EX Team Rocket Returns (Pokemon TCG)

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 FireRed LeafGreenDeoxys 

Set Symbol:
Cards in set English: 111 | Japanese: 85
Set number English: 22 | Japanese: 25
Release date English: Nov. 8, 2004 | Japanese: Oct. 15, 2004

EX Team Rocket Returns (Japanese: Rocket Gang Strikes Back) is the name given to an Expansion of cards and Theme Decks for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. As with the prior set, EX FireRed & LeafGreen, the TCG took a step back to the first generation and focused on the villainous Team Rocket and Pokémon they had corrupted, much like had been done several years before.

The English set was released before Clash of the Blue Sky (Clash of the Blue Sky was before Team Rocket Strikes Back in Japan), as Nintendo wanted EX Deoxys's release to coincide with the release of the movie Destiny Deoxys. This threw the English sets out of sequence with the Japanese sets and caused a difference in the set number gap between the two languages. Because of this, the English set was less than a month behind the release of the Japanese set, which was (at the time) a record release.

The English version featured as the secret box-topper for EX Deoxys. This was the first set to feature Pokémon Star. Similar in most respects to Shining Pokémon of the previous generation of cards, these cards feature the alternate color version of the Pokémon they portray. The Star symbol is used to represent the star flash that appears when a shining Pokémon is encountered in the games; the rarity of the cards also reflect the rarity of these Pokémon.

A secret Trainer card, Here Comes Team Rocket!, appeared randomly in booster packs. The Prerelease card for this set is Dark Houndoom. In the United States, Prereleases were held on the weekends of 30th/31st October and 6th/7th November 2004.

