Diamond and Pearl (Pokemon TCG)

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Cards in set English: 130 | Japanese: 130
Set number English: 32 | Japanese: 32
Release date English: May 23, 2007 | Japanese: Nov. 30, 2006

Diamond & Pearl (Japanese: Space-Time Creation) is the name given to the first expansion of cards of the Diamond & Pearl era of the Trading Card Game, introducing both new and returning game mechanics. The first cards in this set saw their debut in the 2006 Entry Packs, shortly after the Japanese release of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, while the full expansion made its debut on November 30, 2006 in Japan and May 23, 2007 in North America. North American prerelease tournaments were held on May 12–13 and 19-20, 2007.

Like all new generations, the card layout was redesigned yet again. Changes include:

  • The evolution window graphic returns to the upper left of the illustration, as it was on cards released before the EX era.
  • Illustrator credit is included on its own line near the bottom of the card, just above the retreat cost.
  • The circle pattern featured on EX era cards behind both the card name and attacks is no longer present. This gives more space to be used by attacks and Pokémon Powers.
  • Flavor text, such as height, weight, level, and Pokédex entry return after a five-year absence, last appearing in Neo Destiny.
  • Japanese cards revert to having no set numbering system (though still following the ordering system introduced in e-Card 2 with a slight modification to put Darkness-type and Metal-type cards before Colorless-type ones), instead listing a collection number modified from the Pokémon's National Pokédex number and evolutionary family. English cards use both this number (featured on the bottom left of the card) and the set numbering system introduced in the Base Set (featured on the bottom right).
  • On English cards, level appears immediately after the Pokémon's name (previous releases had relegated it to the Pokédex entry). HP text is now smaller (though the number remains large) and appears before the amount, as on Japanese cards, rather than after.
  • A new numbering system for Pokémon was deployed on the lower left of the card, labelled DPBP#; this

The prerelease card for this set was Luxio. Event organizers received one stamped with "STAFF".

