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Ultra Prism

Ultra Prism expansion, Leafeon-GX, Dialga-GX, Palkia-GX, Silvally-GX and more

Get your FREE Heatran Promo before is too LATE!

First Legendary Pokémon distribution of 2018 and Ultra Prism expansion available now

Celebrate Ultra Prism with Exclusive Poster and Piplup foil Card Giveaways at Toys R Us

Erratum issued for Cyrus ♢ from Ultra Prism expansion.

Many Ultra Prism Products Images Revealed! Elite Trainer Boxes, Promo Blisters, Leafeon Booster Pack!

Ultra Prism Booster Pack, Box, and Theme Deck Images Revealed!

Cynthia Full Art from SM5 Revealed!

March will see the release of two new Necrozma Prism Tins!


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