Second anniversary massive update 6.0 in Pokémon Duel

A brand-new version of Pokémon Duel is being uploaded on Monday, April 2, following the weekly maintenance. This update consists of the software version 6.0, which includes a variety of changes and new features. The effects of Night Slash and Volt Switch are being changed and the following figures are set to be updated:


  • Increases damage for Spirit Shackle from 100 to 120
  • Increases damage for Phantom Arrow from 70 to 90


  • Increases damage for Steel Wing from 70 to 130


  • Changed effect of Fusion Bolt to specify Fusion Flare instead of Reshiram


  • Changed effect of Fusion Flare to specify Fusion Bolt instead of Zekrom


  • Addition of new ability: Wall-Climb. Allows for it to move over other Pokémon with MP Move
  • Removed Pound and replaced it with Quick Attack
  • Increases damage of Slam from 30 to 40


Written by KantoPokedexPR

MD by Profession but Director, News and Leaked Information writer at the Pokemon and Gaming Related website PikaPlace.

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