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Get a Free Salazzle at Gamestop!

In a couple of weeks, a new Pokémon distribution for Sun & Moon will be taking place at GameStop.

Tapu Koko & Tapu Fini Deck Shield

Pokemon has revealed new Decks Shields of Tapu Koko and Tapu Fini. 

Pokemon TCG has Updated their Rules and Ban List

Effective on August 18, 2017 Pokemon company will change their rules and ban list. 

Pokemon TCG 2018 Rotation has been Announced!

Pokemon has announced next season’s Standard format. So let see which cards will be permitted for play in 2018.

Pokemon Sun and Moon 4, Crimson Invasion Revealed!

Our fourth Sun & Moon set will be named Crimson Invasion and will be released soon!

New Mini Album of Alolan Meowth in Stores!

A new mini-album featuring a holo promo Alolan Meowth (SM51) is now available in stores!
Raichu GX Raikou Banner SM3

Electrical Weekend with Raichu GX and Raikou from Pokemon SM3+

Pokemon Japan has revealed more upcoming Sun and Moon SM3+ cards.
team skull grunt pin collection

The Team Skull Pin Collection Box has been Revealed!

A new “Team Skull Pin Collection Box” will be released pretty soon!

Top 10 Most Expensive Guardians Rising Cards!

Interested in knowing which are the Most Expensive Guardians Rising Cards? A set full of pretty cards but also full of many expensive ones! See them here!

Top 10 Most Expensive Sun and Moon Base Set Card (UPDATED!)

Interested in knowing what are the prices of your Pokemon Sun and Moon Base Set Cards? Let's talk about, the top 10 most expensive sun and moon cards.