Sun and Moon (Pokemon TCG)

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Cards in set English: 163 | Japanese: 143*
Set number English: 72 | Japanese: 66
Release date English: Feb. 3, 2017 | Japanese: Dec. 9, 2016

Sun & Moon (Japanese: Collection Sun and Collection Moon) is the name given to the first main expansion of cards from the Sun & Moon Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game (the Sun & Moon Era in Japan). The set is the first to feature Generation VII and Pokémon-GX in the card game.

It is based on Pokémon Sun and Moon, featuring Generation VII and the two game Legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala. The English expansion was released on February 3, 2017 while the Japanese subsets were released on December 9, 2016.

Sun and Moon contains 163 cards, including 11 new Pokémon-GX and more than 40 Pokémon native to the Alola region. The Japanese equivalent Collection Sun and Collection Moon each feature 70 cards, with cards divided between the two based on things like version exclusivity between the Pokémon Sun and Moon games.

Your Adventure in a New Region Starts Now!

Welcome to the tropical Alola region! Start your journey with Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio, then seek out the Legendary Pokémon Solgaleo-GX and Lunala-GX to witness the awesome power of a new kind of Pokémon: each Pokémon-GX brings an attack so devastating that you can use only one of them per game! Discover dozens of never-before-seen Pokémon, Alola forms of some familiar favorites, and new ways to battle in the Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon expansion!

