Nintendo and Niantic have spent millions of dollars to promote Nintendo Switch and Pokémon GO, respectively, in gaming industry TV ad spending for the month of August 2018. Read on below for specific details from the folks at VentureBeat:

Once again Nintendo takes the lead, this time with an estimated spend of $6.2 million on 11 commercials that aired over 3,200 times, resulting in 395.5 million impressions. The ad with the biggest budgetary push — an estimated $2.6 million — was “Epic Games,” promoting multiple games for the Switch including Fortnite. The brand didn’t deviate from its favorite networks and programs; as usual it spent heavily across Comedy Central, Adult Swim, and Nick Toons, and during specific shows including South Park, SpongeBob SquarePants, and The Office.

At No. 4: Niantic, with an estimated spend of $3 million on one ad for Pokémon Go (“Play Together, Trade Together!”) that aired over 2,600 times and generated 310.8 million impressions. Niantic prioritized spend to reach a pop-culture-loving audience: top networks included Adult Swim, Comedy Central, and MTV, while some of the shows with the biggest budgets were South Park, Family Guy, and Bob’s Burgers.