HeartGold SoulSilver (Pokemon TCG)

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Set Symbol:
Cards in set English: 124 | Japanese: 150*
Set number English: 43 | Japanese: 43
Release date English: Feb. 10, 2010 | Japanese: Oct. 9, 2009

HeartGold & SoulSilver (Japanese: HeartGold Collection · SoulSilver Collection) is the name given to the first main expansion of cards from the English HeartGold & SoulSilver Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The Japanese release is the first of the LEGEND era. The set brings several new mechanics and features to the game.

Based on Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver themselves, the expansion includes mostly Pokémon from Generation II, which itself includes all Pokémon from Generation I. Unlike its predecessor, Neo Genesis, HeartGold & SoulSilver also consists of many Pokémon from the first generation, whereas Neo Genesis included only those related to new Pokémon (such as Horsea and Seadra, which had to be included for Kingdra's sake). In Japan, the expansion heralded the start of the Pokémon Card Game LEGEND era.

HeartGold & SoulSilver was the first expansion to use a revamped card design, which included multiple changes:

  • The card border is now gold and silver as opposed to yellow.
  • The illustrator's bar, the Pokémon stage bar and the Pokédex data strip all include tinges of gold.
  • The evolution circle returns to the extreme top-left of the card. The stage name strip is extended further to the left due to this.
  • An unfinished circle is present on Basic Pokémon cards where the evolution circle would be present on Stage 1 and 2 Pokémon cards.
  • The flavor text area has been compressed further down with the illustrator's bar shortened in length to compensate.
  • The top-right corner is now gold and silver to display the Hit Points more prominently.
  • The weakness and resistance bar no longer has the swooshes featured since Neo Genesis.

The English prerelease card for this set is Pichu.


  • This expansion marks the first instance in the TCG in which one generation of cards has included three distinct series; these are referred to as the DP Series, the PL Series and the HGSS Series (Pokémon Card Game DP, DPt and LEGEND respectively in Japan).
  • The card revamp for this series of expansions marks only the second time in the TCG that the card layout has been revamped mid-generation, following the shift from Neo to e-Card in Generation II.
  • Six evolutionary items are featured in multiple different artworks from the expansion:
    • A Thunderstone can be seen on Raichu's artwork;
    • A Fire Stone can be seen on Arcanine's and Ninetales's artworks;
    • A Water Stone can be seen on Starmie's artwork;
    • A Leaf Stone can be seen on Exeggutor's artwork;
    • A Moon Stone can be seen on Wigglytuff's and Clefable's artworks;
    • A King's Rock can be seen on Slowking's artwork.
  • The Energy cards were the first ones that featured Pokémon:
    • Fighting Energy features Sudowoodo
    • Fire Energy features Ho-Oh and the Bell Tower
    • Grass Energy features Celebi
    • Lightning Energy features Ampharos and the Glitter Lighthouse
    • Psychic Energy features Espeon
    • Water Energy features Lugia and the Whirl Islands
    • Darkness Energy features Umbreon
    • Metal Energy features Steelix and the Goldenrod Radio Tower
    • These basic energy cards are also reprinted in Call of Legends as Reverse Holographic cards.
    • Energy cards received in the three starter theme decks do not feature Pokémon.
  • This is the first time that Double Colorless Energy has been printed since the Base Set in Japan, and since Base Set 2 elsewhere.
  • Typically, there are about 6 Prime Cards per 36 booster packs for HGSS Series.
  • Only cards from this expansion onwards can be obtained in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online.

Pokémon are the heart and soul of any great Pokémon Trainer, and now is your chance to catch some of the greatest Pokémon of all time! With new kinds of cards that will change the way you play—like Pokémon Prime and the astonishing Pokémon LEGENDs Ho-Oh and Lugia—plus lots of Trainer cards that will accelerate your game and select Energy cards with a brand-new look, the HeartGold & SoulSilver expansion will get you started on your journey to greatness!