NameSetNumberTypeCard TypeHPRarity
CaterpieSun and Moon1GrassBasic50Common
MetapodSun and Moon2GrassStage 180Uncommon
ButterfreeSun and Moon3GrassStage 2130Rare
ParasSun and Moon4GrassBasic60Common
ParasectSun and Moon5GrassStage 1110Rare
PinsirSun and Moon6GrassBasic110Uncommon
SurskitSun and Moon7GrassBasic50Common
MasquerainSun and Moon8GrassStage 190Rare
RowletSun and Moon9GrassBasic60Common
DartrixSun and Moon10GrassStage 180Uncommon
DecidueyeSun and Moon11GrassStage 2140Rare
Decidueye-GXSun and Moon12GrassStage 2 (GX)240Rare Holo GX
GrubbinSun and Moon13GrassBasic70Common
FomantisSun and Moon14GrassBasic60Common
Lurantis-GXSun and Moon15GrassStage 1 (GX)210Rare Holo GX
MorelullSun and Moon16GrassBasic60Common
ShiinoticSun and Moon17GrassStage 1100Rare Holo
BounsweetSun and Moon18GrassBasic60Common
SteeneeSun and Moon19GrassStage 190Uncommon
TsareenaSun and Moon20GrassStage 2140Rare Holo
GrowlitheSun and Moon21FireBasic80Common
ArcanineSun and Moon22FireStage 1130Rare Holo
TorkoalSun and Moon23FireBasic110Common
LittenSun and Moon24FireBasic70Common
TorracatSun and Moon25FireStage 190Uncommon
IncineroarSun and Moon26FireStage 2160Rare
Incineroar-GXSun and Moon27FireStage 2 (GX)250Rare Holo GX
PsyduckSun and Moon28WaterBasic70Common
GolduckSun and Moon29WaterStage 190Rare
PoliwagSun and Moon30WaterBasic60Common
PoliwhirlSun and Moon31WaterStage 190Uncommon
PoliwrathSun and Moon32WaterStage 2150Rare Holo
ShellderSun and Moon33WaterBasic60Common
CloysterSun and Moon34WaterStage 1120Rare
Lapras-GXSun and Moon35WaterBasic (GX)190Rare Holo GX
CorsolaSun and Moon36WaterBasic80Uncommon
WingullSun and Moon37WaterBasic60Common
PelipperSun and Moon38WaterStage 1100Uncommon
PopplioSun and Moon39WaterBasic70Common
BrionneSun and Moon40WaterStage 190Uncommon
PrimarinaSun and Moon41WaterStage 2150Rare
Primarina-GXSun and Moon42WaterStage 2 (GX)250Rare Holo GX
CrabominableSun and Moon43WaterStage 1140Rare
WishiwashiSun and Moon44WaterBasic30Uncommon
DewpiderSun and Moon45WaterBasic60Common
AraquanidSun and Moon46WaterStage 1100Uncommon
PyukumukuSun and Moon47WaterBasic60Uncommon
BruxishSun and Moon48WaterBasic110Rare
ChinchouSun and Moon49LightningBasic70Common
LanturnSun and Moon50LightningStage 1110Rare
CharjabugSun and Moon51LightningStage 190Uncommon
VikavoltSun and Moon52LightningStage 2150Rare Holo
TogedemaruSun and Moon53LightningBasic70Common
ZubatSun and Moon54PsychicBasic50Common
GolbatSun and Moon55PsychicStage 180Uncommon
CrobatSun and Moon56PsychicStage 2130Rare Holo
Alolan GrimerSun and Moon57PsychicBasic80Common
Alolan MukSun and Moon58PsychicStage 1120Rare Holo
DrowzeeSun and Moon59PsychicBasic70Common
HypnoSun and Moon60PsychicStage 1110Uncommon
Espeon-GXSun and Moon61PsychicStage 1 (GX)200Rare Holo GX
MareanieSun and Moon62PsychicBasic60Common
ToxapexSun and Moon63PsychicStage 1110Rare Holo
CosmogSun and Moon64PsychicBasic60Common
CosmoemSun and Moon65PsychicStage 190Rare
Lunala-GXSun and Moon66PsychicStage 2 (GX)250Rare Holo GX
MakuhitaSun and Moon67FightingBasic80Common
HariyamaSun and Moon68FightingStage 1130Rare
RoggenrolaSun and Moon69FightingBasic70Common
BoldoreSun and Moon70FightingStage 1110Uncommon
GigalithSun and Moon71FightingStage 2160Rare Holo
CrabrawlerSun and Moon72FightingBasic80Common
PassimianSun and Moon73FightingBasic110Uncommon
SandygastSun and Moon74FightingBasic80Common
PalossandSun and Moon75FightingStage 1130Rare
Alolan RattataSun and Moon76DarknessBasic40Common
Alolan RaticateSun and Moon77DarknessStage 1120Uncommon
Alolan MeowthSun and Moon78DarknessBasic70Common
Alolan PersianSun and Moon79DarknessStage 190Uncommon
Umbreon-GXSun and Moon80DarknessStage 1 (GX)200Rare Holo GX
CarvanhaSun and Moon81DarknessBasic60Common
SharpedoSun and Moon82DarknessStage 1110Rare Holo
SandileSun and Moon83DarknessBasic70Common
KrokorokSun and Moon84DarknessStage 190Uncommon
KrookodileSun and Moon85DarknessStage 2150Rare Holo
Alolan DiglettSun and Moon86MetalBasic50Common
Alolan DugtrioSun and Moon87MetalStage 1100Rare Holo
SkarmorySun and Moon88MetalBasic110Common
