Black and White (Pokemon TCG)

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Set Symbol:
Cards in set English: 115 | Japanese: 112*
Set number English: 48 | Japanese: 46
Release date English: April 25, 2011 | Japanese: Dec. 17, 2010

Black & White (Japanese: Black Collection · White Collection) is the name given to the first main expansion of cards from the English Black & White Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The Japanese release is the first of the BW era.

The set features significant aesthetic and structural changes, and brings several reworked mechanics and rulings to the game. This Set marks the beginning of the Pokémon Trading Card Game series of the same name and is the first expansion to feature Generation V Pokémon.

With the start of a new Generation, Black & White introduced an updated card design, which included numerous changes:

  • The card border returns to a completely yellow border in the English release, and to a completely silver border in the Japanese release. All other graphics on the cards return to a silver color without the gold tinges.
  • The unfinished circle used on Basic Pokémon, as well as the evolution circle present on Stage 1 and 2 Pokémon merge with the evolution stage graphic, which is now in the top left, similar to cards from the original era of the TCG.
  • The Pokémon name is shifted further to the right as a result and is made more prominent with the addition of a silver frame, the right edge of which is reminiscent of the skewed curve graphic on EX Series cards, which also gains additional layers on higher stage evolution cards. This also separates the Pokémon name and the Hit Points, which returns to having no graphic behind it. The "Evolves from" clause on Stage 1 and 2 Pokémon remains in the illustration window.
  • The Weakness, Resistance and Retreat Cost return to the bottom left of the card, and the Pokédex entry returns to the bottom right in its own frame (albeit skewed to the right), as they were on Japanese Original era releases. The English cards also adopt this change, and also shorten "retreat cost" to "retreat". As a result, the illustrator bar is no longer present, and the illustrator name itself is at the very bottom to the left of the collection number and expansion symbol.
  • For the first time in the history of the TCG, the English card numbering system changed from ordering Pokémon cards alphabetically and by descending rarity (Rare Holo, Rare, Uncommon, Common) to conform to the Japanese ordering system based on type (Grass, Fire, Water, Lightning, Psychic, Fighting, Darkness, Metal, Colorless) and National Pokédex number. All Trainer cards are listed in alphabetical order regardless of rarity.

The English prerelease card for this set is Darmanitan.

A new generation of Pokémon has arrived! The Pokémon Trading Card Game: Black & White expansion brings you a legion of over 70 new Pokémon from the newly explored Unova region, including the Legendary Reshiram and Zekrom, both featuring never-before-seen art that covers the ENTIRE card! The Pokémon TCG: Black & White expansion is your gateway to a bigger Pokémon world!

