Pop Series 7 (Pokemon TCG)

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Cards in set 17
Release period March 2008 - Sept. 2008

POP Series 7 is the name given to a special set of cards for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It was released through Pokémon Organized Play events and affiliated products.

POP Series 7 is the second DP Series set of the Pokémon Organized Play program and follows the trend set in POP Series 6. As such, seven cards were from the Dialga LV.X Constructed Standard Deck, seven from the Palkia LV.X Constructed Standard Deck (both released alongside Shining Darkness), and Delibird, Latias and Latios from the Magmortar vs Electivire Deck Kit (released alongside Moonlit Pursuit/Dawn Dash) were also included.

One of the cards, Wormadam Sandy Cloak, was banned from use at the 2008 North American Professor Cup, thus making it the first specific card to be banned from any official event since Slowking from Neo Genesis. The card was dominant at the 2008 European Professor Cup, due in part to being printed in the set as an Uncommon, a legal rarity for use in the Professor Cup (any Rare rarity is banned from use in that event).


The booster pack design features Gallade. This is the only POP Series set so far to consist entirely of reprints. The rare cards Ampharos, Gallade, Latias, Latios, Mothim and the uncommon card Kirlia, received holographic versions. They were available in value packs.