Solgaleo-GXSun and Moon89MetalStage 2 (GX)250Rare Holo GX
SnubbullSun and Moon90FairyBasic70Common
GranbullSun and Moon91FairyStage 1110Uncommon
CutieflySun and Moon92FairyBasic30Common
RibombeeSun and Moon93FairyStage 160Rare Holo
DratiniSun and Moon94DragonBasic60Common
DragonairSun and Moon95DragonStage 190Uncommon
DragoniteSun and Moon96DragonStage 2160Rare Holo
SpearowSun and Moon97ColorlessBasic60Common
FearowSun and Moon98ColorlessStage 190Common
KangaskhanSun and Moon99ColorlessBasic130Rare Holo
Tauros-GXSun and Moon100ColorlessBasic (GX)180Rare Holo GX
EeveeSun and Moon101ColorlessBasic60Common
SpindaSun and Moon102ColorlessBasic80Uncommon
LillipupSun and Moon103ColorlessBasic60Common
HerdierSun and Moon104ColorlessStage 190Uncommon
StoutlandSun and Moon105ColorlessStage 2150Rare
PikipekSun and Moon106ColorlessBasic50Common
TrumbeakSun and Moon107ColorlessStage 180Uncommon
ToucannonSun and Moon108ColorlessStage 2140Rare
YungoosSun and Moon109ColorlessBasic70Common
Gumshoos-GXSun and Moon110ColorlessStage 1 (GX)210Rare Holo GX
StuffulSun and Moon111ColorlessBasic70Common
BewearSun and Moon112ColorlessStage 1130Uncommon
OranguruSun and Moon113ColorlessBasic120Rare Holo
Big MalasadaSun and Moon114Item0Uncommon
Crushing HammerSun and Moon115Item0Uncommon
Energy RetrievalSun and Moon116Item0Uncommon
Energy SwitchSun and Moon117Item0Uncommon
Exp. ShareSun and Moon118Item – Pokemon Tool0Uncommon
Great BallSun and Moon119Item0Uncommon
HauSun and Moon120Supporter0Uncommon
IlimaSun and Moon121Supporter0Uncommon
LillieSun and Moon122Supporter0Uncommon
Nest BallSun and Moon123Item0Uncommon
Poison BarbSun and Moon124Item – Pokemon Tool0Uncommon
Poke BallSun and Moon125Item0Uncommon
Pokemon CatcherSun and Moon126Item0Uncommon
PotionSun and Moon127Item0Uncommon
Professor KukuiSun and Moon128Supporter0Uncommon
Rare CandySun and Moon129Item0Uncommon
RepelSun and Moon130Item0Uncommon
Rotom DexSun and Moon131Item0Uncommon
SwitchSun and Moon132Item0Uncommon
Team Skull GruntSun and Moon133Supporter0Uncommon
Timer BallSun and Moon134Item0Uncommon
Ultra BallSun and Moon135Item0Uncommon
Double Colorless EnergySun and Moon136Special Energy0Uncommon
Rainbow EnergySun and Moon137Special Energy0Uncommon
Lurantis-GXSun and Moon138GrassStage 1 (GX)210Super Rare Holo
Lapras-GXSun and Moon139WaterBasic (GX)190Super Rare Holo
Espeon-GXSun and Moon140PsychicStage 1 (GX)200Super Rare Holo
Lunala-GXSun and Moon141PsychicStage 2 (GX)250Super Rare Holo
Umbreon-GXSun and Moon142DarknessStage 1 (GX)200Super Rare Holo
Solgaleo-GXSun and Moon143MetalStage 2 (GX)250Super Rare Holo
Tauros-GXSun and Moon144ColorlessBasic (GX)180Super Rare Holo
Gumshoos-GXSun and Moon145ColorlessStage 1 (GX)210Super Rare Holo
IlimaSun and Moon146Supporter0Super Rare Holo
LillieSun and Moon147Supporter0Super Rare Holo
Professor KukuiSun and Moon148Supporter0Super Rare Holo
Team Skull GruntSun and Moon149Supporter0Super Rare Holo
Lurantis-GXSun and Moon150GrassStage 1 (GX)210Secret Rare
Lapras-GXSun and Moon151WaterBasic (GX)190Secret Rare
Espeon-GXSun and Moon152PsychicStage 1 (GX)200Secret Rare
Lunala-GXSun and Moon153PsychicStage 2 (GX)250Secret Rare
Umbreon-GXSun and Moon154DarknessStage 1 (GX)200Secret Rare
Solgaleo-GXSun and Moon155MetalStage 2 (GX)250Secret Rare
Tauros-GXSun and Moon156ColorlessBasic (GX)180Secret Rare
Gumshoos-GXSun and Moon157ColorlessStage 1 (GX)210Secret Rare
Nest BallSun and Moon158Item0Secret Rare
Rotom DexSun and Moon159Item0Secret Rare
SwitchSun and Moon160Item0Secret Rare
Ultra BallSun and Moon161Item0Secret Rare
Psychic EnergySun and Moon162Energy0Secret Rare
Metal EnergySun and Moon163Energy0Secret Rare
Grass EnergySun and Moon164Energy0Energy
Fire EnergySun and Moon165Energy0Energy
Water EnergySun and Moon166Energy0Energy
Lightning EnergySun and Moon167Energy0Energy
Psychic EnergySun and Moon168Energy0Energy
Fighting EnergySun and Moon169Energy0Energy
Darkness EnergySun and Moon170Energy0Energy
Metal EnergySun and Moon171Energy0Energy
Fairy EnergySun and Moon172Energy0Energy