New Pokemon Dolls and Poké Plush Keychains! Check Magikarp Merch!

pokemon plush 30 percent off meowth ditto eevee pikachu and alolan exeggutor

Pokémon fans have another reason to pay a visit to the official Nintendo NY store sometime soon. Until January 6, 2018, all Pokémon Dolls, Poké Plush, Kuttari Cuties and Poké Plush Keychains are 30 percent off at the New York-based store.

This exclusive in-store deal doesn’t last for long, so be sure to take advantage of it while you still can!

Also revealed:

New Fish Pokémon merch features Magikarp bag, plates, glass cups and more

i love you magikarp fish pokemon plate

i love you magikarp fish pokemon plate

Magikarp fans can look forward to a wider selection of Pokémon merchandise featuring the iconic Fish Pokémon. New products launching in Japan on January 27 include a Magikarp-themed bag, stylish plates, glass cups and more. Some of them feature Gyarados and various other aquatic Pokémon.

To see more pictures of these new Pokémon products, Check the gallery below!

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