Sun and Moon Promos (Pokemon TCG)

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EvolutionsSun and Moon

The Sun and Moon Black Star Promos are a series of promotional cards tied in with the Sun & Moon Series of cards, which started with the release of the Alola Collection the same day as Pokémon Sun and Moon. With the introduction of this Series, the XY prefix for promotional cards was changed to SM.

NameSetNumberTypeCard TypeHPRarity
RowletSun and Moon Promos1GrassBasic50Promo
LittenSun and Moon Promos2FireBasic60Promo
PopplioSun and Moon Promos3WaterBasic60Promo
PikachuSun and Moon Promos4LightningBasic70Promo
Snorlax-GXSun and Moon Promos5ColorlessBasic (GX)190Promo
RockruffSun and Moon Promos6FightingBasic60Promo
PikipekSun and Moon Promos7ColorlessBasic60Promo
LittenSun and Moon Promos8FireBasic60Promo
TogedemaruSun and Moon Promos9LightningBasic70Promo
ShiinoticSun and Moon Promos10GrassStage 1100Promo
BruxishSun and Moon Promos11WaterBasic110Promo
PassimianSun and Moon Promos12FightingBasic110Promo
OranguruSun and Moon Promos13ColorlessBasic120Promo
Lycanroc-GXSun and Moon Promos14FightingStage 1 (GX)200Promo
ZygardeSun and Moon Promos15FightingBasic130Promo
Solgaleo-GXSun and Moon Promos16MetalStage 2 (GX)250Promo
Lunala-GXSun and Moon Promos17PsychicStage 2 (GX)250Promo
Alolan SandslashSun and Moon Promos18WaterStage 1110Promo
OricorioSun and Moon Promos19PsychicBasic90Promo
MudsdaleSun and Moon Promos20FightingStage 1140Promo
DrampaSun and Moon Promos21DragonBasic120Promo
RowletSun and Moon Promos22GrassBasic60Promo
LittenSun and Moon Promos23FireBasic70Promo
PopplioSun and Moon Promos24WaterBasic70Promo
LurantisSun and Moon Promos25GrassStage 1100Promo
TsareenaSun and Moon Promos26GrassStage 2140Promo
TurtonatorSun and Moon Promos27FireBasic130Promo
VikavoltSun and Moon Promos28LightningStage 2150Promo
MimikyuSun and Moon Promos29PsychicBasic70Promo
TogedemaruSun and Moon Promos44LightningBasic70Promo