Neo Destiny (Pokemon TCG)

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Neo RevelationsExpedition 

Set Symbol:
Cards in set English: 113 | Japanese: 113
Set number English: 11 | Japanese: 10
Release date English: Feb. 28, 2002 | Japanese: March 9, 2001

Neo Destiny (Japanese: Darkness, and to Light...) is an Expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It is the fourth and final expansion in the "Neo" series of cards, and much like the fourth expansion in the previous generation's main series, features corrupted Pokémon. This time, however, a counterpart appears.

This was the first (and only) set to feature Light Pokémon. Light Pokémon are similar to the Dark Pokémon introduced earlier in Team Rocket. The name "Destiny" is used as the set title in reference to the Light and Dark Pokémon, in that a Pokémon's destiny is determined by how they are treated by their Trainer. This set completes the transition of all the Unown to card form, with the exception of Unown R. Like Unown J, Unown R was a Promotional card in Japan, but was not translated by Wizards. An English Unown R did not appear until EX Unseen Forces.

Each of the shining Pokémon released in this set is of a different type; the only one not represented is Water, which is represented by the two shining Pokémon released in the previous set.
Neo Destiny was also the last set that Wizards of the Coast made that featured the 1st Edition symbol, and the last English-language set to feature it overall. The use of the symbol was eliminated due to the fact that sometimes the 1st Edition run would be released after the unlimited run (thus defeating the purpose).

Much like the Team Rocket expansion, only the Fire-type and Water-type starter Pokémon of the generation became Dark Pokémon. Unlike what was the case with Ivysaur and Venusaur, which later received Dark variants as promo cards, there has never been a Dark Bayleef or Dark Meganium.

