EX Team Aqua-Team Magma (Pokemon TCG)

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Set Symbol:
Cards in set English: 97 | Japanese: 89
Set number English: 19 | Japanese: 21
Release date English: March 15, 2004 | Japanese: Oct. 24, 2003

EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua (Japanese: Magma VS Aqua: Two Ambitions) is the name given to an expansion of cards and Theme Decks for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The set revolves around the theme of the opposing villainous groups Team Magma and Team Aqua.

EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua continued the tradition of a variant Pokémon-themed expansion and featuring new owner's cards. The expansion also introduced dual-type Pokémon, another game mechanic drawing inspiration from the Pokémon games, in which most Pokémon have a secondary type. A noteworthy point is that all dual-type Pokémon in this set have Darkness as their secondary type.

The card layout was visually enhanced for Pokémon belonging to their respective teams:
Pokémon belonging to Team Magma had a character window with a 'fracture' effect, while those belonging to Team Aqua had a 'bubble' effect.

This is Nintendo's first Expansion with owner's Pokémon. This was the last set to include cards with e-Reader compatibility (although only Pokédex entries were included; the last set to include playable e-Reader applications was Skyridge) and the last set to be classed as Pokémon-e Trading Card Game. Despite the fact that cards would no longer feature dot-code technology, the costs involved cited as the reason for the decrease in booster pack size, boosters would not increase in size until Diamond & Pearl.

The secret box topper for this set is Absol. Another secret card, Jirachi, appeared randomly in booster packs.
The Prerelease card for this set is Team Aqua's Cacnea. In the United States, Prereleases were held on the weekends of 6th/7th and 13th/14th March 2004.

