Weighing Pokemon Booster Packs!

Let’s start pointing that Weighing Pokemon Booster packs absolutely works. But the question is, should you do it? Learn More about this Method!

Long Term Results of  Weighing Pokemon Booster Packs

I know that many of the lastest Pokemon TCG sets are “weigh proof” but there are still many sets that doesn’t. And many of those sets still being sold at many big stores where many parents buy cards to their children. And that’s where the issue begins.

Let’s extend the previous statement of children opening packs with no pulls at all. Did you remember those first days playing Pokemon Games in school and opening packs with many of our favorite Pokemon cards?

I know many of us still have those cards in binders like they are big achievements. But what would happen if every time we opened a Pokemon Pack their pulls wasn’t good?

Weighing Pokemon Booster Packs Effects

Weighing Pokemon Booster Packs Effects

Children are the future of our hobby that is a game but for many collectors their cards are like market stocks, they care of them like trophies and many buy and sell them to complete other collections and even to maintain the “spirit” of Pokemon that is in its top right know thanks to Pokemon Go but I don’t know if that will last so long.

So imagine the scenario where everyone, wanting the best pulls start weighing pokemon booster packs (something that is actually happening today). One day every pack in every store will contain only bad pulls because only 2-3 people took the best ones.

That day, the person with bad pulls will became so sad and frustrated by losing money that after some time will drop the idea of buying more cards and the idea of collecting Pokemon Cards.

In that situation many stores will start losing customers and sales, so they will increase their prices and will reduce their merchandise quantity to compensate their losses.

That will hurt many players that will probably stop buying cards too due to the possible increase on price and bad pulls on top of that (i’m one of them right know).

Weighing Pokemon Booster Packs Works on Sealed Boxes?

Packs inside official sealed boxes cant be weighed but loose package can be. So buying booster boxes, Elite Trainer Boxes, Tins, Collection Boxes etc; are for sure the best method for best pulls and it is also the best method for getting untouched packs.

So, sealed boxes can be weight? The short answer is that probably NOT if they are truly SEALED.

Solutions to fix The Weighing of Pokemon packs

I suggest to types of  methods:

  1. Modifying Existing security: My first suggestion to Pokemon is to make more types of codes and not only 2 types as they had made in the past. Obviously each of this codes should have a different weight, and they should be inserted into random packs, regardless of the rarity of the cards inside. This way, it would be impossible to tell which packs have ultra rares or holos just from the code cards.
  2. More weight for unheavy Cards: maybe a more cost-effective method is to go back to one color code (more fun anyways) and then increase the weight of not heavy card to equilibrate their overall weight.

So the answer to the initial question, is Weighing Pokemon Booster packs our enemy? In my opinion, Yes it is! I just wish that something would change with this infernal practice, and that it could be countered, once and for all.

So what’s your opinion on weighing packs? Did you have a better idea to resolve this situation? please let me know in the comment below.


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