After unlocking the Bonus Rewards at the three summer events in Pokemon Go, an Ultra Bonus Unlock will be revealed on Monday September 10, 2018.

The Bonus Rewards have been Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres Day, a three hour event in which the legendary bird is available at every gym (except gyms where there will be an EX-Raid happening soon) and five Free Raid Passes are given out one at a time. The raid bosses have Tier 4 CP but the raids give out Tier 5 rewards.

What could the Ultra Unlock Bonus be? Let’s review a few theories that have been circulating.

  1. Mewtwo Day – My top theory and the one that makes most sense to me. We could have a Mewtwo Day, which will give everyone a chance to catch it without the hassle of obtaining an EX-Raid Pass. It could have the chance to be shiny like the three legendary birds. Mewtwo could then be switched from the EX-Raids and substituted with Deoxys. Mewtwo has been the only EX-Raid boss available. Deoxys could have random forms once you enter the capture screen or forms could change once every few months like Spinda on the Field Research tasks.
  2. Generation 4 – It’s about time for the new Generation to be released. It could happen just like Generation 2, with baby Pokemon first and/or the Eeveelutions we did not get during the Community Day.
  3. More levels beyond 40 – Niantic’s CEO John Hanke confirmed in an interview on April 29, 2018 that the level cap will be increased in the future.
  4. Regigigas – The fourth Regi, a Generation 4 legendary Pokemon. It would be less exciting but it would complete the Regi quartet and we would have the first Generation 4 Pokemon.
  5. Regional Pokemon – Regionals could be unlocked for a day or two or rotated. This is a little less relevant now that trading exists but then again, not everyone has the opportunity to trade a regional Pokemon.
  6. Jirachi – Generation 3’s Mythical Pokemon. Another Special Research seems too soon but lately Niantic has been releasing events one right after the other.
  7. Lugia – Again? I hope not. 😄

What do you think the Ultra Unlock Bonus will be? Let us know in the comments section below.