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Top 10 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards from Evolutions

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Pokemon Evolutions Set, was the last set from the 6th generation of cards and it was a full of amazing old school reprints. Some of this cards are expensive, and other, well are only pretty.

So let’s talk about, The Top 10 Must Expensive Pokemon Evolutions Cards. Stay tuned!

Number 10: Mega Blastoise EX

This card cost $5 to this date, and it is not only a pricey card but a pretty card, that will for sure be the center of attention in any player’s deck.

Number 9: Brock’s Grit Full Art


This is the number 107 of this set and the cost is $5.49. Its great playability and amazing art, makes it a very unique and most wanted card for many players.

Number 8: Mega Pidgeot EX, Full Art


This is the number 105 of this set and the cost is $6

Number 7: Mewtwo EX, Full Art


Mewtwo has being a main card since the beginning of the pokemon franchise, and this card is no exception. The price of it is $6 and receive the number 103 of the set.

Even when this card is not in the most playable list, Mewtwo EX can be used in some decks around Shaymin EX and Mega Mewtwo EX.

Number 6: Charizard (Holo Rare)

This is the number 11 in the collection and the cost to the moment is $5 (reverse holo version) and $7 (holo edition).

So, if you pull it, now you know you are a lucky person, not only because the price but because the great feeling of pulling this amazing cards like if you where in 1995.

Number 5: Mega Venusaur EX

This ultra rare the number 100 of the set, and its price is $7. It is one of the most amazing containing card in the set.

This is the full art version of venusaur in this set.

Number 4: Dragonite EX

This full art card is the number 106 of the set and it is an ultra rare. This is one of the most playable card of this set, so it is one of the most used in many decks, so no wonder why it is one of the most expensives ones.

With a price of $9, this card became one of the most expensive of the set and one the the most pretty with a shiny gold touch.

Number 3: Mega Blastoise EX

This ultra rare card receives the number 102 of the collection. It is not most playable for some players, but can be used in some water decks.

The price is $9, so if you have it now you know that you pulled not just a very famous card but also an expensive one.

Number 2: Mega Charizard EX

This is an ultra rare card that receive the number 13 of the set and cost $13, something not so rare in Charizard’s cards, because since the first base set in 1999 this card has being a very famous and expensive one, that many players and collectors wants in their binders.

Number 1: Mega Charizard EX

This full art card received the secret number of 101. It is very difficult to pull and only some few people already reported that found it. So, if you have it, it is good to know that this is the most expensive card at the moment, with a cost around $27.

I am pretty sure that many players wants this card in their decks, and that many collectors are very excited about this card in their binders.

So, which of this cards you want? and which of this cards you already got? let me know in the comments below and let me know what other blogs and videos you are interested in, so I can make them for you.

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