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VintagePokeCollector: A small introduction

I have been a Pokemon fan since it all started. My first game was Pokemon Yellow, I put over 150 hours into it and completed the Pokédex.

My first Pokemon cards were the ones from a Thunderstorm box, and I learned to play with the Play It CD-ROM included in it.

Play it CD Pokemon
Play it CD Pokemon

I collected cards from Base Set up to Legendary Collection. I watched the cartoon every day. I had Burger King toys, office supplies, stickers, posters, shirts, player’s guides; I virtually collected anything Pokemon-related I could get my hands on.

Burger King Pokemon
Burger King Pokemon

I got disconnected from Pokemon because of normal life circumstances but it all stayed dormant…

The Pokemon 20th Anniversary celebration was announced. I went to the Pokemon Day event at Toys R Us on February 27, 2016 and after receiving a new promo card and seeing all the new stuff that had come out, I decided to start collecting Pokemon cards again, and of course, everything in between.

20th Anniversary Pokemon
20th Anniversary Pokemon

I bought new cards from recent sets and the magic returned to me. I felt like a kid again! I dug up my old cards and retook the mission of completing those sets. I bought Pokemon Alpha Sapphire for 3DS and relieved the memories of Pokemon Sapphire for Game Boy Advance, the last game I played.

Later in the summer, Pokemon Go was released on July 6, 2016. Of course, it became a part of my life. I have been playing since day one, following my mission to complete the Pokédex. I consider myself a dedicated player, I recently reached Level 37 and my Pokedex is very complete.

My family plays Pokemon Go and I have made many new friends because of the game, specially now with the addition of raids.

Here in PikaPlace I will write about old Pokemon things and Pokemon Go news. Stay tuned and follow me on Instagram @VintagePokeCollector

About Vintage PokeCollector

Vintage PokeCollector
Writer and contributor at PikaPlace. Fan and collector of all things Pokemon since 2000. Dedicated Pokemon Go player; Team Mystic, Level 37.

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