NameSetNumberTypeCard TypeHPRarity
Team Aqua’s CacturneTeam Aqua-Team Magma1Grass/DarknessStage 1 (Aqua)80Rare Holo
Team Aqua’s CrawdauntTeam Aqua-Team Magma2Water/DarknessStage 1 (Aqua)80Rare Holo
Team Aqua’s KyogreTeam Aqua-Team Magma3Water/DarknessBasic (Aqua)100Rare Holo
Team Aqua’s ManectricTeam Aqua-Team Magma4Lightning/DarknessStage 1 (Aqua)70Rare Holo
Team Aqua’s SharpedoTeam Aqua-Team Magma5Water/DarknessStage 1 (Aqua)70Rare Holo
Team Aqua’s WalreinTeam Aqua-Team Magma6Water/DarknessStage 2 (Aqua)120Rare Holo
Team Magma’s AggronTeam Aqua-Team Magma7Fighting/DarknessStage 2 (Magma)120Rare Holo
Team Magma’s ClaydolTeam Aqua-Team Magma8Psychic/DarknessStage 1 (Magma)80Rare Holo
Team Magma’s GroudonTeam Aqua-Team Magma9Fighting/DarknessBasic (Magma)100Rare Holo
Team Magma’s HoundoomTeam Aqua-Team Magma10Fire/DarknessStage 1 (Magma)70Rare Holo
Team Magma’s RhydonTeam Aqua-Team Magma11Fighting/DarknessStage 1 (Magma)90Rare Holo
Team Magma’s TorkoalTeam Aqua-Team Magma12Fire/DarknessBasic (Magma)80Rare Holo
RaichuTeam Aqua-Team Magma13LightningStage 180Rare
Team Aqua’s CrawdauntTeam Aqua-Team Magma14WaterStage 1 (Aqua)80Rare
Team Aqua’s MightyenaTeam Aqua-Team Magma15DarknessStage 1 (Aqua)70Rare
Team Aqua’s SealeoTeam Aqua-Team Magma16WaterStage 1 (Aqua)70Rare
Team Aqua’s SeviperTeam Aqua-Team Magma17GrassBasic (Aqua)80Rare
Team Aqua’s SharpedoTeam Aqua-Team Magma18WaterStage 1 (Aqua)70Rare
Team Magma’s CameruptTeam Aqua-Team Magma19FireStage 1 (Magma)80Rare
Team Magma’s LaironTeam Aqua-Team Magma20FightingStage 1 (Magma)80Rare
Team Magma’s MightyenaTeam Aqua-Team Magma21DarknessStage 1 (Magma)70Rare
Team Magma’s RhydonTeam Aqua-Team Magma22FightingStage 1 (Magma)80Rare
Team Magma’s ZangooseTeam Aqua-Team Magma23ColorlessBasic (Magma)70Rare
Team Aqua’s CacneaTeam Aqua-Team Magma24Grass/DarknessBasic (Aqua)50Uncommon
Team Aqua’s CarvanhaTeam Aqua-Team Magma25WaterBasic (Aqua)50Uncommon
Team Aqua’s CorphishTeam Aqua-Team Magma26WaterBasic (Aqua)50Uncommon
Team Aqua’s ElectrikeTeam Aqua-Team Magma27LightningBasic (Aqua)50Uncommon
Team Aqua’s LanturnTeam Aqua-Team Magma28LightningStage 1 (Aqua)80Uncommon
Team Aqua’s ManectricTeam Aqua-Team Magma29LightningStage 1 (Aqua)80Uncommon
Team Aqua’s MightyenaTeam Aqua-Team Magma30DarknessStage 1 (Aqua)80Uncommon
Team Aqua’s SealeoTeam Aqua-Team Magma31WaterStage 1 (Aqua)80Uncommon
Team Magma’s BaltoyTeam Aqua-Team Magma32PsychicBasic (Magma)50Uncommon
Team Magma’s ClaydolTeam Aqua-Team Magma33FightingStage 1 (Magma)80Uncommon
Team Magma’s HoundoomTeam Aqua-Team Magma34FireStage 1 (Magma)70Uncommon
Team Magma’s HoundourTeam Aqua-Team Magma35FireBasic (Magma)50Uncommon
Team Magma’s LaironTeam Aqua-Team Magma36FightingStage 1 (Magma)70Uncommon
Team Magma’s MightyenaTeam Aqua-Team Magma37DarknessStage 1 (Magma)80Uncommon
Team Magma’s RhyhornTeam Aqua-Team Magma38FightingBasic (Magma)50Uncommon
BulbasaurTeam Aqua-Team Magma39GrassBasic50Common
CuboneTeam Aqua-Team Magma40FightingBasic50Common
JigglypuffTeam Aqua-Team Magma41ColorlessBasic50Common
MeowthTeam Aqua-Team Magma42ColorlessBasic50Common
PikachuTeam Aqua-Team Magma43LightningBasic50Common
PsyduckTeam Aqua-Team Magma44WaterBasic40Common
SlowpokeTeam Aqua-Team Magma45PsychicBasic50Common
SquirtleTeam Aqua-Team Magma46WaterBasic50Common
