Top 10 Most Expensive Sun and Moon Base Set Card (UPDATED!)

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Interested in knowing what are the prices of your Pokemon Sun and Moon Base Set Cards? Let’s talk about, the top 10 most expensive sun and moon cards, updated in April 2017. Stay Tuned!

Top 10 Most Expensive Sun and Moon Base Set Card (UPDATED!)

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This video is the updated version of my previous one, made on February 2017. Here, we will notice a change in many of the cards prices and playability. It is something usual on many sets, that the starting price of some cards is one, but after people discovering new amazing decks or strategies those prices changes. So let’s see, what modifications are made on sun and moon base set cards. Lets start with our countdown


Number 10: Lurantis GX

This Secret rare card cost to this date $14, and it is not only a pricey card but a pretty secret rare style one. This card, was number 4 in our previous top 10 most expensive list, so it cost suffered a very drastic drop. Number 10 place, was previously owned by switch secret rare, which at the moment is not even part of the top 10 most expensive list.

Lurantis is very playable in some grass decks, and many people is expecting an increase in its play-ability in the upcoming Pokemon sets, that will be very focused on grass type cards for some reason. Lurantis still being a very pricey and famous card nonetheless.But who knows. it will keep its status on the top 10? or will suffer a disappearance or even an increase in its price?. we will need to keep an eye in this card to see what future awaits to this Pokemon.

Number 9: Lillie Full Art

This is the number 147 of this set and it is an ultra rare card that cost $16. Its great play-ability and amazing art, makes it a very unique and most wanted card for many people. With Lillie, the player can Draw cards until having 6 cards in its hand. If this is the first turn, player can draw cards until having 8 cards in hand.The only bad side of this card, is that many people want it for its 8 cards drawing support. but for that option being useful, the player must have 4 of them in the deck, to be sure of having it in hand on the first turn. in that case, this card will keep being an amazing one with a great future.


Number 8. Metal Energy

This is a secret rare card. Number 8th place was previously owned by nest ball.
The amazing and beautiful metal energy receive the number 163 in the sun and moon base set collection. This card cost $17.

Metal energy was number 6 in February costing $23, its price suffered a drop, but hey, $17 for an energy card still being a lot of money for many players.

Number 7: Psychic Energy

Is also a shiny gold colored energy, this time is a psychic one. The number 7 place was owned by Solgaleo GX, that still being a top 10 most expensive card, but its value increased due to its improved play-ability (keep reading until the end to check where is it’s place right now).

Psychic energy cost at the moment is $17. Metal and psychic energy are expensive due to its amazing design and gold colored corners, that will for sure be the center of attention of many people decks.


Number 6: Espeon GX

This is a secret rare card is that received the number 152 of the collection, and its price is $18 to the moment. This card maintained its place since February so let’s congrats Espeon GX for its great job .

Number 5: Nest Ball

This is a secret rare card that received the secret number of 158 in the Pokemon Sun & Moon collection, this card is not only very pretty and difficult to pull, but also a very useful and playable in many people decks, specially in those using many basic Pokemon card.

Nest ball was previously (February) on the Number 8 place but its price increased so it is one of the most successful cards from the Sun and Moon Base Set Collection, due to many strategies made by players. We will need to keep an eye in this card to check if its price will keep increasing in the upcoming weeks.

This card cost is $18 at the moment.

Number 4: Lunala GX Secret Rare

This is the number 153 in the Pokemon Sun and Moon Base Set collection, and like Solgaleo, it is one of the Sun and Moon main faces, so no wonder it is one of the most expensive and famous ones, even when for some people it is not so playable.

This card cost is, $18 and Like Espeon GX, Lunala card maintained its cost so lets, congratulates it’s hard job.

Number 3: Umbreon GX Secret Rare

This Eevee evolution card, is the number 154 of the Sun and Moon Base Set and like Lunala GX its cost is $18, wow this is a lucky number on this set right? At this moment, this card is one of the top 10 best Pokemon cards from this set, due to its shadow bullet attack, that is very similar to Darkrai Night Spear attack, in exception to its energy cost that makes Umbreon GX, a better option.

Number 2: Solgaleo GX Secret Rare

This card was previously in the 7th place and was not in the top 10 best cards from sun and moon set due to a lack of proper strategy by many players; but
thanks to many players creativity, this card is one of the most playable at the moment with an increased price of $25.

An amazing increase in value, the higher of all sun and moon base set cards already mentioned.

Number 1: Ultra Ball

The number 1 most expensive card from the Pokemon Sun and Moon Set is one more time, Ultra Ball item card. This secret rare card is the number 161 of this set, and it is not only a very difficult to pull card, but a very pretty gold colored one, that many players wants in their decks, and many collectors want in their binders.

If you have it, it is good to know that this is the most expensive card from sun and moon base set at the moment and that its cost is $75.

Note: Even when this still being the most expensive card, it price suffered a very large drop of almost $25, remember that this card value was $100 some weeks ago.

So, it is time to give some awards:
The first prize is the, “Oh My God I Almost Lost my Fame” award, for Lurantis GX that came from a number 4 to a number 10. We will need to keep an eye on this card to see which is it’s future with the upcoming sets.
The second price is the “Wow, I Can’t Believe I Cost so Much” award, for the metal and psychic energies.
The third price is for Solgaleo GX, that won the “Price and Fame Increase” award, with an increase from place 7th to 2nd place in this top 10 most expensive sun and moon list (compared to February).
The last award is for Ultra Ball Secret Rare, that won the “Wow, i’m Still Being the Most Expensive One” award.
So, which of this cards you want? and which of this cards you already got? Let me know in the comments below and let me know what other videos and articles you are interested in, so I can make them for you.

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