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Weighing Pokemon Booster Packs!


One day, I was talking with a friend who randomly asked me “Hey! whats the process behind weighing pokemon booster packs?, I really want to do that for better pulls”.

So before offending him with some strong and impolite’words, I said to me: “it is not amazing to have the best Pokemon TCG cards in the market no matter what?” to what I answered “Yes for sure, I love Pokemon cards since i’m a child, i’m so happy with a company that has given me so many happy moments, i’m also so happy with my expensive collections of old school Pokemon Cards and i’m… wait a second, I want good cards, TRUE (everyone wants them).

So if I weight the Pokemon Booster Packs I will probably have good pulls, but what if everyone think like that and everyone start weighing Pokemon booster packs?

So I decided to make this articles to everyone over there asking how is the process and for those who are already doing it and are taking advantage of people that doesn’t know.

Back to the Pokemon World

Nowadays, like many collectors and players, I restarted collecting, at that moment wasn’t so difficult to obtain the good stuff, trading, buying a blister pack or going on a spree to get the chance to see what I get was in my top things to do every friday.

But lately those days went to an end when I had any pulls in many many packs (more than 50).

Old School Weighing Pokemon Booster Packs

Old School Weighing Pokemon Booster Packs

The idea behind Pokemon TCG is:

  • To Either find something to your advantage (collect or sell) Don’t forget to check out Top 10 Most Expensive S&M Cards!
  • Find nothing to your advantage, and try to trade to get what you need (trades or selling too)

But a person, like many others around the world get to just buy packs, knowing they’ve got the good stuff… What is the point of a booster pack now?

What’s the point of buying something useless while the person weighing gets everything while reducing the opportunities of others in ever having the fun of opening a pack and finding something memorable of the Ultr

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