NameSetNumberTypeCard TypeHPRarity
AzumarillTeam Rocket Returns1WaterStage 180Rare Holo
Dark AmpharosTeam Rocket Returns2Lightning/DarknessStage 2120Rare Holo
Dark CrobatTeam Rocket Returns3Grass/DarknessStage 290Rare Holo
Dark ElectrodeTeam Rocket Returns4Lightning/DarknessStage 170Rare Holo
Dark HoundoomTeam Rocket Returns5Fire/DarknessStage 170Rare Holo
Dark HypnoTeam Rocket Returns6Psychic/DarknessStage 170Rare Holo
Dark MarowakTeam Rocket Returns7Fighting/DarknessStage 170Rare Holo
Dark OctilleryTeam Rocket Returns8Water/DarknessStage 170Rare Holo
Dark SlowkingTeam Rocket Returns9Psychic/DarknessStage 180Rare Holo
Dark SteelixTeam Rocket Returns10Darkness/MetalStage 1110Rare Holo
JumpluffTeam Rocket Returns11GrassStage 290Rare Holo
KingdraTeam Rocket Returns12WaterStage 2120Rare Holo
PiloswineTeam Rocket Returns13FightingStage 1100Rare Holo
TogeticTeam Rocket Returns14ColorlessStage 170Rare Holo
Dark DragoniteTeam Rocket Returns15DarknessStage 2120Rare
Dark MukTeam Rocket Returns16Grass/DarknessStage 170Rare
Dark RaticateTeam Rocket Returns17DarknessStage 170Rare
Dark SandslashTeam Rocket Returns18Fighting/DarknessStage 170Rare
Dark TyranitarTeam Rocket Returns19DarknessStage 2120Rare
Dark TyranitarTeam Rocket Returns20Fighting/DarknessStage 2120Rare
DelibirdTeam Rocket Returns21WaterBasic70Rare
FurretTeam Rocket Returns22ColorlessStage 180Rare
LedianTeam Rocket Returns23GrassStage 170Rare
MagbyTeam Rocket Returns24FireBasic50Rare
MisdreavusTeam Rocket Returns25PsychicBasic60Rare
QuagsireTeam Rocket Returns26WaterStage 180Rare
QwilfishTeam Rocket Returns27WaterBasic60Rare
YanmaTeam Rocket Returns28GrassBasic70Rare
Dark ArbokTeam Rocket Returns29Grass/DarknessStage 190Uncommon
Dark AriadosTeam Rocket Returns30Grass/DarknessStage 170Uncommon
Dark DragonairTeam Rocket Returns31DarknessStage 170Uncommon
Dark DragonairTeam Rocket Returns32DarknessStage 180Uncommon
Dark FlaaffyTeam Rocket Returns33Lightning/DarknessStage 180Uncommon
Dark GolbatTeam Rocket Returns34Grass/DarknessStage 170Uncommon
Dark GolduckTeam Rocket Returns35Water/DarknessStage 170Uncommon
Dark GyaradosTeam Rocket Returns36Water/DarknessStage 180Uncommon
Dark HoundoomTeam Rocket Returns37Fire/DarknessStage 170Uncommon
Dark MagcargoTeam Rocket Returns38Fire/DarknessStage 180Uncommon
Dark MagnetonTeam Rocket Returns39Lightning/DarknessStage 170Uncommon
Dark PupitarTeam Rocket Returns40Fighting/DarknessStage 170Uncommon
Dark PupitarTeam Rocket Returns41Fighting/DarknessStage 180Uncommon
Dark WeezingTeam Rocket Returns42Grass/DarknessStage 180Uncommon
HeracrossTeam Rocket Returns43FightingBasic70Uncommon
MagmarTeam Rocket Returns44FireBasic70Uncommon
MantineTeam Rocket Returns45WaterBasic70Uncommon
Rocket’s MeowthTeam Rocket Returns46DarknessBasic60Uncommon
Rocket’s WobbuffetTeam Rocket Returns47DarknessBasic70Uncommon
SeadraTeam Rocket Returns48WaterStage 170Uncommon
SkiploomTeam Rocket Returns49GrassStage 160Uncommon
TogepiTeam Rocket Returns50ColorlessBasic40Uncommon
CuboneTeam Rocket Returns51FightingBasic50Common
DratiniTeam Rocket Returns52ColorlessBasic40Common
DratiniTeam Rocket Returns53ColorlessBasic50Common
DrowzeeTeam Rocket Returns54PsychicBasic50Common
EkansTeam Rocket Returns55GrassBasic60Common
GrimerTeam Rocket Returns56GrassBasic50Common
HoppipTeam Rocket Returns57GrassBasic30Common
HorseaTeam Rocket Returns58WaterBasic50Common
HoundourTeam Rocket Returns59FireBasic50Common
HoundourTeam Rocket Returns60FireBasic50Common
KoffingTeam Rocket Returns61GrassBasic50Common
LarvitarTeam Rocket Returns62FightingBasic50Common
LarvitarTeam Rocket Returns63FightingBasic50Common
LedybaTeam Rocket Returns64GrassBasic50Common
MagikarpTeam Rocket Returns65WaterBasic30Common
MagnemiteTeam Rocket Returns66LightningBasic50Common
MareepTeam Rocket Returns67LightningBasic50Common
MarillTeam Rocket Returns68WaterBasic50Common
OnixTeam Rocket Returns69FightingBasic80Common
PsyduckTeam Rocket Returns70WaterBasic50Common
RattataTeam Rocket Returns71ColorlessBasic40Common
RattataTeam Rocket Returns72ColorlessBasic40Common
RemoraidTeam Rocket Returns73WaterBasic50Common
SandshrewTeam Rocket Returns74FightingBasic50Common
SentretTeam Rocket Returns75ColorlessBasic50Common
SlowpokeTeam Rocket Returns76PsychicBasic50Common
SlugmaTeam Rocket Returns77FireBasic50Common
SpinarakTeam Rocket Returns78GrassBasic50Common
SwinubTeam Rocket Returns79FightingBasic50Common
VoltorbTeam Rocket Returns80LightningBasic40Common
WooperTeam Rocket Returns81WaterBasic50Common
ZubatTeam Rocket Returns82GrassBasic50Common
CopycatTeam Rocket Returns83Supporter0Uncommon
Pokemon RetrieverTeam Rocket Returns84Trainer0Uncommon
Pow! Hand ExtensionTeam Rocket Returns85Trainer0Uncommon
Rocket’s Admin.Team Rocket Returns86Supporter0Uncommon
Rocket’s HideoutTeam Rocket Returns87Stadium0Uncommon
Rocket’s MissionTeam Rocket Returns88Supporter0Uncommon
Rocket’s Poke BallTeam Rocket Returns89Trainer0Uncommon
Rocket’s Tricky GymTeam Rocket Returns90Stadium0Uncommon
Surprise! Time MachineTeam Rocket Returns91Trainer0Uncommon
Swoop! TeleporterTeam Rocket Returns92Trainer0Uncommon
Venture BombTeam Rocket Returns93Trainer0Uncommon
Dark Metal EnergyTeam Rocket Returns94Special Energy0Uncommon
R EnergyTeam Rocket Returns95Special Energy0Uncommon
Rocket’s Articuno exTeam Rocket Returns96DarknessBasic (ex)100Rare Holo ex
Rocket’s Entei exTeam Rocket Returns97DarknessBasic (ex)100Rare Holo ex
Rocket’s Hitmonchan exTeam Rocket Returns98DarknessBasic (ex)100Rare Holo ex
Rocket’s Mewtwo exTeam Rocket Returns99DarknessBasic (ex)100Rare Holo ex
Rocket’s Moltres exTeam Rocket Returns100DarknessBasic (ex)100Rare Holo ex
Rocket’s Scizor exTeam Rocket Returns101DarknessStage 1 (ex)120Rare Holo ex
Rocket’s Scyther exTeam Rocket Returns102DarknessBasic (ex)80Rare Holo ex
Rocket’s Sneasel exTeam Rocket Returns103DarknessBasic (ex)90Rare Holo ex
Rocket’s Snorlax exTeam Rocket Returns104DarknessBasic (ex)100Rare Holo ex
Rocket’s Suicune exTeam Rocket Returns105DarknessBasic (ex)100Rare Holo ex
Rocket’s Zapdos exTeam Rocket Returns106DarknessBasic (ex)100Rare Holo ex
Mudkip StarTeam Rocket Returns107WaterBasic (Star)70Shiny Rare Holo
Torchic StarTeam Rocket Returns108FireBasic (Star)70Shiny Rare Holo
Treecko StarTeam Rocket Returns109GrassBasic (Star)70Shiny Rare Holo
CharmeleonTeam Rocket Returns110FireStage 170Rare Holo
Here Comes Team Rocket!Team Rocket Returns111Supporter0Rare Holo