EX Fire Red Leaf Green (Pokemon TCG)

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Hidden LegendsTeam Rocket Returns 

Set Symbol:
Cards in set English: 116 | Japanese: 83
Set number English: 21 | Japanese: 23
Release date English: Aug. 30, 2004 | Japanese: April 9, 2004

EX FireRed & LeafGreen (Japanese: Flight of Legends) is the name given to the 21st expansion of cards and Theme Decks for the Pokémon Trading Card Game, released on April 9, 2004 in Japan as their 23rd expansion, and in North America on August 30, 2004.

Like its main series game namesake, this set returns to the Kanto region and focuses on Generation I Pokémon. The secret box topper for this set is Charmander.

The Prerelease card for this set is Wartortle. In the United States, Prereleases were held on the weekends of August 21/22 and 28/29, 2004.

NameSetNumberTypeCard TypeHPRarity
BeedrillFire Red Leaf Green1GrassStage 290Rare Holo
ButterfreeFire Red Leaf Green2GrassStage 2100Rare Holo
DewgongFire Red Leaf Green3WaterStage 180Rare Holo
DittoFire Red Leaf Green4ColorlessBasic60Rare Holo
ExeggutorFire Red Leaf Green5PsychicStage 180Rare Holo
KangaskhanFire Red Leaf Green6ColorlessBasic80Rare Holo
MarowakFire Red Leaf Green7FightingStage 180Rare Holo
NidokingFire Red Leaf Green8FightingStage 2120Rare Holo
NidoqueenFire Red Leaf Green9FightingStage 2120Rare Holo
PidgeotFire Red Leaf Green10ColorlessStage 2100Rare Holo
PoliwrathFire Red Leaf Green11WaterStage 2120Rare Holo
RaichuFire Red Leaf Green12LightningStage 180Rare Holo
RapidashFire Red Leaf Green13FireStage 180Rare Holo
SlowbroFire Red Leaf Green14PsychicStage 160Rare Holo
SnorlaxFire Red Leaf Green15ColorlessBasic90Rare Holo
TaurosFire Red Leaf Green16ColorlessBasic70Rare Holo
VictreebelFire Red Leaf Green17GrassStage 2110Rare Holo
ArcanineFire Red Leaf Green18FireStage 190Rare
ChanseyFire Red Leaf Green19ColorlessBasic90Rare
CloysterFire Red Leaf Green20WaterStage 170Rare
DodrioFire Red Leaf Green21ColorlessStage 170Rare
DugtrioFire Red Leaf Green22FightingStage 180Rare
Farfetch’dFire Red Leaf Green23ColorlessBasic70Rare
FearowFire Red Leaf Green24ColorlessStage 180Rare
HypnoFire Red Leaf Green25PsychicStage 180Rare
KinglerFire Red Leaf Green26WaterStage 180Rare
MagnetonFire Red Leaf Green27LightningStage 180Rare
PrimeapeFire Red Leaf Green28FightingStage 170Rare
ScytherFire Red Leaf Green29GrassBasic60Rare
TangelaFire Red Leaf Green30GrassBasic60Rare
CharmeleonFire Red Leaf Green31FireStage 170Uncommon
DrowzeeFire Red Leaf Green32PsychicBasic50Uncommon
ExeggcuteFire Red Leaf Green33PsychicBasic50Uncommon
HaunterFire Red Leaf Green34PsychicStage 170Uncommon
IvysaurFire Red Leaf Green35GrassStage 180Uncommon
KakunaFire Red Leaf Green36GrassStage 170Uncommon
LickitungFire Red Leaf Green37ColorlessBasic80Uncommon
MankeyFire Red Leaf Green38FightingBasic50Uncommon
MetapodFire Red Leaf Green39GrassStage 180Uncommon
NidorinaFire Red Leaf Green40GrassStage 180Uncommon
NidorinoFire Red Leaf Green41GrassStage 170Uncommon
OnixFire Red Leaf Green42FightingBasic80Uncommon
ParasectFire Red Leaf Green43GrassStage 170Uncommon
PersianFire Red Leaf Green44ColorlessStage 180Uncommon
PidgeottoFire Red Leaf Green45ColorlessStage 170Uncommon
PoliwhirlFire Red Leaf Green46WaterStage 180Uncommon
PorygonFire Red Leaf Green47ColorlessBasic50Uncommon
RaticateFire Red Leaf Green48ColorlessStage 170Uncommon
VenomothFire Red Leaf Green49GrassStage 170Uncommon
WartortleFire Red Leaf Green50WaterStage 180Uncommon
