Pokkén Tournament DX voted as the 14th best Nintendo Switch game so far

To celebrate the first anniversary of Nintendo Switch, Nintendo asked fans to name their top 10 game..

To celebrate the first anniversary of Nintendo Switch, Nintendo asked fans to name their top 10 games for the console so far on Twitter. Hundreds of fans made their votes count and Nintendo has rounded them all up and tallied all the votes to discover their collective top 50 games for Nintendo Switch. Pokkén Tournament DX made the cut at number 14; the full list can be found here.

14. Pokkén Tournament DX

Arriving in September 2017, Pokkén Tournament DX brought an intense one-on-one Pokémon fighting game to Nintendo Switch!

Detective Pikachu special demo version available to download

Available to download on Nintendo 3DS eShop Detective Pikachu special demo version

The Detective Pikachu special demo version, announced last month, is available to download from today on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

This demo version allows players to experience the first half of Chapter 1 of the game, and any progress made during the demo will carry over to the full version of Detective Pikachu.

In addition to the demo, the full version of the Detective Pikachu game and the giant Detective Pikachu amiibo is available to buy.

Eleventh official Group Match Searing Blaze Cup

Hot on the heels of the Destructive Group Match, the 11th official Group Match is now underway Pokkén Tournament DX. The Searing Blaze Cup is scheduled to run from today, April 6, to April 9 in the Basic Battle and Fixed Battle Arena formats. To gain entry to this Group Match, you must have fired up your game and selected the join option before it began. Players can receive special titles based on their ranking in official Group Matches.

Official groups from Pokkén Tournament DX are available in the online battle mode. Participants in the Searing Blaze Cup will receive a special title based on Charizard.

Sophocles and Togedemaru encounter Celesteela in new Pokémon the Series

The next episode of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon, which is set to first air in Japan on April 12, features multiple Pokémon and characters – including Ash, Pikachu, Lillie, Lana, Kiawe, Mallow, Sophocles and more. It also includes various scenes in which Sophocles and Togedemaru encounter Celesteela. You can check out the official promo for the upcoming Japanese version of the episode in the video below:

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