Video: How to make 3D printed Poké Ball game cartridge case for Nintendo Switch

3d printed poke ball nintendo switch cartridge case

A talented Nintendo fan who goes by Kickass 3D Prints has created a 3D printed Poké Ball game cartridge case for Nintendo Switch. To learn how to make your own, check out the video and tips below:

TRAINER used PRINT! It was super effective!! Keep your Switch cartridges organized and protected in a life-sized Pokeball! It’ll hold up to 8 cartridges and the top is filled up with material so they won’t ever fall out of place, no matter which way it’s held.


  • The spring release I used is actually from a cheap Pokeball I had around at home that you can buy online for a few bucks. Some 1.75mm filament will also work as a hinge that can be opened manually.
  • The holes where the wire go in place may not print properly because of how fine they are, so you might have to drill or heat up a pin to puncture the holes instead.
  • You’ll need to make sure to remove the support materials where the button clicks into position on the upper and lower inside parts as they can get easily missed. If not the button might be too sensitive.


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