WeepinbellFire Red Leaf Green51GrassStage 170Uncommon
WigglytuffFire Red Leaf Green52ColorlessStage 180Uncommon
BellsproutFire Red Leaf Green53GrassBasic50Common
BulbasaurFire Red Leaf Green54GrassBasic50Common
BulbasaurFire Red Leaf Green55GrassBasic50Common
CaterpieFire Red Leaf Green56GrassBasic50Common
CharmanderFire Red Leaf Green57FireBasic50Common
CharmanderFire Red Leaf Green58FireBasic50Common
ClefairyFire Red Leaf Green59ColorlessBasic50Common
CuboneFire Red Leaf Green60FightingBasic50Common
DiglettFire Red Leaf Green61FightingBasic50Common
DoduoFire Red Leaf Green62ColorlessBasic40Common
GastlyFire Red Leaf Green63PsychicBasic50Common
GrowlitheFire Red Leaf Green64FireBasic60Common
JigglypuffFire Red Leaf Green65ColorlessBasic50Common
KrabbyFire Red Leaf Green66WaterBasic50Common
MagikarpFire Red Leaf Green67WaterBasic30Common
MagnemiteFire Red Leaf Green68LightningBasic50Common
MeowthFire Red Leaf Green69ColorlessBasic50Common
Nidoran FemaleFire Red Leaf Green70GrassBasic50Common
Nidoran MaleFire Red Leaf Green71GrassBasic50Common
ParasFire Red Leaf Green72GrassBasic50Common
PidgeyFire Red Leaf Green73ColorlessBasic50Common
PikachuFire Red Leaf Green74LightningBasic50Common
PoliwagFire Red Leaf Green75WaterBasic50Common
PonytaFire Red Leaf Green76FireBasic50Common
RattataFire Red Leaf Green77ColorlessBasic40Common
SeelFire Red Leaf Green78WaterBasic50Common
ShellderFire Red Leaf Green79WaterBasic50Common
SlowpokeFire Red Leaf Green80PsychicBasic50Common
SpearowFire Red Leaf Green81ColorlessBasic50Common
SquirtleFire Red Leaf Green82WaterBasic50Common
SquirtleFire Red Leaf Green83WaterBasic50Common
VenonatFire Red Leaf Green84GrassBasic50Common
VoltorbFire Red Leaf Green85LightningBasic50Common
WeedleFire Red Leaf Green86GrassBasic50Common
Bill’s MaintenanceFire Red Leaf Green87Supporter0Uncommon
Celio’s NetworkFire Red Leaf Green88Supporter0Uncommon
Energy Removal 2Fire Red Leaf Green89Trainer0Uncommon
Energy SwitchFire Red Leaf Green90Trainer0Uncommon
EXP.ALLFire Red Leaf Green91Item – Pokemon Tool0Uncommon
Great BallFire Red Leaf Green92Trainer0Uncommon
Life HerbFire Red Leaf Green93Trainer0Uncommon
Mt. MoonFire Red Leaf Green94Stadium0Uncommon
Poke BallFire Red Leaf Green95Trainer0Uncommon
PokeDex HANDY909Fire Red Leaf Green96Trainer0Uncommon
Pokemon ReversalFire Red Leaf Green97Trainer0Uncommon
Professor Oak’s ResearchFire Red Leaf Green98Supporter0Uncommon
Super Scoop UpFire Red Leaf Green99Trainer0Uncommon
VS SeekerFire Red Leaf Green100Trainer0Uncommon
PotionFire Red Leaf Green101Trainer0Common
SwitchFire Red Leaf Green102Trainer0Common
Multi EnergyFire Red Leaf Green103Special Energy0Rare
Blastoise exFire Red Leaf Green104WaterStage 2 (ex)150Rare Holo ex
Charizard exFire Red Leaf Green105FireStage 2 (ex)160Rare Holo ex
Clefable exFire Red Leaf Green106ColorlessStage 1 (ex)100Rare Holo ex
Electrode exFire Red Leaf Green107LightningStage 1 (ex)90Rare Holo ex
Gengar exFire Red Leaf Green108PsychicStage 2 (ex)150Rare Holo ex
Gyarados exFire Red Leaf Green109WaterStage 1 (ex)130Rare Holo ex
Mr. Mime exFire Red Leaf Green110PsychicBasic (ex)80Rare Holo ex
Mr. Mime exFire Red Leaf Green111PsychicBasic (ex)80Rare Holo ex
Venusaur exFire Red Leaf Green112GrassStage 2 (ex)150Rare Holo ex
CharmanderFire Red Leaf Green113FireBasic (ex)50Rare Holo
Articuno exFire Red Leaf Green114WaterBasic (ex)110Rare Holo ex
Moltres exFire Red Leaf Green115FireBasic (ex)110Rare Holo ex
Zapdos exFire Red Leaf Green116LightningBasic (ex)110Rare Holo ex