EX Power Keepers (Pokemon TCG)

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Set Symbol:
Cards in set English: 108 | Japanese: 108
Set number English: 31 | Japanese: 34
Release date English: Feb. 14, 2007 | Japanese: July 5, 2007

EX Power Keepers (Japanese: World Champions Pack) is the name given to the final expansion of cards of the EX Series era of the Trading Card Game.

EX Power Keepers is loosely based around the Hoenn Elite Four; Sidney, Phoebe, Glacia, and Drake. They each have their own Stadium Card, and the Pokémon-ex featured in the set are all Pokémon owned by them in the games. Some Pokémon in the set have attacks that are enhanced when a particular Elite Four Stadium card is in play. The set was conceived to fill the gap between EX Dragon Frontiers and Diamond & Pearl, due to Nintendo's continuing trend of releasing expansions in time with related games.

With no Japanese set at the time to correlate with EX Power Keepers, Nintendo created many new cards, making this set the first since Team Rocket to use original cards created outside of Japan. As a result, many cards feature artwork by Ken Sugimori (as his Pokémon character images are used widely in other media and are readily available) plus background images edited with filter effects from various sources.

Several cards in the set are reprints from older sets with new artwork, bringing back old favorites to once again see tournament play. The elusive Eeveeloutions Star make their English debut in this set, previously only available as Japanese PLAY Promotional cards. To the disappointment of players and collectors, only Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon were released, but Espeon and Umbreon later appeared in POP Series 5, albeit in non-holographic forms.

This is the first time an entire English-exclusive expansion has been translated into Japanese. Previously, only single cards had been translated from English into Japanese, such as Dark Raichu from the Team Rocket expansion and several cards from EX Sandstorm.

The prerelease card for this set is Cacturne.

