Sell your Pokemon Cards Online! Tips and Methods!

You collected them all and after all this years you still remember where you have the collection stowed away? dig them out! Sell your pokemon cards online!

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So you was the very best Pokemon player of your street? You collected them all and after all this  years  you still remember where you have the collection stowed away? dig them out! Sell your pokemon cards online.

Pokémon cards, as useless as they may seem to you, can be sold online for a lot of money. In about an hour or so, you can make easy money!

So you found those Most Expensive Pokemon Cards but still have questions like where to sell pokemon cards near me, shops that buy pokemon cards.

There are many great places to sell your pokemon cards online but many of them will make you gain more money than others so be sure of knowing all your alternatives first. One of the easiest ways of getting rid of them are through eBay or even amazon. But a more dedicated website can also help you in the process. Websites like TCG Player, Professor, CCG Castle, TrollandToad and many other, but it is important to understand their different fees and what you can expect from each of them.

Things to Remember before you Sell your Pokemon Cards Online

  • A set is identified by a small symbol that is either in the bottom right-hand corner of the Pokémon illustration (old sets), or on the bottom right-hand corner of the whole card (new sets). There are a few exceptions to these: Base set cards, which were one of the first three sets released in America, do not have a symbol on the card.
  • After knowing to which set each card belongs the next step is to Sort them numerically, use the numbers at the bottom right-hand corner of the card (all sets). There should be two numbers: one for the number of the actual card, a slash (/) and then one for the number of cards in the entire set (i.e. a Blastoise with 2/102 is number 2 out of 102 cards).
  • Promo cards only have one number denoting what number the card.
  • Put all of your cards in protective soft sleeves to protect them from UV light.
  • It’s a good idea to put them either in “top loaders” (hard plastic cases to prevent bending) or in 9-pocket card sleeves that are held in binders. You can also use Ultra Pro deck Protector Sleeves which come in red, blue, green, etc. And both are fairly Cheap. Use plastic Binders and page Sleeves for easy storage. Just remember that the best brands to get are Ultra-Pro or Dragon Shield.
  • Organize your cards based on rarity. You’ll notice that some cards have stars in the bottom right-hand corners, some have diamonds, and some have circles. Stars mean a Pokémon is Rare, diamonds mean it is Uncommon, and circles mean Common. Rare cards sell, of course, for much more than the others.

Note: If your cards are Japanese, and the star/diamond/circle symbol is white instead of black, it denotes an ultra rare card. Also, with Japanese cards, if the symbol is that of three stars, it is an ultra rare premium card—the hardest cards to find!

  • Price them before you sell your pokemon cards online! Card prices fluctuate all the time, you can just go on Ebay so you can compare actual market prices or even better you can visit a more official website like TCGPlayer to check each card price.
  • Every time you sell a card you will need to have in hand the information discussed above like the set each card belongs to, the set number, it’s rarity (Rare, uncommon, common, secret rare, etc.), and condition (Mint, Near-Mint, Fair, Played, Damaged etc). Make sure to tell them if the card has any bends or scratches or you will lose trust pretty fast and negative feedback will come for sure.
  • List them on eBay or another reputable selling site. Most only take a very small amount for profit, so it’s very cheap to use them! If you’d rather sell them in real life, then you can do that also!

Methods to Sell your Pokemon Cards Online

1-Selling them Individually

With this method, both buyers and sellers knows exactly which cards they’re buying and you as a seller can even gain more money from each selling. Just remember to be fair with your cards descriptions en be honest with the pictures and conditions you state.

2- Selling the Complete Collection

 The most amazing part of collecting Pokemon cards is probably opening all those booster packs and even buying them individually to see that collection binder growing. But it is not the most “cost-effective”way for many collectors to buy $5 packs just to notice that nothing is like expected, this is even more sad with old school cards that you can even pay $1000 for a booster box. So buying a completed collection is a very good idea for many buyers.

With this method your profit will be very similar to previous option of selling them as bulk but it is faster and if you are in a hurry maybe is the easiest way of selling your cards. Just remember to check ebay actual costs or even individual set cards cost before you sell your pokemon cards online to choose selling price.

3-Selling them as Bulk

In this method you can sell your cards even faster but you can be sure that almost always your gain will be the lowest. First you will need to sort the cards into groups (i.e. Pokémon, trainer, energies). Then sort each individual group by rarity, type, conditions, set. After organizing them count the cards in each pile and figure out the individual cost of each of your cards.

Tip: You may want to do this in Excel or a similar spreadsheet program. Figure out the total value of your Pokémon card collection by adding all the cards in each group.

An easier way of selling them as bulk is just getting all cards unsorted selling as is (be sure of counting them so buyer knows the amount will get). The bad side of this last mentioned option is that many expensive cards will be probably sold by just a few cents, so the effort of checking them individually are probably the safer and the most profitable way. 


You have three big options on how to sell your pokemon cards online (sorted from most profitable to less):

  1. Selling them Individually
  2. Selling the Complete Collection
  3. Selling them as Bulk

Things to Remember:

  • Identify the set by its symbol before you sell your Pokemon cards online.
  • Put all of your cards in protective soft sleeves.
  • Organize your cards based on rarity, type, conditions.
  • Consult prices in reputable stores and even at eBay to get a general idea of your selling price.
  • Use eBay or a similar site to sell. You can do this by packaging the whole set, selling individual cards, or putting them in packs of ten.
  • Alternatively, you can sell them to people in your area, Pokemon TCG Forums, Social Media, Reddit (be careful with scammers).
  • Check with your younger brother’s/sister’s friends because your “junk” can become their “special treasure.”

So, have you sold all your Pokemon Cards already? Or you prefer to store them just a couple of years more so your grandchildren can see what a great Pokemon Master you was? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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