EX Legend Maker (Pokemon TCG)

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 Delta SpeciesHolon Phantoms 

Set Symbol:
Cards in set English: 93 | Japanese: 86
Set number English: 27 | Japanese: 27
Release date English: Feb. 13, 2006 | Japanese: June 30, 2005

EX Legend Maker (Japanese: Mirage Forest) is the name given to the twelfth expansion of cards of the EX Series era of the Trading Card Game.

EX Legend Maker introduces the location of Mirage Forest, which is home to many rare Pokémon, including the elusive Mew. In Japan, it was later revealed that the human inhabitants of this area (in Holon) were conducting research and experiments on the activities of Mew, which inadvertently caused the creation of Delta Species Pokémon. This information was absent in the English version of EX Delta Species due to the earlier-than-intended release.

The release of EX Legend Maker was delayed due to translation errors. Because of this, Nintendo released EX Delta Species before EX Legend Maker, throwing the English sets out of sequence with the Japanese sets again and creating a gap in the string of δ Delta Species Pokémon set releases. Nintendo also did this with EX Deoxys (although purposefully).

The Prerelease card for this set is Tentacruel.

NameSetNumberTypeCard TypeHPRarity
AerodactylLegend Maker1ColorlessStage 170Rare Holo
AggronLegend Maker2MetalStage 2110Rare Holo
CradilyLegend Maker3GrassStage 2100Rare Holo
DelcattyLegend Maker4ColorlessStage 180Rare Holo
GengarLegend Maker5PsychicStage 2100Rare Holo
GolemLegend Maker6FightingStage 2120Rare Holo
KabutopsLegend Maker7FightingStage 2110Rare Holo
LaprasLegend Maker8WaterBasic80Rare Holo
MachampLegend Maker9FightingStage 2120Rare Holo
MewLegend Maker10PsychicBasic70Rare Holo
MukLegend Maker11GrassStage 170Rare Holo
ShiftryLegend Maker12DarknessStage 2110Rare Holo
VictreebelLegend Maker13GrassStage 2100Rare Holo
WailordLegend Maker14WaterStage 1120Rare Holo
AbsolLegend Maker15DarknessBasic70Rare
GirafarigLegend Maker16PsychicBasic70Rare
GorebyssLegend Maker17WaterStage 170Rare
HuntailLegend Maker18WaterStage 180Rare
LanturnLegend Maker19LightningStage 180Rare
LunatoneLegend Maker20PsychicBasic60Rare
MagmarLegend Maker21FireBasic70Rare
MagnetonLegend Maker22LightningStage 170Rare
OmastarLegend Maker23WaterStage 2100Rare
PinsirLegend Maker24GrassBasic70Rare
SolrockLegend Maker25FightingBasic70Rare
SpindaLegend Maker26ColorlessBasic60Rare
TorkoalLegend Maker27FireBasic80Rare
WobbuffetLegend Maker28PsychicBasic80Rare
AnorithLegend Maker29FightingStage 170Uncommon
CascoonLegend Maker30GrassStage 170Uncommon
DunsparceLegend Maker31ColorlessBasic50Uncommon
ElectrodeLegend Maker32LightningStage 170Uncommon
FurretLegend Maker33ColorlessStage 180Uncommon
GravelerLegend Maker34FightingStage 170Uncommon
HaunterLegend Maker35PsychicStage 170Uncommon
KabutoLegend Maker36FightingStage 160Uncommon
KecleonLegend Maker37ColorlessBasic60Uncommon
LaironLegend Maker38MetalStage 170Uncommon
MachokeLegend Maker39FightingStage 180Uncommon
MisdreavusLegend Maker40PsychicBasic50Uncommon
NuzleafLegend Maker41DarknessStage 170Uncommon
RoseliaLegend Maker42GrassBasic60Uncommon
SealeoLegend Maker43WaterStage 170Uncommon
TangelaLegend Maker44GrassBasic60Uncommon
TentacruelLegend Maker45WaterStage 170Uncommon
VibravaLegend Maker46ColorlessStage 180Uncommon
WeepinbellLegend Maker47GrassStage 170Uncommon
AronLegend Maker48MetalBasic50Common
BellsproutLegend Maker49GrassBasic50Common
ChinchouLegend Maker50LightningBasic50Common
ClamperlLegend Maker51WaterBasic50Common
GastlyLegend Maker52PsychicBasic40Common
GeodudeLegend Maker53FightingBasic50Common
GrimerLegend Maker54GrassBasic40Common
GrowlitheLegend Maker55FireBasic50Common
LileepLegend Maker56GrassStage 180Common
MachopLegend Maker57FightingBasic50Common
MagbyLegend Maker58FireBasic40Common
MagnemiteLegend Maker59LightningBasic50Common
OmanyteLegend Maker60WaterStage 170Common
SeedotLegend Maker61GrassBasic40Common
SentretLegend Maker62GrassBasic50Common
ShuppetLegend Maker63PsychicBasic50Common
SkittyLegend Maker64ColorlessBasic50Common
SphealLegend Maker65WaterBasic50Common
TentacoolLegend Maker66WaterBasic50Common
TrapinchLegend Maker67FightingBasic50Common
VoltorbLegend Maker68LightningBasic50Common
WailmerLegend Maker69WaterBasic80Common
WurmpleLegend Maker70GrassBasic50Common
WynautLegend Maker71PsychicBasic50Common
Cursed StoneLegend Maker72Stadium0Uncommon
FieldworkerLegend Maker73Supporter0Uncommon
Full FlameLegend Maker74Stadium0Uncommon
Giant StumpLegend Maker75Stadium0Uncommon
Power TreeLegend Maker76Stadium0Uncommon
Strange CaveLegend Maker77Stadium0Uncommon
Claw FossilLegend Maker78Trainer40Common
Mysterious FossilLegend Maker79Trainer50Common
Root FossilLegend Maker80Trainer40Common
Rainbow EnergyLegend Maker81Special Energy0Rare
React EnergyLegend Maker82Special Energy0Uncommon
Arcanine exLegend Maker83FireStage 1 (ex)120Rare Holo ex
Armaldo exLegend Maker84FightingStage 2 (ex)160Rare Holo ex
Banette exLegend Maker85PsychicStage 1 (ex)90Rare Holo ex
Dustox exLegend Maker86GrassStage 2 (ex)140Rare Holo ex
Flygon exLegend Maker87ColorlessStage 2 (ex)150Rare Holo ex
Mew exLegend Maker88PsychicBasic (ex)90Rare Holo ex
Walrein exLegend Maker89WaterStage 2 (ex)150Rare Holo ex
Regice StarLegend Maker90WaterBasic (Star)90Shiny Rare Holo
Regirock StarLegend Maker91FightingBasic (Star)90Shiny Rare Holo
Registeel StarLegend Maker92MetalBasic (Star)90Shiny Rare Holo
PikachuLegend Maker93MetalBasic (Delta)40Rare Holo