Team Rocket (Pokemon TCG)


Base Set 2Gym Heroes 

Set Symbol:
Cards in set English: 83 | Japanese: 65
Set number English: 5 | Japanese: 4
Release date English: April 24, 2000 | Japanese: Nov. 21, 1997

Team Rocket (Japanese: Rocket Gang) is the name given to an expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. As its name implies, it was themed around the exploits of Team Rocket.

This was the first set released by Wizards of the Coast to include a "secret card", that is, a card whose number is larger than the set number, as well as a card created by Wizards themselves - Dark Raichu. Dark Raichu would not see a Japanese version until Neo 2.

The release of this set in North America was stalled considerably, as it was six months between when Fossil and Team Rocket were released. This mostly had to do with Wizards trying to get approval from Nintendo to make Dark Raichu; Nintendo was holding out and Wizards couldn't get the set released without Dark Raichu.

Similarly, this set was the first set to include the Japanese version of a "secret card" with the "Super Rare" rarity (signified by a white star), which was the Here Comes Team Rocket! Trainer card.

This was the first set to feature Dark Pokémon. For its North American release, the "Dark" prefix was chosen versus the originally translated prefix, "Bad", and the potentially touchy prefix, "Evil".

Wizards of the Coast released a strategy guide for this expansion: Team Rocket Strategy Guide.
In addition to being the set that released the first secret card, it was also the set that featured the first holofoil Trainer card and Energy cards—all previous holofoils had been Pokémon.

This set was the fourth non-reprint set of the TCG. Three Pokémon were featured in this set while already appearing in two of the previous three sets, making them at the time the only Pokémon to be featured in three different sets (while most Pokémon were still featured only once) : Electrode, Magneton and Raichu.

Several cards in the set misspell the plural form of Pokémon names by adding an unneeded s to the end of species names in Attacks or Pokédex entries.

NameSetNumberTypeCard TypeHPRarity
Dark AlakazamTeam Rocket1PsychicStage 260Rare Holo
Dark ArbokTeam Rocket2GrassStage 160Rare Holo
Dark BlastoiseTeam Rocket3WaterStage 270Rare Holo
Dark CharizardTeam Rocket4FireStage 280Rare Holo
Dark DragoniteTeam Rocket5ColorlessStage 270Rare Holo
Dark DugtrioTeam Rocket6FightingStage 150Rare Holo
Dark GolbatTeam Rocket7GrassStage 150Rare Holo
Dark GyaradosTeam Rocket8WaterStage 170Rare Holo
Dark HypnoTeam Rocket9PsychicStage 160Rare Holo
Dark MachampTeam Rocket10FightingStage 170Rare Holo
Dark MagnetonTeam Rocket11LightningStage 160Rare Holo
Dark SlowbroTeam Rocket12PsychicStage 160Rare Holo
Dark VileplumeTeam Rocket13GrassStage 260Rare Holo
Dark WeezingTeam Rocket14GrassStage 160Rare Holo
Here Comes Team Rocket!Team Rocket15Trainer0Rare Holo
Rocket’s Sneak AttackTeam Rocket16Trainer0Rare Holo
Rainbow EnergyTeam Rocket17Special Energy0Rare Holo
Dark AlakazamTeam Rocket18PsychicStage 260Rare
Dark ArbokTeam Rocket19GrassStage 160Rare
Dark BlastoiseTeam Rocket20WaterStage 270Rare
Dark CharizardTeam Rocket21FireStage 280Rare
Dark DragoniteTeam Rocket22ColorlessStage 270Rare
Dark DugtrioTeam Rocket23FightingStage 150Rare
Dark GolbatTeam Rocket24GrassStage 150Rare
Dark GyaradosTeam Rocket25WaterStage 170Rare
Dark HypnoTeam Rocket26PsychicStage 160Rare
Dark MachampTeam Rocket27FightingStage 170Rare
Dark MagnetonTeam Rocket28LightningStage 160Rare
Dark SlowbroTeam Rocket29PsychicStage 160Rare
Dark VileplumeTeam Rocket30GrassStage 260Rare
Dark WeezingTeam Rocket31GrassStage 160Rare
Dark CharmeleonTeam Rocket32FireStage 150Uncommon
Dark DragonairTeam Rocket33ColorlessStage 160Uncommon
Dark ElectrodeTeam Rocket34LightningStage 160Uncommon
Dark FlareonTeam Rocket35FireStage 150Uncommon
Dark GloomTeam Rocket36GrassStage 150Uncommon
Dark GolduckTeam Rocket37WaterStage 160Uncommon
Dark JolteonTeam Rocket38LightningStage 150Uncommon
Dark KadabraTeam Rocket39PsychicStage 150Uncommon
Dark MachokeTeam Rocket40FightingStage 160Uncommon
Dark MukTeam Rocket41GrassStage 160Uncommon
Dark PersianTeam Rocket42ColorlessStage 160Uncommon
Dark PrimeapeTeam Rocket43FightingStage 160Uncommon
Dark RapidashTeam Rocket44FireStage 160Uncommon
Dark VaporeonTeam Rocket45WaterStage 160Uncommon
Dark WartortleTeam Rocket46WaterStage 160Uncommon
MagikarpTeam Rocket47WaterBasic30Uncommon
PorygonTeam Rocket48ColorlessBasic40Uncommon
AbraTeam Rocket49PsychicBasic40Common
CharmanderTeam Rocket50FireBasic40Common
Dark RaticateTeam Rocket51ColorlessStage 150Common
DiglettTeam Rocket52FightingBasic40Common
DratiniTeam Rocket53ColorlessBasic40Common
DrowzeeTeam Rocket54PsychicBasic50Common
EeveeTeam Rocket55ColorlessBasic40Common
EkansTeam Rocket56GrassBasic50Common
GrimerTeam Rocket57GrassBasic40Common
KoffingTeam Rocket58GrassBasic40Common
MachopTeam Rocket59FightingBasic50Common
MagnemiteTeam Rocket60LightningBasic40Common
MankeyTeam Rocket61FightingBasic40Common
MeowthTeam Rocket62ColorlessBasic40Common
OddishTeam Rocket63GrassBasic50Common
PonytaTeam Rocket64FireBasic50Common
PsyduckTeam Rocket65WaterBasic50Common
RattataTeam Rocket66ColorlessBasic40Common
SlowpokeTeam Rocket67PsychicBasic50Common
SquirtleTeam Rocket68WaterBasic50Common
VoltorbTeam Rocket69LightningBasic40Common
ZubatTeam Rocket70GrassBasic40Common
Here Comes Team Rocket!Team Rocket71Trainer0Rare
Rocket’s Sneak AttackTeam Rocket72Trainer0Rare
The Boss’s WayTeam Rocket73Trainer0Uncommon
Challenge!Team Rocket74Trainer0Uncommon
DiggerTeam Rocket75Trainer0Uncommon
Imposter Oak’s RevengeTeam Rocket76Trainer0Uncommon
Nightly Garbage RunTeam Rocket77Trainer0Uncommon
Goop Gas AttackTeam Rocket78Trainer0Common
Sleep!Team Rocket79Trainer0Common
Rainbow EnergyTeam Rocket80Special Energy0Rare
Full Heal EnergyTeam Rocket81Special Energy0Uncommon
Potion EnergyTeam Rocket82Special Energy0Uncommon
Dark RaichuTeam Rocket83LightningStage 170Rare Holo