Steam Siege is the name given to the fourth main expansion of cards from the International XY BREAK Series and the Japanese XY BREAK Era of the Pokemon TCG. The set features the Steam Pokemon, Volcanion. This set is full of amazing and expensive cards. So let’s talk about, the Top 10 Most Expensive Pokemon TCG cards from Steam Siege. Stay tuned!

Number 10: Volcanion EX

This card cost $5 to this date and it is not only one of the most expensive in this top 10 list, but one of the most used by many players, this cards is very playable due to its steam up ability.

Number 9: Mega Steelix EX

This is the number 68 of this set and the cost is $6. This is an ultra rare card not used by many players due to its energy cost, but it is part of our top 10 most expensive list.

Number 8: Mega Gardevoir EX

This is the number 79 of the steam siege set. The cost of this cards is $5, and is very used as volcanion. Gardevoir is also one of the top best card of this set.

Number 7: Mega Gardevoir EX Full Art.

This is the number 112 of the set, and like his non full art version, this is one of the most playable card of this set, so no wonder why it is one of the most expensive, with a price of $8. This card became one of the most expensive of the set and one the the most pretty too.

Number 6: Volcanion EX Full Art

This is the number 107 in the collection and the cost at the moment is $9. So, if you pull it, now you know you are a lucky person, not only because the price but because this card is very playable in fire decks. It is one of the most famous decks at the moment.

Number 5: Steelix  EX Full Art

This ultra rare card receives the number 109 of the set, and its price is $9. It is one of the most amazing art containing card in the set.

Number 4: Xerneas Break

Xerneas is the number 82 of the set and its price is $10. This card is very useful in Mega Gardevoir EX decks because of its attack, life stream. When using this break card on top of Basic Xerneas you can use Geomancy attack adding 1 fairy energies to two of your benched pokemon, facilitating any fairy pokemon moves. So it is a very playable card, no wonder why is so expensive.

Number 3: Gardevoir EX Full Art

This card is a secret rare and receives the number 116 of the collection, this card is very used by many players and the price is $12, so if you have it now you know that you pulled not just a very famous card but also an expensive one.

Number 2: Volcanion EX Full Art

This secret rare is the number 115 of the set and cost $12, something not so rare in this volcanion card that it is not only a beautiful card but a very playable too, so no wonder why so many player and many collectors wants it.

Number 1: Professor Sycamore Full Art

This amazing card receives the secret number of 114. It is very difficult to pull so if you have it, is good to know that this is the most expensive card of steam siege at the moment of posting this blog. and it cost around $20. I am pretty sure that many players wants this card in their decks, and that many collectors are very excited about this card in their binders, not only because it is an amazing containing art card, but because it is very playable and part of almost every meta deck of 2017.

So, which of this cards you want? and which of this cards you already got? let me know in the comments below and let me know what other blogs or YouTube videos you are interested in, so I can make them for you.