GO players is that the bird should prove to be one of the easiest Legendaries to defeat and possibly catch in the game.

Taking down Moltres should take less people than the other Legendaries so far, putting its difficult somewhere around “Tyranitar-like” and less than Lugia or Articuno. Ultra good/high level players have been able to take it down with just three people. Less focused teams may only need 4-7 players instead of the 8-15 it might have taken to kill the other birds. Moltres is hard, but not that hard, so don’t be afraid to jump into the raid with 5-6 people if that’s all that you can get to show up.

In terms of how you actually beat Moltres? He’ll only be “easy” if you’re using the right type of Pokémon.

Two weeks ago, the Pokemon Go community banded together to catch as many Pokemon as possible in order to unlock the game’s first Legendary Pokemon. Once they had accomplished their goal, Lugia and Articuno started appearing at Gyms around the world, challenging groups of players to Legendary Raid Battles that they had to win in order to have a chance to catch a Legendary of their own.

The only catch is that Legendary Pokemon will rotate in and out of the game every week until midway through August, and as of last night, Articuno has rotated out and Moltres has taken its place.

That said, it’s better to be prepared, so here is the ideal team you should have to defeat Moltres:

CountersMove 1Move 2
GolemRock ThrowStone Edge
TyranitarBiteStone Edge
VaporeonWater GunHydro Pump
GyaradosDragon TailHydro Pump
OmastarRock ThrowRock Slide
FeraligatrWater GunHydro Pump

Keep in mind Moltres catch rates are still bad, even if he’s easier to beat than the last two Legendaries. He starts at 3% base, and you’ll have to use golden berries, curveballs, and great throws to get your chances up higher than that. And there’s no bonus purely for being Team Valor, even if he is the mascot, you’ll have to own the gym he spawns at for extra balls.

As long as your team has a few high-level Pokemon from this list at its disposal, you should be able to take down Moltres and have a chance to add another Legendary Pokemon to your collection. Moltres will only be catchable from July 31st – August 7th, so be sure to start searching for Raids soon.

So, you already have your own Moltres? Share your tips in the comments below!

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