NameSetNumberTypeCard TypeHPRarity
Dark AmpharosNeo Destiny1LightningStage 270Rare Holo
Dark CrobatNeo Destiny2GrassStage 270Rare Holo
Dark DonphanNeo Destiny3FightingStage 160Rare Holo
Dark EspeonNeo Destiny4PsychicStage 160Rare Holo
Dark FeraligatrNeo Destiny5WaterStage 280Rare Holo
Dark GengarNeo Destiny6PsychicStage 270Rare Holo
Dark HoundoomNeo Destiny7FireStage 160Rare Holo
Dark Porygon2Neo Destiny8ColorlessStage 160Rare Holo
Dark ScizorNeo Destiny9MetalStage 170Rare Holo
Dark TyphlosionNeo Destiny10FireStage 280Rare Holo
Dark TyranitarNeo Destiny11FightingStage 290Rare Holo
Light ArcanineNeo Destiny12FireStage 1100Rare Holo
Light AzumarillNeo Destiny13WaterStage 180Rare Holo
Light DragoniteNeo Destiny14ColorlessStage 2100Rare Holo
Light TogeticNeo Destiny15ColorlessStage 160Rare Holo
Miracle EnergyNeo Destiny16Special Energy0Rare Holo
Dark AriadosNeo Destiny17GrassStage 160Rare
Dark MagcargoNeo Destiny18FireStage 160Rare
Dark OmastarNeo Destiny19WaterStage 270Rare
Dark SlowkingNeo Destiny20PsychicStage 160Rare
Dark UrsaringNeo Destiny21ColorlessStage 160Rare
Light DragonairNeo Destiny22ColorlessStage 180Rare
Light LanturnNeo Destiny23LightningStage 180Rare
Light LedianNeo Destiny24GrassStage 170Rare
Light MachampNeo Destiny25FightingStage 2100Rare
Light PiloswineNeo Destiny26WaterStage 190Rare
Unown GNeo Destiny27PsychicBasic40Rare
Unown HNeo Destiny28PsychicBasic40Rare
Unown WNeo Destiny29PsychicBasic40Rare
Unown XNeo Destiny30PsychicBasic50Rare
ChanseyNeo Destiny31ColorlessBasic90Uncommon
Dark CroconawNeo Destiny32WaterStage 160Uncommon
Dark ExeggutorNeo Destiny33PsychicStage 160Uncommon
Dark FlaaffyNeo Destiny34LightningStage 160Uncommon
Dark ForretressNeo Destiny35GrassStage 160Uncommon
Dark HaunterNeo Destiny36PsychicStage 150Uncommon
Dark OmanyteNeo Destiny37WaterStage 140Uncommon
Dark PupitarNeo Destiny38FightingStage 160Uncommon
Dark QuilavaNeo Destiny39FireStage 160Uncommon
Dark WigglytuffNeo Destiny40ColorlessStage 160Uncommon
HeracrossNeo Destiny41GrassBasic60Uncommon
HitmonleeNeo Destiny42FightingBasic60Uncommon
HoundourNeo Destiny43DarknessBasic40Uncommon
JigglypuffNeo Destiny44ColorlessBasic50Uncommon
Light DewgongNeo Destiny45WaterStage 180Uncommon
Light FlareonNeo Destiny46FireStage 180Uncommon
Light GolduckNeo Destiny47WaterStage 180Uncommon
Light JolteonNeo Destiny48LightningStage 170Uncommon
Light MachokeNeo Destiny49FightingStage 180Uncommon
Light NinetalesNeo Destiny50FireStage 190Uncommon
Light SlowbroNeo Destiny51PsychicStage 180Uncommon
Light VaporeonNeo Destiny52WaterStage 180Uncommon
Light VenomothNeo Destiny53GrassStage 180Uncommon
Light WigglytuffNeo Destiny54ColorlessStage 180Uncommon
ScytherNeo Destiny55GrassBasic60Uncommon
TogepiNeo Destiny56ColorlessBasic40Uncommon
Unown CNeo Destiny57PsychicBasic40Uncommon
Unown PNeo Destiny58PsychicBasic40Uncommon
Unown QNeo Destiny59PsychicBasic40Uncommon
Unown ZNeo Destiny60PsychicBasic40Uncommon
CyndaquilNeo Destiny61FireBasic40Common
Dark OctilleryNeo Destiny62WaterStage 160Common
DratiniNeo Destiny63ColorlessBasic40Common
ExeggcuteNeo Destiny64PsychicBasic40Common
GastlyNeo Destiny65PsychicBasic40Common
GirafarigNeo Destiny66ColorlessBasic60Common
GligarNeo Destiny67FightingBasic50Common
GrowlitheNeo Destiny68FireBasic50Common
HitmonchanNeo Destiny69FightingBasic60Common
LarvitarNeo Destiny70FightingBasic40Common
LedybaNeo Destiny71GrassBasic40Common
Light SunfloraNeo Destiny72GrassStage 180Common
MachopNeo Destiny73FightingBasic40Common
MantineNeo Destiny74WaterBasic60Common
MareepNeo Destiny75LightningBasic50Common
PhanpyNeo Destiny76FightingBasic40Common
PinecoNeo Destiny77GrassBasic40Common
PorygonNeo Destiny78ColorlessBasic50Common
PsyduckNeo Destiny79WaterBasic50Common
RemoraidNeo Destiny80WaterBasic40Common
SeelNeo Destiny81WaterBasic50Common
SlugmaNeo Destiny82FireBasic50Common
SunkernNeo Destiny83GrassBasic40Common
SwinubNeo Destiny84WaterBasic50Common
TotodileNeo Destiny85WaterBasic50Common
Unown LNeo Destiny86PsychicBasic50Common
Unown SNeo Destiny87PsychicBasic50Common
Unown TNeo Destiny88PsychicBasic40Common
Unown VNeo Destiny89PsychicBasic40Common
VenonatNeo Destiny90GrassBasic40Common
VulpixNeo Destiny91FireBasic50Common
Broken Ground GymNeo Destiny92Stadium0Rare
EXP.ALLNeo Destiny93Item – Pokemon Tool0Rare
Impostor Professor Oak’s InventionNeo Destiny94Trainer0Rare
Radio TowerNeo Destiny95Stadium0Rare
Thought Wave MachineNeo Destiny96Trainer0Rare
Counterattack ClawsNeo Destiny97Item – Pokemon Tool0Uncommon
Energy AmplifierNeo Destiny98Trainer0Uncommon
Energy StadiumNeo Destiny99Stadium0Uncommon
Lucky StadiumNeo Destiny100Stadium0Uncommon
MagnifierNeo Destiny101Trainer0Uncommon
Pokemon Personality TestNeo Destiny102Trainer0Uncommon
Team Rocket’s Evil DeedsNeo Destiny103Trainer0Uncommon
Heal PowderNeo Destiny104Trainer0Common
Mail from BillNeo Destiny105Trainer0Common
Shining CelebiNeo Destiny106GrassBasic50Shining Holo
Shining CharizardNeo Destiny107FireBasic100Shining Holo
Shining KabutopsNeo Destiny108FightingBasic80Shining Holo
Shining MewtwoNeo Destiny109PsychicBasic70Shining Holo
Shining NoctowlNeo Destiny110ColorlessBasic60Shining Holo
Shining RaichuNeo Destiny111LightningBasic70Shining Holo
Shining SteelixNeo Destiny112MetalBasic90Shining Holo
Shining TyranitarNeo Destiny113DarknessBasic80Shining Holo