NameSetNumberTypeCard TypeHPRarity
SnivyBlack and White1GrassBasic60Common
SnivyBlack and White2GrassBasic60Common
ServineBlack and White3GrassStage 180Uncommon
ServineBlack and White4GrassStage 180Uncommon
SerperiorBlack and White5GrassStage 2130Rare Holo
SerperiorBlack and White6GrassStage 2130Rare Holo
PansageBlack and White7GrassBasic60Common
SimisageBlack and White8GrassStage 190Uncommon
PetililBlack and White9GrassBasic50Common
LilligantBlack and White10GrassStage 180Rare
MaractusBlack and White11GrassBasic80Uncommon
MaractusBlack and White12GrassBasic90Rare
DeerlingBlack and White13GrassBasic60Common
SawsbuckBlack and White14GrassStage 190Rare
TepigBlack and White15FireBasic60Common
TepigBlack and White16FireBasic70Common
PigniteBlack and White17FireStage 1100Uncommon
PigniteBlack and White18FireStage 1100Uncommon
EmboarBlack and White19FireStage 2150Rare Holo
EmboarBlack and White20FireStage 2150Rare Holo
PansearBlack and White21FireBasic60Common
SimisearBlack and White22FireStage 190Uncommon
DarumakaBlack and White23FireBasic70Common
DarumakaBlack and White24FireBasic70Uncommon
DarmanitanBlack and White25FireStage 1120Rare
ReshiramBlack and White26FireBasic130Rare Holo
OshawottBlack and White27WaterBasic60Common
OshawottBlack and White28WaterBasic60Common
DewottBlack and White29WaterStage 190Uncommon
DewottBlack and White30WaterStage 180Uncommon
SamurottBlack and White31WaterStage 2140Rare Holo
SamurottBlack and White32WaterStage 2140Rare Holo
PanpourBlack and White33WaterBasic60Common
SimipourBlack and White34WaterStage 190Uncommon
BasculinBlack and White35WaterBasic70Uncommon
DucklettBlack and White36WaterBasic60Common
SwannaBlack and White37WaterStage 190Rare
AlomomolaBlack and White38WaterBasic100Uncommon
AlomomolaBlack and White39WaterBasic100Rare
BlitzleBlack and White40LightningBasic60Common
BlitzleBlack and White41LightningBasic60Common
ZebstrikaBlack and White42LightningStage 190Uncommon
ZebstrikaBlack and White43LightningStage 190Rare
JoltikBlack and White44LightningBasic40Common
JoltikBlack and White45LightningBasic30Common
GalvantulaBlack and White46LightningStage 180Rare
ZekromBlack and White47LightningBasic130Rare Holo
MunnaBlack and White48PsychicBasic70Uncommon
MusharnaBlack and White49PsychicStage 190Rare
WoobatBlack and White50PsychicBasic50Common
SwoobatBlack and White51PsychicStage 180Uncommon
VenipedeBlack and White52PsychicBasic70Common
WhirlipedeBlack and White53PsychicStage 190Uncommon
ScolipedeBlack and White54PsychicStage 2150Rare
SolosisBlack and White55PsychicBasic30Common
DuosionBlack and White56PsychicStage 160Uncommon
ReuniclusBlack and White57PsychicStage 290Rare Holo
TimburrBlack and White58FightingBasic60Common
TimburrBlack and White59FightingBasic70Common
GurdurrBlack and White60FightingStage 180Uncommon
ThrohBlack and White61FightingBasic100Rare
SawkBlack and White62FightingBasic90Rare
SandileBlack and White63FightingBasic70Common
KrokorokBlack and White64FightingStage 190Uncommon
KrookodileBlack and White65FightingStage 2140Rare Holo
PurrloinBlack and White66DarknessBasic60Common
LiepardBlack and White67DarknessStage 180Rare
ScraggyBlack and White68DarknessBasic60Common
ScraftyBlack and White69DarknessStage 190Rare
ZoruaBlack and White70DarknessBasic60Common
ZoroarkBlack and White71DarknessStage 1100Rare Holo
VullabyBlack and White72DarknessBasic60Common
MandibuzzBlack and White73DarknessStage 190Rare
KlinkBlack and White74MetalBasic60Common
KlangBlack and White75MetalStage 180Uncommon
KlinklangBlack and White76MetalStage 2140Rare Holo
PatratBlack and White77ColorlessBasic50Common
PatratBlack and White78ColorlessBasic60Common
WatchogBlack and White79ColorlessStage 190Uncommon
LillipupBlack and White80ColorlessBasic50Common
LillipupBlack and White81ColorlessBasic60Common
HerdierBlack and White82ColorlessStage 180Uncommon
StoutlandBlack and White83ColorlessStage 2140Rare
PidoveBlack and White84ColorlessBasic50Common
TranquillBlack and White85ColorlessStage 170Uncommon
UnfezantBlack and White86ColorlessStage 2120Rare
AudinoBlack and White87ColorlessBasic80Uncommon
MinccinoBlack and White88ColorlessBasic60Common
CinccinoBlack and White89ColorlessStage 190Rare
BouffalantBlack and White90ColorlessBasic90Uncommon
BouffalantBlack and White91ColorlessBasic100Rare
Energy RetrievalBlack and White92Item0Uncommon
Energy SearchBlack and White93Item0Common
Energy SwitchBlack and White94Item0Uncommon
Full HealBlack and White95Item0Uncommon
PlusPowerBlack and White96Item0Uncommon
Poke BallBlack and White97Item0Uncommon
PokedexBlack and White98Item0Uncommon
Pokemon CommunicationBlack and White99Item0Uncommon
PotionBlack and White100Item0Common
Professor JuniperBlack and White101Supporter0Uncommon
ReviveBlack and White102Item0Uncommon
Super Scoop UpBlack and White103Item0Uncommon
SwitchBlack and White104Item0Uncommon
Grass EnergyBlack and White105Energy0Energy
Fire EnergyBlack and White106Energy0Energy
Water EnergyBlack and White107Energy0Energy
Lightning EnergyBlack and White108Energy0Energy
Psychic EnergyBlack and White109Energy0Energy
Fighting EnergyBlack and White110Energy0Energy
Darkness EnergyBlack and White111Energy0Energy
Metal EnergyBlack and White112Energy0Energy
ReshiramBlack and White113FireBasic130Super Rare Holo
ZekromBlack and White114LightningBasic130Super Rare Holo
PikachuBlack and White115LightningBasic60Secret Rare