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One day, I was talking with a friend who randomly asked me “Hey! whats the process behind weighing pokemon booster packs?, I really want to do that for better pulls”. So before offending him with some strong and impolite’words, I said to me: “it is not amazing to have the best Pokemon TCG cards in the market no matter what?” to what I answered “Yes for sure, I love Pokemon cards since i’m a child, i’m so happy with a company that has given me so many happy moments, i’m also so happy with my expensive collections of old school Pokemon Cards and i’m… wait a second, I want good cards, TRUE (everyone wants them).

UltraRares Weighing Pokemon Booster Packs

Ultra Rare Cards

So if I weight the Pokemon Booster Packs I will probably have good pulls, but what if everyone think like that and everyone start weighing Pokemon booster packs? So I decided to make this articles to everyone over there asking how is the process and for those who are already doing it and are taking advantage of people that doesn’t know.

Back to the Pokemon World

Nowadays, like many collectors and players, I restarted collecting, at that moment wasn’t so difficult to obtain the good stuff, trading, buying a blister pack or going on a spree to get the chance to see what I get was in my top things to do every friday. But lately those days went to an end when I had any pulls in many many packs (more than 50).

Old School Weighing Pokemon Booster Packs

Old School Weighing Pokemon Booster Packs

The idea behind Pokemon TCG is:

  • To Either find something to your advantage (collect or sell) Don’t forget to check out Top 10 Most Expensive S&M Cards!
  • Find nothing to your advantage, and try to trade to get what you need (trades or selling too)

But a person, like many others around the world get to just buy packs, knowing they’ve got the good stuff… What is the point of a booster pack now? What’s the point of buying something useless while the person weighing gets everything while reducing the opportunities of others in ever having the fun of opening a pack and finding something memorable of the Ultra Rares, then has all of the endgame?

Weighing Pokemon Booster Packs Works!

Let’s start pointing that Weighing Pokemon Booster packs absolutely works, at least in many sets and we can argue about the unethical action of doing so (I think it is unethical and unpractical for sure but I will expand that idea below). We can also question whether Nintendo should put more effort in stopping this from happening in the first place. As simple as adding a small random weight to each pack can nullify this method that will for sure put an end to it.

In any packs released after BREAKpoint, this process seems to be implemented, but you can still weigh the packs in most cases. But most stores still carry old sets like Roaring Skies, however, the cardboard sleeves have inconsistencies and it won’t work. Afterwards, its nearly impossible to weigh packs because of the weighted code cards. This is a brilliant counter as until now Pokemon didn’t seem to do much about the market on Pack Weighing. Second hand selling they are reluctant to touch, but seeming as people were going into shops and weighing in the selling establishment I suppose they had to do something.

How is the process of Weighing Pokemon Booster Packs?

For those that don’t know, Pokemon pack weighing is the process of taking scales to weigh loose packs, as the ultra rare cards weigh more. And that’s the main problem, that the process of weighing packs is pretty easy “just weight them until you find a pattern related to good pulls” after that, the person can start damaging its own community and its own hobby shortening its life.

It seems now that the cards with the Ultra Rare Packs in have a different weight code card in, one that doesn’t affect the weight, and the packs without an Ultra Rare in the code cards are heavier so they weight the same as UR.

White and Green Codes

The white code card design was introduced in Phantom Forces, and was used in every booster pack in Phantom Forces, Primal Clash, Roaring Skies, Ancient Origins, and BREAKthrough. With the release of BREAKpoint, however, the role of white code cards were reduced to only being in packs with holos or any rarer cards.

This is true 100% of the time, so if you get a white card in your pack, you will always get a card that’s at least a holo rare in the rare slot of the pack. This includes holos, EX’s, GX’s, full arts, rainbow rares, and secret rares (except in Evolutions). These only appear in packs with white code cards, which makes it extremely easy to predict when you’re going to get a good pull, for better or worse.

Since holos and Ultra Rares weigh more than non-holos, the weight difference is made up by the code cards, making weighing extremely inaccurate. Some packs will still weigh more than others, but that doesn’t meant there’s something good in it.

Solutions Weighing Pokemon Booster Packs Thing of the Past

Weighing Pokemon Booster Packs Thing of the Past?

In BREAKpoint, Fates Collide, Steam Siege, and Evolutions, you can still pull a BREAK card, since it comes in the reverse slot of the pack. And in Evolutions, you can also pull one of the five secret rares (Flying Pikachu, Surfing Pikachu, Here Comes Team Rocket, Imakuni’s Doduo, and Exeggutor), since they come in the uncommon slots of the pack.

However, Dollar Tree packs are weighable for sure up to Sun and Moon. Not sure about Guardians Rising though. Those packs are honestly targeted mainly at children who don’t know better, so be careful buying packs from there because chances are someone already took all the good ones.

Long Term Results of  Weighing Pokemon Booster Packs

I know that many of the lastest Pokemon TCG sets are “weigh proof” but there are still many sets that doesn’t. And many of those sets still being sold at many big stores where many parents buy cards to their children. And that’s where the issue begins.

Let’s extend the previous statement of children opening packs with no pulls at all. Did you remember those first days playing Pokemon Games in school and opening packs with many of our favorite Pokemon cards? I know many of us still have those cards in binders like they are big achievements. But what would happen if every time we opened a Pokemon Pack their pulls wasn’t good?

Weighing Pokemon Booster Packs Effects

Weighing Pokemon Booster Packs Effects

Children are the future of our hobby that is a game but for many collectors their cards are like market stocks, they care of them like trophies and many buy and sell them to complete other collections and even to maintain the “spirit” of Pokemon that is in its top right know thanks to Pokemon Go but I don’t know if that will last so long.

So imagine the scenario where everyone, wanting the best pulls start weighing pokemon booster packs (something that is actually happening today). One day every pack in every store will contain only bad pulls because only 2-3 people took the best ones. That day, the person with bad pulls will became so sad and frustrated by losing money that after some time will drop the idea of buying more cards and the idea of collecting Pokemon Cards.

In that situation many stores will start losing customers and sales, so they will increase their prices and will reduce their merchandise quantity to compensate their losses. That will hurt many players that will probably stop buying cards too due to the possible increase on price and bad pulls on top of that (i’m one of them right know).

Weighing Pokemon Booster Packs Works on Sealed Boxes?

Packs inside official sealed boxes cant be weighed but loose package can be. So buying booster boxes, Elite Trainer Boxes, Tins, Collection Boxes etc; are for sure the best method for best pulls and it is also the best method for getting untouched packs.

So, sealed boxes can be weight? The short answer is that probably NOT if they are truly SEALED.


I suggest to types of  methods:

  1. Modifying Existing security: My first suggestion to Pokemon is to make more types of codes and not only 2 types as they had made in the past. Obviously each of this codes should have a different weight, and they should be inserted into random packs, regardless of the rarity of the cards inside. This way, it would be impossible to tell which packs have ultra rares or holos just from the code cards.
  2. More weight for unheavy Cards: maybe a more cost-effective method is to go back to one color code (more fun anyways) and then increase the weight of not heavy card to equilibrate their overall weight.

So the answer to the initial question, is Weighing Pokemon Booster packs our enemy? In my opinion, Yes it is! I just wish that something would change with this infernal practice, and that it could be countered, once and for all.

So what’s your opinion on weighing packs? Did you have a better idea to resolve this situation? please let me know in the comment below.

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