Next Destinies (Pokemon TCG)

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Set Symbol:
Cards in set English: 103 | Japanese: 114
Set number English: 51 | Japanese: 48
Release date English: Feb. 8, 2012 | Japanese: Sept. 16, 2011

Black & White — Next Destinies (Japanese: Psycho Drive · Hail Blizzard) is the name given to the fourth main expansion of cards from the English Black & White Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The Japanese release is the third of the BW era.

Next Destinies is the fourth expansion of the Black & White Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, and is the first to include Pokémon-EX. Pokémon-EX is a variant of Pokémon similar to a different variant introduced during the EX Series: Pokémon-ex. Pokémon-EX are more powerful versions of Pokémon, giving Trainers great rewards when used effectively, however, Trainers also suffer heavier losses when they are defeated.

Next Destinies includes six Pokémon-EX: Shaymin-EX, Reshiram-EX, Kyurem-EX, Zekrom-EX, Mewtwo-EX, and Regigigas-EX. All six were given two different prints, one regular version, and one Full Art version each.

This set also features the work of four illustrators new to the TCG: James Turner, Maiko Fujiwara, Tomohiro Kitakaze, and Megumi Mizutani. These four illustrators are all listed under "Pokémon design" on the credits of Pokémon Black and White.

The Prerelease promo for this set is Arcanine. This set contains one error card: Zoroark. The graphic border near the HP is the graphic used for Stage 2 Pokémon, though Zoroark is a Stage 1. The error was eventually corrected in later print runs.

Officially, the English release of the set contains 99 cards. Between alternate holofoils, promotional stamps, reverse holofoils, and Secret cards, the set contains 211 cards (not including error cards).

The Pokémon Trading Card Game: Black & White—Next Destinies expansion is loaded with powerful Pokémon-EX to give you extraordinary excitement! Discover great Pokémon like Reshiram-EX and Zekrom-EX, and even Pokémon from beyond the Unova region, like Mewtwo-EX. Next Destinies delivers your destiny: Pokémon with exceptional HP, Special Energy and Trainer cards with expanded powers, and expert strategies to extend your victory streaks!

