Neo Discovery (Pokemon TCG)

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Set Symbol:
Cards in set English: 75 | Japanese: 56
Set number English: 9 | Japanese: 8
Release date English: June 1, 2001 | Japanese: July 7, 2000

Neo Discovery (Japanese: Crossing the Ruins...) is the name of an Expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It continued to release Generation II Pokémon into the TCG and primarily revolved around the theme of the Ruins of Alph and Unown.

Wizards of the Coast once again expanded the set by adding non-Holofoil and Holofoil versions of the rare cards. However, two of the Holofoil cards in the Japanese set (Butterfree and Beedrill) were released as non-Holofoil cards only in the English set. The only two non-Holofoil rare cards that were not duplicates were Espeon and Umbreon.

As with Neo 1 in Japan, Neo 2 had a 9 card promotional set - five of those (Espeon, Umbreon, Unown E, Unown N, and Unown O) were added to the English set. Two became Promotional cards (reverse-Holofoil Pichu and Entei), and one was never released in English (a reverse-Holofoil Charizard). Eevee, a reprint of the card in the expansion, also was not released in English. The characters represented by the three Unown cards spell out "NEO". They also spell out "EON", the suffix shared by all of the Eeveelutions.

Dark Raichu made its official Japanese debut in Neo 2 (as a super rare); it was first produced as a Wizards of the Coast exclusive card back in Team Rocket.

NameSetNumberTypeCard TypeHPRarity
EspeonNeo Discovery1PsychicStage 180Rare Holo
ForretressNeo Discovery2MetalStage 180Rare Holo
HitmontopNeo Discovery3FightingBasic60Rare Holo
HoundoomNeo Discovery4DarknessStage 170Rare Holo
HoundourNeo Discovery5FireBasic50Rare Holo
KabutopsNeo Discovery6WaterStage 290Rare Holo
MagnemiteNeo Discovery7MetalBasic40Rare Holo
PolitoedNeo Discovery8WaterStage 2100Rare Holo
PoliwrathNeo Discovery9FightingStage 290Rare Holo
ScizorNeo Discovery10MetalStage 180Rare Holo
SmeargleNeo Discovery11ColorlessBasic50Rare Holo
TyranitarNeo Discovery12DarknessStage 2100Rare Holo
UmbreonNeo Discovery13DarknessStage 180Rare Holo
Unown ANeo Discovery14PsychicBasic40Rare Holo
UrsaringNeo Discovery15ColorlessStage 180Rare Holo
WobbuffetNeo Discovery16PsychicBasic90Rare Holo
YanmaNeo Discovery17GrassBasic60Rare Holo
BeedrillNeo Discovery18GrassStage 280Rare
ButterfreeNeo Discovery19GrassStage 280Rare
EspeonNeo Discovery20PsychicStage 170Rare
ForretressNeo Discovery21MetalStage 180Rare
HitmontopNeo Discovery22FightingBasic60Rare
HoundoomNeo Discovery23DarknessStage 170Rare
HoundourNeo Discovery24FireBasic50Rare
KabutopsNeo Discovery25WaterStage 290Rare
MagnemiteNeo Discovery26MetalBasic40Rare
PolitoedNeo Discovery27WaterStage 2100Rare
PoliwrathNeo Discovery28FightingStage 290Rare
ScizorNeo Discovery29MetalStage 180Rare
SmeargleNeo Discovery30ColorlessBasic50Rare
TyranitarNeo Discovery31DarknessStage 2100Rare
UmbreonNeo Discovery32DarknessStage 170Rare
Unown ANeo Discovery33PsychicBasic40Rare
UrsaringNeo Discovery34ColorlessStage 180Rare
WobbuffetNeo Discovery35PsychicBasic90Rare
YanmaNeo Discovery36GrassBasic60Rare
CorsolaNeo Discovery37WaterBasic50Uncommon
EeveeNeo Discovery38ColorlessBasic50Uncommon
HoundourNeo Discovery39DarknessBasic40Uncommon
IgglybuffNeo Discovery40ColorlessBaby30Uncommon
KakunaNeo Discovery41GrassStage 170Uncommon
MetapodNeo Discovery42GrassStage 170Uncommon
OmastarNeo Discovery43FightingStage 280Uncommon
PoliwhirlNeo Discovery44WaterStage 170Uncommon
PupitarNeo Discovery45FightingStage 170Uncommon
ScytherNeo Discovery46GrassBasic60Uncommon
Unown DNeo Discovery47PsychicBasic40Uncommon
Unown FNeo Discovery48PsychicBasic40Uncommon
Unown MNeo Discovery49PsychicBasic40Uncommon
Unown NNeo Discovery50PsychicBasic40Uncommon
Unown UNeo Discovery51PsychicBasic40Uncommon
XatuNeo Discovery52PsychicStage 170Uncommon
CaterpieNeo Discovery53GrassBasic50Common
DunsparceNeo Discovery54ColorlessBasic30Common
HoppipNeo Discovery55GrassBasic30Common
KabutoNeo Discovery56WaterStage 150Common
LarvitarNeo Discovery57FightingBasic40Common
MareepNeo Discovery58LightningBasic50Common
NatuNeo Discovery59PsychicBasic40Common
OmanyteNeo Discovery60FightingStage 150Common
PinecoNeo Discovery61GrassBasic40Common
PoliwagNeo Discovery62WaterBasic40Common
SentretNeo Discovery63ColorlessBasic50Common
SpinarakNeo Discovery64GrassBasic50Common
TeddiursaNeo Discovery65ColorlessBasic40Common
TyrogueNeo Discovery66FightingBaby30Common
Unown ENeo Discovery67PsychicBasic40Common
Unown INeo Discovery68PsychicBasic40Common
Unown ONeo Discovery69PsychicBasic40Common
WeedleNeo Discovery70GrassBasic40Common
WooperNeo Discovery71WaterBasic50Common
Fossil EggNeo Discovery72Trainer0Uncommon
Hyper Devolution SprayNeo Discovery73Trainer0Uncommon
Ruin WallNeo Discovery74Trainer0Uncommon
Energy ArkNeo Discovery75Trainer0Common