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Top 10 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards from Generations
Generations is a special expansion released during the English XY BREAK Series, and Japanese XY BREAK Era, of the Pokémon TCG. It primarily contains reprints of cards from the XY Series and features mainly Generation I Pokémon in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the franchise.

This set is full of amazing  cards; so let’s talk about, The Top 10 Most Expensive Generations Pokemon Cards. Stay Tuned!

Number 10: Charizard EX

This card cost $4, so not a so high price for a card so famous as charizard. This is for sure one card that many collectors will buy because of its relative low price in a so famous pokemon.

Number 9: Golem EX

Top 10 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards from Generations

This is the number 46 of this set and the cost is $4. This is an ultra rare card that is not so playable but for some old school collecotrs and players, it is a pokemon present in the pokemon history since the begining, so it is a very respected pokemon.

Number 8: Articuno EX

Top 10 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards from Generations

This is the number 25 of generations set. The cost of this cards is $5, and its a very beautiful card due to its full art style, textures and colors.

Number 7: Mega Venusaur EX

This is the number 2 of the set. This is not the most playable card of the set, but like charizard, it is one of the 1999 base set pokemon, so no wonder why it is one of the most expensive, with a price of $5 and contains a pretty art in it.

Number 6: Vaporeon  EX

This ultra rare card receives the number 24 of the set, and its price is $5. It is one of the most amazing art containing card in the set.

Number 5: Zapdos EX


This pokemon is one of the legendary pokemon released in the first generation of pokemon, it received the number 29 of the collection. The cost at this moment is $7.

So, if you pulled it, now you know you are a lucky person, not only because the price but because this card is very famous.

Number 4: Leafeon EX

Received the number 10 of the set and the price is $6. Eevee evolutions are very famous and leafeon is not an exception, so no wonder why it occupies the top 10 list of most expensives cards in this set.

Number 3: Mega Blastoise EX

This card is an ultra rare and receives the number 18 in the collection. It is very playable to the opinion of many playes but like Venusaur and Charizard cards, it is very famous.

The cost is $8, so if you have it, now you know that you pulled not just a very famous pokemon character but also an expensive one.

Number 2: Jolteon EX

It is the number 28 of the set and the cost is $17, something not so rare in this card that is a very playable one. Since the release of generations set, Jolteon EX has being in the top most expensive cards with a starting price of $50.
This card maintained that cost for some months, until some weeks ago that its price drops.

No wonder why so many player and many collectors wants it now.

Number 1:

And most expensive card from the generations is the amazing, giant, most valuable, most incredible, the holy, the alpha and omega, the most loved, valuable and searched.

I’m joking!

Mega Charizard EX

This card received the number 12 of this set. It is very difficult to pull so if you have it, is good to know that this is the most expensive card at the moment and one of the most famous too. It cost $22 and like Jolteon, its starting prices was $50.

I am pretty sure that many collectors are very hyped about having this card in their binders, not only because of its an amazing art but because it is a very famous pokemon character since 1999 base set.

So, which of this cards you want? and which of this cards you already got?

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