NameSetNumberTypeCard TypeHPRarity
AggronPower Keepers1MetalStage 2110Rare Holo
AltariaPower Keepers2ColorlessStage 180Rare Holo
ArmaldoPower Keepers3FightingStage 2120Rare Holo
BanettePower Keepers4PsychicStage 170Rare Holo
BlazikenPower Keepers5FireStage 2100Rare Holo
CharizardPower Keepers6FireStage 2120Rare Holo
CradilyPower Keepers7GrassStage 2110Rare Holo
DelcattyPower Keepers8ColorlessStage 170Rare Holo
GardevoirPower Keepers9PsychicStage 2100Rare Holo
KabutopsPower Keepers10FightingStage 2110Rare Holo
MachampPower Keepers11FightingStage 2120Rare Holo
RaichuPower Keepers12LightningStage 170Rare Holo
SlakingPower Keepers13ColorlessStage 2120Rare Holo
DusclopsPower Keepers14PsychicStage 180Rare
LanturnPower Keepers15LightningStage 180Rare
MagnetonPower Keepers16LightningStage 170Rare
MawilePower Keepers17MetalBasic60Rare
MightyenaPower Keepers18DarknessStage 170Rare
NinetalesPower Keepers19FireStage 170Rare
OmastarPower Keepers20WaterStage 2110Rare
PichuPower Keepers21LightningBasic50Rare
SableyePower Keepers22PsychicBasic60Rare
SeviperPower Keepers23GrassBasic70Rare
WobbuffetPower Keepers24PsychicBasic80Rare
ZangoosePower Keepers25ColorlessBasic70Rare
AnorithPower Keepers26FightingStage 170Uncommon
CacturnePower Keepers27DarknessStage 170Uncommon
CharmeleonPower Keepers28FireStage 170Uncommon
CombuskenPower Keepers29FireStage 180Uncommon
GlaliePower Keepers30WaterStage 180Uncommon
KirliaPower Keepers31PsychicStage 170Uncommon
LaironPower Keepers32MetalStage 170Uncommon
MachokePower Keepers33FightingStage 180Uncommon
MedichamPower Keepers34FightingStage 180Uncommon
MetangPower Keepers35MetalStage 180Uncommon
NuzleafPower Keepers36DarknessStage 170Uncommon
SealeoPower Keepers37WaterStage 170Uncommon
SharpedoPower Keepers38DarknessStage 170Uncommon
ShelgonPower Keepers39ColorlessStage 180Uncommon
VibravaPower Keepers40ColorlessStage 180Uncommon
VigorothPower Keepers41ColorlessStage 170Uncommon
AronPower Keepers42MetalBasic50Common
BagonPower Keepers43ColorlessBasic50Common
BaltoyPower Keepers44PsychicBasic50Common
BeldumPower Keepers45MetalBasic50Common
CacneaPower Keepers46GrassBasic50Common
CarvanhaPower Keepers47DarknessBasic40Common
CharmanderPower Keepers48FireBasic50Common
ChinchouPower Keepers49LightningBasic50Common
DuskullPower Keepers50PsychicBasic50Common
KabutoPower Keepers51FightingStage 160Common
LileepPower Keepers52GrassStage 180Common
MachopPower Keepers53FightingBasic50Common
MagnemitePower Keepers54LightningBasic50Common
MedititePower Keepers55FightingBasic40Common
OmanytePower Keepers56WaterStage 170Common
PikachuPower Keepers57LightningBasic40Common
PoochyenaPower Keepers58DarknessBasic50Common
RaltsPower Keepers59PsychicBasic50Common
SeedotPower Keepers60GrassBasic40Common
ShuppetPower Keepers61PsychicBasic50Common
SkittyPower Keepers62ColorlessBasic50Common
SlakothPower Keepers63ColorlessBasic40Common
SnoruntPower Keepers64WaterBasic50Common
SphealPower Keepers65WaterBasic40Common
SwabluPower Keepers66ColorlessBasic40Common
TorchicPower Keepers67FireBasic50Common
TrapinchPower Keepers68FightingBasic50Common
VulpixPower Keepers69FireBasic50Common
WynautPower Keepers70PsychicBasic50Common
Battle FrontierPower Keepers71Stadium0Uncommon
Drake’s StadiumPower Keepers72Stadium0Uncommon
Energy Recycle SystemPower Keepers73Trainer0Uncommon
Energy Removal 2Power Keepers74Trainer0Uncommon
Energy SwitchPower Keepers75Trainer0Uncommon
Glacia’s StadiumPower Keepers76Stadium0Uncommon
Great BallPower Keepers77Trainer0Uncommon
Master BallPower Keepers78Trainer0Uncommon
Phoebe’s StadiumPower Keepers79Stadium0Uncommon
Professor BirchPower Keepers80Supporter0Uncommon
ScottPower Keepers81Supporter0Uncommon
Sidney’s StadiumPower Keepers82Stadium0Uncommon
Steven’s AdvicePower Keepers83Supporter0Uncommon
Claw FossilPower Keepers84Trainer40Common
Mysterious FossilPower Keepers85Trainer50Common
Root FossilPower Keepers86Trainer40Common
Darkness EnergyPower Keepers87Special Energy0Rare
Metal EnergyPower Keepers88Special Energy0Rare
Multi EnergyPower Keepers89Special Energy0Rare
Cyclone EnergyPower Keepers90Special Energy0Uncommon
Warp EnergyPower Keepers91Special Energy0Uncommon
Absol exPower Keepers92DarknessBasic (ex)100Rare Holo ex
Claydol exPower Keepers93PsychicStage 1 (ex)120Rare Holo ex
Flygon exPower Keepers94ColorlessStage 2 (ex)150Rare Holo ex
Metagross exPower Keepers95MetalStage 2 (ex)150Rare Holo ex
Salamence exPower Keepers96ColorlessStage 2 (ex)160Rare Holo ex
Shiftry exPower Keepers97DarknessStage 2 (ex)140Rare Holo ex
Skarmory exPower Keepers98MetalBasic (ex)100Rare Holo ex
Walrein exPower Keepers99WaterStage 2 (ex)150Rare Holo ex
Flareon StarPower Keepers100FireBasic (Star)70Shiny Rare Holo
Jolteon StarPower Keepers101LightningBasic (Star)70Shiny Rare Holo
Vaporeon StarPower Keepers102WaterBasic (Star)70Shiny Rare Holo
Grass EnergyPower Keepers103Energy0Energy
Fire EnergyPower Keepers104Energy0Energy
Water EnergyPower Keepers105Energy0Energy
Lightning EnergyPower Keepers106Energy0Energy
Psychic EnergyPower Keepers107Energy0Energy
Fighting EnergyPower Keepers108Energy0Energy