Pokémon Center’s all around Japan have just released their very own style of Sukajan Jackets in the Pokémon Time range.

What are sukajan jackets? Sukajan jackets have a rich history, originating in Japan during WW2. Since then it has become a large sort after item in the pop culture scene and I must say I can see why, the designs they come up with are amazing!

Each jacket has a different Pokemon design. The back of the jackets are the main feature, showing a high detailed design including Japan landmarks. For 20,520yen they are a little on the pricey side BUT well worth it as they are also reverse-able!  The reverse side is one colour with only a simple Pokémon logo. Any Pokémon fan, would love to walk around feeling like the ultimate Pokémon master in one of these bad boys.

They come in four different designs

Sadly theses are a Japan Pokemon Center Exclusive.

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