NameSetNumberTypeCard TypeHPRarity
ArcanineHeartGold SoulSilver1FireStage 1110Rare Holo
AzumarillHeartGold SoulSilver2WaterStage 190Rare Holo
ClefableHeartGold SoulSilver3ColorlessStage 180Rare Holo
GyaradosHeartGold SoulSilver4WaterStage 1130Rare Holo
HitmontopHeartGold SoulSilver5FightingBasic60Rare Holo
JumpluffHeartGold SoulSilver6GrassStage 290Rare Holo
NinetalesHeartGold SoulSilver7FireStage 190Rare Holo
NoctowlHeartGold SoulSilver8ColorlessStage 190Rare Holo
QuagsireHeartGold SoulSilver9WaterStage 1100Rare Holo
RaichuHeartGold SoulSilver10LightningStage 190Rare Holo
ShuckleHeartGold SoulSilver11GrassBasic60Rare Holo
SlowkingHeartGold SoulSilver12PsychicStage 180Rare Holo
WobbuffetHeartGold SoulSilver13PsychicBasic90Rare Holo
AmpharosHeartGold SoulSilver14LightningStage 2120Rare
AriadosHeartGold SoulSilver15GrassStage 180Rare
ButterfreeHeartGold SoulSilver16GrassStage 2120Rare
CleffaHeartGold SoulSilver17ColorlessBasic30Rare
ExeggutorHeartGold SoulSilver18PsychicStage 190Rare
Farfetch’dHeartGold SoulSilver19ColorlessBasic60Rare
FeraligatrHeartGold SoulSilver20WaterStage 2130Rare
FurretHeartGold SoulSilver21ColorlessStage 180Rare
GranbullHeartGold SoulSilver22ColorlessStage 190Rare
HypnoHeartGold SoulSilver23PsychicStage 190Rare
LaprasHeartGold SoulSilver24WaterBasic90Rare
LedianHeartGold SoulSilver25GrassStage 180Rare
MeganiumHeartGold SoulSilver26GrassStage 2130Rare
PersianHeartGold SoulSilver27ColorlessStage 180Rare
PichuHeartGold SoulSilver28LightningBasic30Rare
SandslashHeartGold SoulSilver29FightingStage 180Rare
SmoochumHeartGold SoulSilver30PsychicBasic30Rare
SunfloraHeartGold SoulSilver31GrassStage 180Rare
TyphlosionHeartGold SoulSilver32FireStage 2130Rare
TyrogueHeartGold SoulSilver33FightingBasic30Rare
WeezingHeartGold SoulSilver34PsychicStage 190Rare
BayleefHeartGold SoulSilver35GrassStage 190Uncommon
BlisseyHeartGold SoulSilver36ColorlessStage 1130Uncommon
CorsolaHeartGold SoulSilver37WaterBasic60Uncommon
CroconawHeartGold SoulSilver38WaterStage 180Uncommon
DelibirdHeartGold SoulSilver39WaterBasic70Uncommon
DonphanHeartGold SoulSilver40FightingStage 1100Uncommon
DunsparceHeartGold SoulSilver41ColorlessBasic50Uncommon
FlaaffyHeartGold SoulSilver42LightningStage 180Uncommon
HeracrossHeartGold SoulSilver43GrassBasic80Uncommon
IgglybuffHeartGold SoulSilver44ColorlessBasic30Uncommon
MantineHeartGold SoulSilver45WaterBasic80Uncommon
MetapodHeartGold SoulSilver46GrassStage 180Uncommon
MiltankHeartGold SoulSilver47ColorlessBasic90Uncommon
ParasectHeartGold SoulSilver48GrassStage 190Uncommon
QuilavaHeartGold SoulSilver49FireStage 180Uncommon
QwilfishHeartGold SoulSilver50WaterBasic70Uncommon
SkiploomHeartGold SoulSilver51GrassStage 160Uncommon
SlowbroHeartGold SoulSilver52WaterStage 190Uncommon
StarmieHeartGold SoulSilver53WaterStage 190Uncommon
UnownHeartGold SoulSilver54PsychicBasic50Uncommon
UnownHeartGold SoulSilver55PsychicBasic50Uncommon
WigglytuffHeartGold SoulSilver56ColorlessStage 190Uncommon
CaterpieHeartGold SoulSilver57GrassBasic30Common
ChanseyHeartGold SoulSilver58ColorlessBasic90Common
ChikoritaHeartGold SoulSilver59GrassBasic60Common
ClefairyHeartGold SoulSilver60ColorlessBasic50Common
CyndaquilHeartGold SoulSilver61FireBasic60Common
DrowzeeHeartGold SoulSilver62PsychicBasic60Common
ExeggcuteHeartGold SoulSilver63PsychicBasic50Common
