EX Dragon Frontiers (Pokemon TCG)

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Set Symbol:
Cards in set English: 101 | Japanese: 68
Set number English: 30 | Japanese: 31
Release date English: Nov. 8, 2006 | Japanese: June 29, 2006

EX Dragon Frontiers (Japanese: Offense and Defense of the Furthest Ends) is the name given to the fourth (and final) expansion of cards of the Delta Species era of the Trading Card Game. It is also the fifteenth EX Series expansion.

EX Dragon Frontiers is set on an island far away where natural Delta Species Pokémon thrive. This is reflected in the cards, as fully-evolved Delta Species Pokémon remain purely one type, as opposed to being partially Metal-type. This was likely due to their artificial creation as a result of the electromagnetic radiation from Holon Tower. The set was the last set to feature Delta Species Pokémon, and as such, of the 83 Pokémon in the set, only four are not Delta Species.

The Japanese expansion, for the first time since Gym 1 and Gym 2, featured theme decks rather than half decks. These were merged into the Japanese expansion to form EX Dragon Frontiers. The four non-Delta Species Pokémon in the set are reprints: Larvitar and Pupitar from Expedition Base Set; Ralts and Kirlia from EX Sandstorm.

The prerelease card for this set is Dragonair δ.