Neo Genesis (Pokemon TCG)

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Set Symbol:
Cards in set English: 111 | Japanese: 96
Set number English: 8 | Japanese: 7
Release date English: Dec. 16, 2000 | Japanese: Dec. 10, 1999
Neo Genesis (Japanese: Gold, Silver, to a New World...) is an expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It was the first expansion to feature Generation II Pokémon of Johto.

Neo Genesis was the 9th (8th in Japan) TCG Expansion set and first of all Neo Sets. Japan's release date was December 16, 1999 and the North American date was December 16, 2000. There were 111 Cards released for this set, and 19 of those were holofoil cards. It was the first set to include Dark and Steel typed Pokémon as well as the Neo-design cards, Generation II Pokémon, and Baby cards.

The term Neo ("new" in Greek) was used both in Japanese and English releases to emphasize a new generation of the Pokémon TCG.

The English title, Genesis, is one of two Biblical references in the TCG. The other one is of Neo Revelation. Genesis and Revelation are the first and last books of the Bible, respectively. The name Genesis refers to this being the set to include the first 63 of the Generation II Pokémon found in Pokémon Gold and Silver.
Along with new Pokémon came two new card types; Darkness and Metal. There was also the addition of baby Pokémon and Pokémon Tools, which were Trainer Card items that could be permanently attached to Pokémon in play - referring to Generation II's new feature that allowed Trainers to equip their Pokémon with held items.

For the English release, Wizards of the Coast added the 9 promo cards and the six basic Energy cards to the set, increasing it to 111 cards.

One art change in this set was the Trainer Card Moo-Moo Milk. The Japanese version depicts a Sentret suckling on a Miltank's udder, and was considered inappropriate for children for its English release.