GirafarigHeartGold SoulSilver64ColorlessBasic70Common
GrowlitheHeartGold SoulSilver65FireBasic70Common
HoothootHeartGold SoulSilver66ColorlessBasic50Common
HoppipHeartGold SoulSilver67GrassBasic30Common
JigglypuffHeartGold SoulSilver68ColorlessBasic60Common
JynxHeartGold SoulSilver69PsychicBasic70Common
KoffingHeartGold SoulSilver70PsychicBasic50Common
LedybaHeartGold SoulSilver71GrassBasic50Common
MagikarpHeartGold SoulSilver72WaterBasic30Common
MareepHeartGold SoulSilver73LightningBasic40Common
MarillHeartGold SoulSilver74WaterBasic60Common
MeowthHeartGold SoulSilver75ColorlessBasic60Common
ParasHeartGold SoulSilver76GrassBasic50Common
PhanpyHeartGold SoulSilver77FightingBasic70Common
PikachuHeartGold SoulSilver78LightningBasic60Common
SandshrewHeartGold SoulSilver79FightingBasic60Common
SentretHeartGold SoulSilver80ColorlessBasic50Common
SlowpokeHeartGold SoulSilver81WaterBasic60Common
SnubbullHeartGold SoulSilver82ColorlessBasic50Common
SpinarakHeartGold SoulSilver83GrassBasic50Common
StaryuHeartGold SoulSilver84WaterBasic50Common
SunkernHeartGold SoulSilver85GrassBasic40Common
TotodileHeartGold SoulSilver86WaterBasic60Common
VulpixHeartGold SoulSilver87FireBasic50Common
WooperHeartGold SoulSilver88WaterBasic50Common
BillHeartGold SoulSilver89Supporter0Uncommon
CopycatHeartGold SoulSilver90Supporter0Uncommon
Energy SwitchHeartGold SoulSilver91Trainer0Uncommon
FishermanHeartGold SoulSilver92Supporter0Uncommon
Full HealHeartGold SoulSilver93Trainer0Uncommon
Moomoo MilkHeartGold SoulSilver94Trainer0Uncommon
Poke BallHeartGold SoulSilver95Trainer0Uncommon
Pokegear 3.0HeartGold SoulSilver96Trainer0Uncommon
Pokemon CollectorHeartGold SoulSilver97Supporter0Uncommon
Pokemon CommunicationHeartGold SoulSilver98Trainer0Uncommon
Pokemon ReversalHeartGold SoulSilver99Trainer0Uncommon
Professor Elm’s Training MethodHeartGold SoulSilver100Supporter0Uncommon
Professor Oak’s New TheoryHeartGold SoulSilver101Supporter0Uncommon
SwitchHeartGold SoulSilver102Trainer0Uncommon
Double Colorless EnergyHeartGold SoulSilver103Special Energy0Uncommon
Rainbow EnergyHeartGold SoulSilver104Special Energy0Uncommon
AmpharosHeartGold SoulSilver105LightningStage 2 (Prime)140Super Rare Holo
BlisseyHeartGold SoulSilver106ColorlessStage 1 (Prime)130Super Rare Holo
DonphanHeartGold SoulSilver107FightingStage 1 (Prime)120Super Rare Holo
FeraligatrHeartGold SoulSilver108WaterStage 2 (Prime)140Super Rare Holo
MeganiumHeartGold SoulSilver109GrassStage 2 (Prime)150Super Rare Holo
TyphlosionHeartGold SoulSilver110FireStage 2 (Prime)140Super Rare Holo
Ho-Oh LEGENDHeartGold SoulSilver111FireLegend140Rare Holo Legend
Ho-Oh LEGENDHeartGold SoulSilver112FireLegend140Rare Holo Legend
Lugia LEGENDHeartGold SoulSilver113WaterLegend130Rare Holo Legend
Lugia LEGENDHeartGold SoulSilver114WaterLegend130Rare Holo Legend
Grass EnergyHeartGold SoulSilver115Energy0Energy
Fire EnergyHeartGold SoulSilver116Energy0Energy
Water EnergyHeartGold SoulSilver117Energy0Energy
Lightning EnergyHeartGold SoulSilver118Energy0Energy
Psychic EnergyHeartGold SoulSilver119Energy0Energy
Fighting EnergyHeartGold SoulSilver120Energy0Energy
Darkness EnergyHeartGold SoulSilver121Energy0Energy
Metal EnergyHeartGold SoulSilver122Energy0Energy
GyaradosHeartGold SoulSilver123WaterStage 1130Rare Holo
Alph LithographHeartGold SoulSilver124Trainer0Rare Holo