Product Images for the Ultra Beast-GX Premium Collections!

Pheremosa GX Ultra Beasts GX Premium Collection

We now have better product images for the “Ultra Beast-GX Premium Collections! The images confirm Celesteela-GX will be Metal-type like Kartana-GX. Unfortunately the cards are still a bit too small to read.

Both collections will be released on November 3rd.

Each will Include:

  • 2 foil promo cards featuring Ultra Beasts (Pheromosa-GX and Celesteela-GX or Buzzwole-GX and Xurkitree-GX).
  • A foil oversize card featuring an Ultra Beast (Pheromosa-GX or Buzzwole-GX).
  • An awesome playmat showing off the Ultra Beasts (1 of 2 designs).
  • 8 Pokemon TCG booster packs.
  • A cool Pokemon coin.
  • A code card for the Pokemon TCG Online.

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