Team Aqua’s CarvanhaTeam Aqua-Team Magma47WaterBasic (Aqua)40Common
Team Aqua’s CarvanhaTeam Aqua-Team Magma48WaterBasic (Aqua)50Common
Team Aqua’s ChinchouTeam Aqua-Team Magma49LightningBasic (Aqua)50Common
Team Aqua’s CorphishTeam Aqua-Team Magma50WaterBasic (Aqua)40Common
Team Aqua’s CorphishTeam Aqua-Team Magma51WaterBasic (Aqua)50Common
Team Aqua’s ElectrikeTeam Aqua-Team Magma52LightningBasic (Aqua)50Common
Team Aqua’s ElectrikeTeam Aqua-Team Magma53LightningBasic (Aqua)50Common
Team Aqua’s PoochyenaTeam Aqua-Team Magma54DarknessBasic (Aqua)40Common
Team Aqua’s PoochyenaTeam Aqua-Team Magma55DarknessBasic (Aqua)50Common
Team Aqua’s SphealTeam Aqua-Team Magma56WaterBasic (Aqua)40Common
Team Aqua’s SphealTeam Aqua-Team Magma57WaterBasic (Aqua)50Common
Team Magma’s AronTeam Aqua-Team Magma58FightingBasic (Magma)50Common
Team Magma’s AronTeam Aqua-Team Magma59FightingBasic (Magma)50Common
Team Magma’s BaltoyTeam Aqua-Team Magma60FightingBasic (Magma)50Common
Team Magma’s BaltoyTeam Aqua-Team Magma61FightingBasic (Magma)50Common
Team Magma’s HoundourTeam Aqua-Team Magma62FireBasic (Magma)50Common
Team Magma’s HoundourTeam Aqua-Team Magma63FireBasic (Magma)50Common
Team Magma’s NumelTeam Aqua-Team Magma64FireBasic (Magma)50Common
Team Magma’s PoochyenaTeam Aqua-Team Magma65DarknessBasic (Magma)40Common
Team Magma’s PoochyenaTeam Aqua-Team Magma66DarknessBasic (Magma)50Common
Team Magma’s RhyhornTeam Aqua-Team Magma67FightingBasic (Magma)50Common
Team Magma’s RhyhornTeam Aqua-Team Magma68FightingBasic (Magma)60Common
Team Aqua SchemerTeam Aqua-Team Magma69Supporter (Aqua)0Common
Team Magma SchemerTeam Aqua-Team Magma70Supporter (Magma)0Common
ArchieTeam Aqua-Team Magma71Supporter (Aqua)0Uncommon
Dual BallTeam Aqua-Team Magma72Trainer0Uncommon
MaxieTeam Aqua-Team Magma73Supporter (Magma)0Uncommon
Strength CharmTeam Aqua-Team Magma74Item – Pokemon Tool0Uncommon
Team Aqua BallTeam Aqua-Team Magma75Trainer (Aqua)0Uncommon
Team Aqua BeltTeam Aqua-Team Magma76Item – Pokemon Tool (Aqua)0Uncommon
Team Aqua ConspiratorTeam Aqua-Team Magma77Supporter (Aqua)0Uncommon
Team Aqua HideoutTeam Aqua-Team Magma78Stadium (Aqua)0Uncommon
Team Aqua Technical Machine 01Team Aqua-Team Magma79Trainer0Uncommon
Team Magma BallTeam Aqua-Team Magma80Trainer (Magma)0Uncommon
Team Magma BeltTeam Aqua-Team Magma81Item – Pokemon Tool (Magma)0Uncommon
Team Magma ConspiratorTeam Aqua-Team Magma82Supporter (Magma)0Uncommon
Team Magma HideoutTeam Aqua-Team Magma83Stadium (Magma)0Uncommon
Team Magma Technical Machine 01Team Aqua-Team Magma84Trainer0Uncommon
Warp PointTeam Aqua-Team Magma85Trainer0Uncommon
Aqua EnergyTeam Aqua-Team Magma86Special Energy0Uncommon
Magma EnergyTeam Aqua-Team Magma87Special Energy0Uncommon
Double Rainbow EnergyTeam Aqua-Team Magma88Special Energy0Uncommon
Blaziken exTeam Aqua-Team Magma89FireStage 2 (ex)150Rare Holo ex
Cradily exTeam Aqua-Team Magma90GrassStage 2 (ex)150Rare Holo ex
Entei exTeam Aqua-Team Magma91FireBasic (ex)100Rare Holo ex
Raikou exTeam Aqua-Team Magma92LightningBasic (ex)100Rare Holo ex
Sceptile exTeam Aqua-Team Magma93GrassStage 2 (ex)150Rare Holo ex
Suicune exTeam Aqua-Team Magma94WaterBasic (ex)100Rare Holo ex
Swampert exTeam Aqua-Team Magma95FightingStage 2 (ex)150Rare Holo ex
AbsolTeam Aqua-Team Magma96DarknessBasic70Rare Holo
JirachiTeam Aqua-Team Magma97PsychicBasic50Rare Holo