Official Pokemon GO dynamic weather screenshots!

Pokemon Go Dynamic Weather

Pokemon GO dynamic weather was recently updated with new visuals, where weather near you in the real world impacts Pokémon in a variety of ways. There are a total of six Pokemon GO dynamic weather conditions – Sunny, Rainy, Snowy, Foggy, Partly Cloudy and Windy. Don’t forget to check the info regarding Holiday Pikachu!

The weather is a set of mechanics in the Pokémon games (not only Pokemon Go) that change the battle environment, activating Abilities, modifying certain moves, and potentially damaging the Pokémon in battle or affecting their stats. They have been included in every core series game since Generation II. In battle, weather is either determined by the location of a battle, due to overworld weather, or by a Pokémon creating a new type of weather with a move or Ability. Only one type of weather may be present at a time, and only the most recent type of weather will take effect.

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So far, we’ve seen the following types of Pokemon Go Dynamic Weather:

  • Sunny/Clear
  • Fog
  • Windy
  • Partially Cloudy
  • Cloudy
  • Rain
  • Snow

Which Pokémon will be affected by which the Pokemon Go Dynamic Weather condition? These are the Pokémon types that spawn more frequently, are higher level, and award more Stardust on capture during the different climate conditions:

  • Sunny/Clear: Grass, Ground, and Fire
  • Fog: Ghost and Dark
  • Windy: Dragon, Flying, and Psychic
  • Partially Cloudy: Normal and Rock
  • Cloudy: Fairy, Fighting, and Poison
  • Rain: Water, Electric, and Bug
  • Snow: Ice and Steel

To see official screenshots of different dynamic weather conditions featuring Carvanha, Delibird, Gastly and Torchic, check out the images in the gallery below:

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