NameSetNumberTypeCard TypeHPRarity
DialgaDiamond and Pearl1MetalBasic90Rare Holo
DusknoirDiamond and Pearl2PsychicStage 2120Rare Holo
ElectivireDiamond and Pearl3LightningStage 1100Rare Holo
EmpoleonDiamond and Pearl4WaterStage 2130Rare Holo
InfernapeDiamond and Pearl5FireStage 2100Rare Holo
LucarioDiamond and Pearl6FightingStage 190Rare Holo
LuxrayDiamond and Pearl7LightningStage 2120Rare Holo
MagnezoneDiamond and Pearl8MetalStage 2120Rare Holo
ManaphyDiamond and Pearl9WaterBasic70Rare Holo
MismagiusDiamond and Pearl10PsychicStage 190Rare Holo
PalkiaDiamond and Pearl11WaterBasic90Rare Holo
RhyperiorDiamond and Pearl12FightingStage 2140Rare Holo
RoseradeDiamond and Pearl13GrassStage 190Rare Holo
ShiftryDiamond and Pearl14DarknessStage 2120Rare Holo
SkuntankDiamond and Pearl15DarknessStage 190Rare Holo
StaraptorDiamond and Pearl16ColorlessStage 2100Rare Holo
TorterraDiamond and Pearl17GrassStage 2140Rare Holo
AzumarillDiamond and Pearl18WaterStage 180Rare
BeautiflyDiamond and Pearl19GrassStage 2100Rare
BibarelDiamond and Pearl20ColorlessStage 1100Rare
CarnivineDiamond and Pearl21GrassBasic70Rare
ClefableDiamond and Pearl22ColorlessStage 190Rare
DrapionDiamond and Pearl23PsychicStage 1100Rare
DrifblimDiamond and Pearl24PsychicStage 180Rare
DustoxDiamond and Pearl25GrassStage 2120Rare
FloatzelDiamond and Pearl26WaterStage 190Rare
GengarDiamond and Pearl27PsychicStage 2110Rare
HeracrossDiamond and Pearl28GrassBasic80Rare
HippowdonDiamond and Pearl29FightingStage 1110Rare
LopunnyDiamond and Pearl30ColorlessStage 180Rare
MachampDiamond and Pearl31FightingStage 2130Rare
MedichamDiamond and Pearl32FightingStage 190Rare
MunchlaxDiamond and Pearl33ColorlessBasic60Rare
NoctowlDiamond and Pearl34ColorlessStage 190Rare
PachirisuDiamond and Pearl35LightningBasic70Rare
PuruglyDiamond and Pearl36ColorlessStage 190Rare
SnorlaxDiamond and Pearl37ColorlessBasic100Rare
SteelixDiamond and Pearl38MetalStage 1110Rare
VespiquenDiamond and Pearl39GrassStage 1100Rare
WeavileDiamond and Pearl40DarknessStage 180Rare
WobbuffetDiamond and Pearl41PsychicBasic80Rare
WynautDiamond and Pearl42PsychicBasic40Rare
BudewDiamond and Pearl43GrassBasic40Uncommon
CascoonDiamond and Pearl44GrassStage 180Uncommon
CherrimDiamond and Pearl45GrassStage 180Uncommon
DrifloonDiamond and Pearl46PsychicBasic60Uncommon
DusclopsDiamond and Pearl47PsychicStage 180Uncommon
ElekidDiamond and Pearl48LightningBasic40Uncommon
GrotleDiamond and Pearl49GrassStage 190Uncommon
HaunterDiamond and Pearl50PsychicStage 170Uncommon
HippopotasDiamond and Pearl51FightingBasic60Uncommon
LuxioDiamond and Pearl52LightningStage 180Uncommon
MachokeDiamond and Pearl53FightingStage 180Uncommon
MagnetonDiamond and Pearl54MetalStage 170Uncommon
MantykeDiamond and Pearl55WaterBasic40Uncommon
MonfernoDiamond and Pearl56FireStage 170Uncommon
NuzleafDiamond and Pearl57DarknessStage 180Uncommon
PrinplupDiamond and Pearl58WaterStage 180Uncommon
RapidashDiamond and Pearl59FireStage 180Uncommon
RhydonDiamond and Pearl60FightingStage 190Uncommon
RioluDiamond and Pearl61FightingBasic60Uncommon
SeakingDiamond and Pearl62WaterStage 180Uncommon
SilcoonDiamond and Pearl63GrassStage 180Uncommon
StaraviaDiamond and Pearl64ColorlessStage 170Uncommon
Unown ADiamond and Pearl65PsychicBasic50Uncommon
Unown BDiamond and Pearl66PsychicBasic50Uncommon
Unown CDiamond and Pearl67PsychicBasic50Uncommon
Unown DDiamond and Pearl68PsychicBasic50Uncommon
AzurillDiamond and Pearl69ColorlessBasic40Common
BidoofDiamond and Pearl70ColorlessBasic50Common
BonslyDiamond and Pearl71FightingBasic40Common
BuizelDiamond and Pearl72WaterBasic60Common
BunearyDiamond and Pearl73ColorlessBasic50Common
ChatotDiamond and Pearl74ColorlessBasic60Common
CherubiDiamond and Pearl75GrassBasic50Common
ChimcharDiamond and Pearl76FireBasic50Common
ClefairyDiamond and Pearl77ColorlessBasic60Common
CleffaDiamond and Pearl78ColorlessBasic40Common
CombeeDiamond and Pearl79GrassBasic50Common
DuskullDiamond and Pearl80PsychicBasic50Common
ElectabuzzDiamond and Pearl81LightningBasic70Common
GastlyDiamond and Pearl82PsychicBasic50Common
GlameowDiamond and Pearl83ColorlessBasic50Common
GoldeenDiamond and Pearl84WaterBasic60Common
HoothootDiamond and Pearl85ColorlessBasic50Common
MachopDiamond and Pearl86FightingBasic60Common
MagnemiteDiamond and Pearl87MetalBasic50Common
MarillDiamond and Pearl88WaterBasic60Common
MedititeDiamond and Pearl89FightingBasic50Common
Mime Jr.Diamond and Pearl90PsychicBasic40Common
MisdreavusDiamond and Pearl91PsychicBasic60Common
OnixDiamond and Pearl92FightingBasic90Common
PiplupDiamond and Pearl93WaterBasic60Common
PonytaDiamond and Pearl94FireBasic60Common
RhyhornDiamond and Pearl95FightingBasic60Common
RoseliaDiamond and Pearl96GrassBasic70Common
SeedotDiamond and Pearl97GrassBasic50Common
ShinxDiamond and Pearl98LightningBasic60Common
SkorupiDiamond and Pearl99PsychicBasic60Common
SneaselDiamond and Pearl100DarknessBasic60Common
StarlyDiamond and Pearl101ColorlessBasic50Common
StunkyDiamond and Pearl102DarknessBasic60Common
TurtwigDiamond and Pearl103GrassBasic60Common
WurmpleDiamond and Pearl104GrassBasic50Common
Double Full HealDiamond and Pearl105Trainer0Uncommon
Energy RestoreDiamond and Pearl106Trainer0Uncommon
Energy SwitchDiamond and Pearl107Trainer0Uncommon
Night Pokemon CenterDiamond and Pearl108Trainer0Uncommon
PlusPowerDiamond and Pearl109Trainer0Uncommon
Poke BallDiamond and Pearl110Trainer0Uncommon
Pokedex Handy910isDiamond and Pearl111Trainer0Uncommon
Professor RowanDiamond and Pearl112Supporter0Uncommon
RivalDiamond and Pearl113Supporter0Uncommon
Speed StadiumDiamond and Pearl114Stadium0Uncommon
Super Scoop UpDiamond and Pearl115Trainer0Uncommon
Warp PointDiamond and Pearl116Trainer0Uncommon
Energy SearchDiamond and Pearl117Trainer0Common
PotionDiamond and Pearl118Trainer0Common
SwitchDiamond and Pearl119Trainer0Common
Empoleon LV.XDiamond and Pearl120WaterLevel-Up140Rare Holo LV.X
Infernape LV.XDiamond and Pearl121FireLevel-Up120Rare Holo LV.X
Torterra LV.XDiamond and Pearl122GrassLevel-Up160Rare Holo LV.X
Grass EnergyDiamond and Pearl123Energy0Energy
Fire EnergyDiamond and Pearl124Energy0Energy
Water EnergyDiamond and Pearl125Energy0Energy
Lightning EnergyDiamond and Pearl126Energy0Energy
Psychic EnergyDiamond and Pearl127Energy0Energy
Fighting EnergyDiamond and Pearl128Energy0Energy
Darkness EnergyDiamond and Pearl129Energy0Energy
Metal EnergyDiamond and Pearl130Energy0Energy