NameSetNumberTypeCard TypeHPRarity
AmpharosNeo Genesis1LightningStage 280Rare Holo
AzumarillNeo Genesis2WaterStage 170Rare Holo
BellossomNeo Genesis3GrassStage 270Rare Holo
FeraligatrNeo Genesis4WaterStage 2100Rare Holo
FeraligatrNeo Genesis5WaterStage 2120Rare Holo
HeracrossNeo Genesis6GrassBasic60Rare Holo
JumpluffNeo Genesis7GrassStage 270Rare Holo
KingdraNeo Genesis8WaterStage 290Rare Holo
LugiaNeo Genesis9ColorlessBasic90Rare Holo
MeganiumNeo Genesis10GrassStage 2100Rare Holo
MeganiumNeo Genesis11GrassStage 2100Rare Holo
PichuNeo Genesis12LightningBaby30Rare Holo
SkarmoryNeo Genesis13MetalBasic60Rare Holo
SlowkingNeo Genesis14PsychicStage 180Rare Holo
SteelixNeo Genesis15MetalStage 1110Rare Holo
TogeticNeo Genesis16ColorlessStage 160Rare Holo
TyphlosionNeo Genesis17FireStage 2100Rare Holo
TyphlosionNeo Genesis18FireStage 2100Rare Holo
Metal EnergyNeo Genesis19Special Energy0Rare Holo
CleffaNeo Genesis20ColorlessBaby30Rare
DonphanNeo Genesis21FightingStage 170Rare
ElekidNeo Genesis22LightningBaby30Rare
MagbyNeo Genesis23FireBaby30Rare
MurkrowNeo Genesis24DarknessBasic50Rare
SneaselNeo Genesis25DarknessBasic60Rare
AipomNeo Genesis26ColorlessBasic40Uncommon
AriadosNeo Genesis27GrassStage 160Uncommon
BayleefNeo Genesis28GrassStage 170Uncommon
BayleefNeo Genesis29GrassStage 180Uncommon
ClefairyNeo Genesis30ColorlessBasic50Uncommon
CroconawNeo Genesis31WaterStage 170Uncommon
CroconawNeo Genesis32WaterStage 180Uncommon
ElectabuzzNeo Genesis33LightningBasic70Uncommon
FlaaffyNeo Genesis34LightningStage 160Uncommon
FurretNeo Genesis35ColorlessStage 160Uncommon
GloomNeo Genesis36GrassStage 160Uncommon
GranbullNeo Genesis37ColorlessStage 170Uncommon
LanturnNeo Genesis38LightningStage 170Uncommon
LedianNeo Genesis39GrassStage 160Uncommon
MagmarNeo Genesis40FireBasic70Uncommon
MiltankNeo Genesis41ColorlessBasic70Uncommon
NoctowlNeo Genesis42ColorlessStage 160Uncommon
PhanpyNeo Genesis43FightingBasic40Uncommon
PiloswineNeo Genesis44WaterStage 180Uncommon
QuagsireNeo Genesis45WaterStage 170Uncommon
QuilavaNeo Genesis46FireStage 160Uncommon
QuilavaNeo Genesis47FireStage 170Uncommon
SeadraNeo Genesis48WaterStage 170Uncommon
SkiploomNeo Genesis49GrassStage 160Uncommon
SunfloraNeo Genesis50GrassStage 170Uncommon
TogepiNeo Genesis51ColorlessBasic40Uncommon
XatuNeo Genesis52PsychicStage 180Uncommon
ChikoritaNeo Genesis53GrassBasic40Common
ChikoritaNeo Genesis54GrassBasic50Common
ChinchouNeo Genesis55LightningBasic50Common
CyndaquilNeo Genesis56FireBasic40Common
CyndaquilNeo Genesis57FireBasic50Common
GirafarigNeo Genesis58PsychicBasic60Common
GligarNeo Genesis59FightingBasic60Common
HoothootNeo Genesis60ColorlessBasic50Common
HoppipNeo Genesis61GrassBasic50Common
HorseaNeo Genesis62WaterBasic50Common
LedybaNeo Genesis63GrassBasic40Common
MantineNeo Genesis64WaterBasic60Common
MareepNeo Genesis65LightningBasic40Common
MarillNeo Genesis66WaterBasic40Common
NatuNeo Genesis67PsychicBasic30Common
OddishNeo Genesis68GrassBasic40Common
OnixNeo Genesis69FightingBasic60Common
PikachuNeo Genesis70LightningBasic50Common
SentretNeo Genesis71ColorlessBasic40Common
ShuckleNeo Genesis72GrassBasic50Common
SlowpokeNeo Genesis73PsychicBasic50Common
SnubbullNeo Genesis74ColorlessBasic50Common
SpinarakNeo Genesis75GrassBasic40Common
StantlerNeo Genesis76ColorlessBasic60Common
SudowoodoNeo Genesis77FightingBasic60Common
SunkernNeo Genesis78GrassBasic40Common
SwinubNeo Genesis79WaterBasic40Common
TotodileNeo Genesis80WaterBasic40Common
TotodileNeo Genesis81WaterBasic50Common
WooperNeo Genesis82WaterBasic50Common
Arcade GameNeo Genesis83Trainer0Rare
EcogymNeo Genesis84Stadium0Rare
Energy ChargeNeo Genesis85Trainer0Rare
Focus BandNeo Genesis86Item – Pokemon Tool0Rare
MaryNeo Genesis87Trainer0Rare
PokeGearNeo Genesis88Trainer0Rare
Super Energy RetrievalNeo Genesis89Trainer0Rare
Time CapsuleNeo Genesis90Trainer0Rare
Bill’s TeleporterNeo Genesis91Trainer0Uncommon
Card-Flip GameNeo Genesis92Trainer0Uncommon
Gold BerryNeo Genesis93Item – Pokemon Tool0Uncommon
Miracle BerryNeo Genesis94Item – Pokemon Tool0Uncommon
New PokedexNeo Genesis95Trainer0Uncommon
Professor ElmNeo Genesis96Trainer0Uncommon
Sprout TowerNeo Genesis97Stadium0Uncommon
Super Scoop UpNeo Genesis98Trainer0Uncommon
BerryNeo Genesis99Item – Pokemon Tool0Common
Double GustNeo Genesis100Trainer0Common
Moo-Moo MilkNeo Genesis101Trainer0Common
Pokemon MarchNeo Genesis102Trainer0Common
Super RodNeo Genesis103Trainer0Common
Darkness EnergyNeo Genesis104Special Energy0Rare
Recycle EnergyNeo Genesis105Special Energy0Rare
Fighting EnergyNeo Genesis106Energy0Energy
Fire EnergyNeo Genesis107Energy0Energy
Grass EnergyNeo Genesis108Energy0Energy
Lightning EnergyNeo Genesis109Energy0Energy
Psychic EnergyNeo Genesis110Energy0Energy
Water EnergyNeo Genesis111Energy0Energy