NameSetNumberTypeCard TypeHPRarity
PinsirNext Destinies1GrassBasic80Rare
SeedotNext Destinies2GrassBasic40Common
KricketotNext Destinies3GrassBasic60Common
KricketuneNext Destinies4GrassStage 190Uncommon
Shaymin-EXNext Destinies5GrassBasic (EX)110Rare Holo ex
PansageNext Destinies6GrassBasic70Common
SimisageNext Destinies7GrassStage 190Rare
FoongusNext Destinies8GrassBasic40Common
AmoongussNext Destinies9GrassStage 190Rare
GrowlitheNext Destinies10FireBasic80Common
GrowlitheNext Destinies11FireBasic80Common
ArcanineNext Destinies12FireStage 1130Rare
ArcanineNext Destinies13FireStage 1120Uncommon
MoltresNext Destinies14FireBasic120Rare Holo
PansearNext Destinies15FireBasic70Common
SimisearNext Destinies16FireStage 190Rare
DarumakaNext Destinies17FireBasic80Common
LitwickNext Destinies18FireBasic60Common
LampentNext Destinies19FireStage 180Uncommon
ChandelureNext Destinies20FireStage 2120Rare Holo
ReshiramNext Destinies21FireBasic130Rare
Reshiram-EXNext Destinies22FireBasic (EX)180Rare Holo ex
StaryuNext Destinies23WaterBasic60Common
StarmieNext Destinies24WaterStage 190Uncommon
LaprasNext Destinies25WaterBasic100Rare
LaprasNext Destinies26WaterBasic90Uncommon
ArticunoNext Destinies27WaterBasic120Rare Holo
PanpourNext Destinies28WaterBasic70Common
SimipourNext Destinies29WaterStage 190Rare
BasculinNext Destinies30WaterBasic80Uncommon
VanilliteNext Destinies31WaterBasic60Common
VanillishNext Destinies32WaterStage 180Uncommon
VanilluxeNext Destinies33WaterStage 2130Rare Holo
FrillishNext Destinies34WaterBasic80Uncommon
JellicentNext Destinies35WaterStage 1120Rare
CubchooNext Destinies36WaterBasic70Common
BearticNext Destinies37WaterStage 1120Rare
Kyurem-EXNext Destinies38WaterBasic (EX)180Rare Holo ex
PikachuNext Destinies39LightningBasic60Common
RaichuNext Destinies40LightningStage 190Uncommon
ZapdosNext Destinies41LightningBasic120Rare Holo
ShinxNext Destinies42LightningBasic60Common
ShinxNext Destinies43LightningBasic60Common
LuxioNext Destinies44LightningStage 180Uncommon
LuxioNext Destinies45LightningStage 180Uncommon
LuxrayNext Destinies46LightningStage 2140Rare Holo
BlitzleNext Destinies47LightningBasic60Common
ZebstrikaNext Destinies48LightningStage 190Rare
EmolgaNext Destinies49LightningBasic70Uncommon
ZekromNext Destinies50LightningBasic130Rare
Zekrom-EXNext Destinies51LightningBasic (EX)180Rare Holo ex
GrimerNext Destinies52PsychicBasic70Common
MukNext Destinies53PsychicStage 1110Rare
Mewtwo-EXNext Destinies54PsychicBasic (EX)170Rare Holo ex
RaltsNext Destinies55PsychicBasic60Common
KirliaNext Destinies56PsychicStage 180Uncommon
GardevoirNext Destinies57PsychicStage 2110Rare Holo
MunnaNext Destinies58PsychicBasic70Common
MusharnaNext Destinies59PsychicStage 1100Rare
DarmanitanNext Destinies60PsychicStage 1110Rare
ElgyemNext Destinies61PsychicBasic60Common
BeheeyemNext Destinies62PsychicStage 180Rare
RioluNext Destinies63FightingBasic70Common
LucarioNext Destinies64FightingStage 1100Rare Holo
HippopotasNext Destinies65FightingBasic90Common
HippowdonNext Destinies66FightingStage 1130Uncommon
MienfooNext Destinies67FightingBasic60Common
MienshaoNext Destinies68FightingStage 190Uncommon
SneaselNext Destinies69DarknessBasic60Common
WeavileNext Destinies70DarknessStage 190Rare
NuzleafNext Destinies71DarknessStage 180Uncommon
ShiftryNext Destinies72DarknessStage 2130Rare
ScraggyNext Destinies73DarknessBasic70Uncommon
ScraftyNext Destinies74DarknessStage 190Rare Holo
BronzorNext Destinies75MetalBasic70Common
BronzongNext Destinies76MetalStage 1110Rare
FerroseedNext Destinies77MetalBasic60Common
JigglypuffNext Destinies78ColorlessBasic70Uncommon
WigglytuffNext Destinies79ColorlessStage 190Rare
MeowthNext Destinies80ColorlessBasic70Common
PersianNext Destinies81ColorlessStage 190Rare
Regigigas-EXNext Destinies82ColorlessBasic (EX)180Rare Holo ex
PidoveNext Destinies83ColorlessBasic60Common
MinccinoNext Destinies84ColorlessBasic60Uncommon
CinccinoNext Destinies85ColorlessStage 190Rare Holo
CilanNext Destinies86Supporter0Uncommon
Exp. ShareNext Destinies87Item – Pokemon Tool0Uncommon
Heavy BallNext Destinies88Item0Uncommon
Level BallNext Destinies89Item0Uncommon
Pokemon CenterNext Destinies90Stadium0Uncommon
Skyarrow BridgeNext Destinies91Stadium0Uncommon
Double Colorless EnergyNext Destinies92Special Energy0Uncommon
Prism EnergyNext Destinies93Special Energy0Uncommon
Shaymin-EXNext Destinies94GrassBasic (EX)110Super Rare Holo
Reshiram-EXNext Destinies95FireBasic (EX)180Super Rare Holo
Kyurem-EXNext Destinies96WaterBasic (EX)180Super Rare Holo
Zekrom-EXNext Destinies97LightningBasic (EX)180Super Rare Holo
Mewtwo-EXNext Destinies98PsychicBasic (EX)170Super Rare Holo
Regigigas-EXNext Destinies99ColorlessBasic (EX)180Super Rare Holo
EmboarNext Destinies100FireStage 2150Secret Rare
ChandelureNext Destinies101PsychicStage 2130Secret Rare
ZoroarkNext Destinies102DarknessStage 1100Secret Rare
HydreigonNext Destinies103DarknessStage 2150Secret Rare